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27 Valuable A/B Testing Statistics To Follow in 2024

AB testing statistics raise a benchmark for your business to enhance conversion rates. To achieve the highest conversion rate figures, you can merely follow the guesswork and assume what your audience desires. But you can surely experiment, at least you can view a lot of possibilities by comparing your strategies.

AB testing is a continuous process until you get the best of the designs for the different elements of a marketing campaign. To succeed and stand apart from your competitors, you must know about your weaknesses, and the AB test can turn them into strengths. What if you get to know about doubling your strength too with the valuable AB testing statistics?

Why Businesses Need AB Testing?

AB testing is not a new concept, this method is more than 100 years old. Although the ab testing practices are mostly associated with the websites and apps. Still, more than 75 % of the retailers use this platform. 

AB testing enables businesses to:

  • Know about the pain points of the users in the conversion funnel
  • How businesses can achieve ROI from the existing traffic.
  • How to improve the users’ experience.

Why AB Testing is The Need of The Hour?

Due to the last year’s pandemic situation, the customers’ behavior is also changing rapidly. That is why businesses need to adapt ab testing to capture the changing behavioral trends. Consequently, businesses can make informed decisions. 

To bridge the gap between brands and customers, businesses need to move rapidly to digital mode and improve their online business. AB testing is the fastest way that can redirect them to valuable insights.

Changes across different industries :

  • More and more businesses are now shifting to the online landscape which marks the disposal of brick and mortar stores. 
  • Many businesses are now focused on providing customer satisfaction at a deeper level, they have become more human-centric rather than getting profits for their benefits. For example – Shopify has offered a 90-day free trial for the customers from the perspective of helping the customers.
  • Conversational engagement is also increasing, customers have now moved from a perspective of “I want to know” to “I want to do”. Therefore it is time to engage users with high-quality content to collect more leads.
  • Many companies are shifting the focus of their marketing strategies from customer retention to customer acquisition.

All these trending changes in customer behavior call you, to begin with, the customer research and create various testing ideas to resolve the problems of the customers. It is time to bring changes in the ab testing process.

What is The Valuable AB Testing Statistics in 2024?

Below are some of the valuable ab testing statistics that can help you influence your marketing strategies in 2024 :

1. Enhance customer experience :


AB testing enables e-commerce stores to increase the average order value and diminish cart abandonment rates. Amazon is a live example of optimizing conversion rates to provide the best customer experience.

No doubt, AB Test enabled the platform to flourish in the e-commerce industry. The “1- click ordering” feature of Amazon has prompted users to make purchases without using the “shopping cart”. All they have to do is make a payment and click on the button “1-click ordering” to wait for the delivery of the products.

Note: The users’ cognitive load reduced and customer experience enhanced majorly by more than 25 %.

2. Increase in leads through testimonial pages :

To gain maximum conversions, a US-based software company put up a customer review section next to the demo request form. They decided to put it on the lead generation page.

However, they found that the review section was more highlighted which was distracting the DEMO REQUEST FORM CTA. They created a variant for it making a change in the color of the testimonials CTA to black and white. After running the ab tests, they found out an increase in form submissions by more than 34%. See below the control and variation.

3. Increase in check-out rates :


Zalora, a famous fashion retail brand is known for its astounding beauty products. The company optimized the design of the product pages specifically the features that display rewards to the users such as the free delivery services and free return policy.

It collected the data from the customers’ services team and found out that customers were unaware of these features. They made a change in the visibility of these features. 

Note: The brand saw a 13 % increase in the checkout rates as the variation outshine the control version.

4. Increase in lead generation:


Generating maximum leads is the ultimate goal for attaining more conversions. To attain conversions, you need to maximize the purchases. A leading video gaming company optimizes the conversion rates using ab test results. They found out with the help of heatmaps that the “buy now” page is not performing well.

They simplify the entire buying process by reducing the scrolling alignments of the page in the variant. As a result, lead generation rates hiked up to 12%.

5. Increase in conversion rates :


PayU, a financial and technical company, reduced the drop-off rates by creating a simple and intuitive checkout process. The company removed all the elements that could cause drop-offs.

They found out through the user session replay videos that people were mostly dropping out during the checkout process and it was indirectly impacting sales. The company made changes in the checkout process and ran an ab test for 22 days. They were able to increase the conversion rates by 6 %.

6. Increase in a visit to order :

Shopclues, an Indian e-commerce company, is giving tough competition to Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. The company runs various tests to improve the customer experience and the products.

Shopclues increases the visits to the order by optimizing the home page. It found out that the navigation bar links on the homepage were getting more clicks specifically the “wholesale” while the others were not. So, the company decided to bring change in the wholesale category and saw the visits increase by 26%.

7. Uplifting the conversions on the product page :


A Dutch telecom industry optimized its product page through AB testing ideas. The company found out that website visitors were looking at the other plans for choosing their favorite mobile device but they were completely ignoring the color palette format which was invisible to the customers on the product page.

The company made a specific change in the product page and created a variant highlighting the color palette. It, consequently, helped them to uplift the conversions on the product page.

The conversions went up by 19 %

8. Optimize users’ interaction with websites : increased the testing velocity of their website, where they tested every element to provide an optimized user experience. The company realized that many people were stuck in the sign-up process.

Therefore, the testing team created three versions of the landing page and instilled in many elements such as awards, and recognitions into the variations to enhance the users’ experience.

9. AB testing in SAAS :


A SaaS company is more focused on increasing revenue, and thereby they focus more on sales. To enhance sales, they get into optimizing the elements that fetch them more leads such as free trials and sending out ads to the prospective buyers. Apart from these parts, the company shall focus on the home page and the contact page.

If we talk about Post, a SaaS company, they created variations for both pages and the variation increased the visits to the page by 5%.

10. Improvement in UX design :

If you want to enhance your conversion rates, It’s important to make improvements in UX designs. According to Forrester, a great UX design could increase conversion rates by 400%. AB testing is therefore an effective way to create variations in the UX elements of your website that can help you optimize the conversion rates.

11. Easy implementation of the tool :

63 % of the companies think that AB testing is the easiest tool to implement. You simply have to create variations for your website and test one variant against the other to get effective results. And more than 70 % of the companies test CTA buttons to have effective results.

12. Big brands addicted to AB testing :

The popularity of ab testing is not limited to the smaller enterprises to make it bigger but the multinational companies such as Google ran more than 7000 ab tests on its search algorithm. Simultaneously, Amazon, NetFlix, and eBay are also other companies that use AB testing to make changes in the sites.

13. Innumerable uses of ab testing :

AB testing has brought tremendous changes in the way all industries operate. Marketers are aware of the full potential of this technique and as a result, Microsoft Bing is using it to the maximum. They ran almost 1000 tests in a month.

14. Increase in revenues with one element :

Microsoft was able to earn revenues by more than 12 percent within a few hours after they incorporated AB tests on their websites. What was more surprising was that they made a change in the headline of the display ads and saw miraculous results. Such is the power of AB testing.

15. Positive results in new ideas :

According to the Harvard Business Review Survey, Google conducts more than 1000 experiments per month. The experiments can generate more than 10 to 20 percent of positive results when the company tests a new idea.

The revenues of Microsoft Bing per search have been reported to increase by more than 25 percent after they have started with ab testing experiments. AB testing allows any company to access a large amongst of customer samples and collect humongous amounts of customer data interactions at almost lower costs per experiment.

17. Significant results in email ab testing :


Email marketing is the most primitive form of marketing yet it has undergone a lot of changes in the past few years. With the rise in AI technology, automated emails are trending to engage customers efficiently. The need of the hour is to AB test your email campaigns by experimenting with different elements of the AB test. More than 50 % of companies are already using ab tests.

18. AB tests on paid search campaigns :

AB test is the second most popular CRO method just after the customer journey analysis. More than 58% of companies conduct ab tests on paid search campaigns. PPC campaigns have higher engagement rates when you infuse experimenting tools into them. It would be the icing on the cake.

Also, you can improve SEO with ab testing.

19. Significant changes in an organization:

One out of eight ab tests has the capability of bringing in significant changes in the organization. You must run at least 2 -3 website ab tests per month to bring in the optimal level of improvement in the organic traffic. Also, the AB test is a continuous process until you get the desired results as per your hypothesis, you must ab test.

20. Variations win more than controls :

As per the survey at Harvard Business Review, more than 80% of the experiments get successful results out of the variations rather than from the control versions. Another prediction that is making the rounds is that the AB testing software market will generate more than one billion dollars by 2025.

21. AB testing is patience conducive :

You need to have a lot of patience while conducting AB testing experiments. According to Venture Beat’s ab testing sample size statistics, you must have at least 20,000 visitors on your landing page. Because to get relevant results, fewer visitors won’t work.

22. Emails with personalization :


While talking about ab testing your emails, the results conclude that personalized emails get more open rates than automated emails. Therefore, you must run ab tests on the subject lines of the emails as well as the content. People respond more to a real person rather than an automated email.

23. AB Test first before launch :

If you want to see a plunge in your sales, you must first AB test your landing page before the launch. According to Econsultancy’s statistics, more than 70% of the companies have seen success in sales in the same manner. As they say, prevention is better than cure.


24. The upsurge in ROI :

According to Ion statistics, ab testing can increase ROI by more than 3 times. An e-commerce company generated more than 1 lakh dollars annually with a more than 300 % rise in returns on investment including service costs.

25. Test prioritization framework :

Companies that incorporate the ab test framework are rapidly moving. More than 57 percent of the companies are using this framework and each year there is a 1% improvement in it. The rates are increasing every year.

26. AB testing detecting the failures :

More than 80 % of companies are using AB tests on their websites. Also, more than 60 % are using ab testing on landing pages and 59 % of the companies use ab testing on PPC ads. The ability of ab tests to let you know about the failures and successes is par excellence.

27. AB testing a tool for development :

AB testing is one of the most proficient marketing automation tools that an organization uses for developing more. More than 50 % of companies use AB testing and reduce the risks of human error. A marketing automation software that allows you to be proficient on every front is worth implementing.


AB testing statistics can double your growth and empower you in the right direction. Bridge the gap between you and customers by providing them with a congenial customer experience that allows them to stick with you.

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Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.