Visually analyse visitor’s behaviour with heatmaps

Track every click and mouse movement of your visitor’s behaviour. Visually analyze how they interact with your website and forms through our heatmaps.


Visually Analyse Visitor’s Behaviour With Heatmaps

Track every click and mouse movement of your visitor’s behaviour. Visually analyze how they interact with your website and forms through our heatmaps.



Heatmap is a graphical data representation of user’s activity on your website which is represented in different color. Heatmap software provides immediate visual information of every movement of mouse activity.



Clicks Heatmap Reports

Now get to know where visitors are clicking on your page ,so that your page content could be improved.


Scrolling Heatmap Reports

Comes with the data which shows how much the average is scrolling upon your page.


Mouse Hover Reports

Report showing where the users are spending more time on the web page.


Realtime Analytics

All the reports are updated with realtime data or a maximum delay of 1 minute.


Multiple Domain Usage

Notify visitors believe that one code is enough for all. So, it doesn’t matter how many domains you have just put the code and start analyzing.


Realtime Webpage

All heatmaps graphs are previewed on the realtime webpages rather than on a screenshot of the web page (provided by other applications).

User session replay

What exactly visitors do on your site? NotifyVisitors user session recording allows you to view the visitor’s session, scroll, type or navigate to different web pages and much more just like a movie clip. Through this, you can enhance the user’s experience to gain more traffic to the website.

Perks of user session replay

Shows live online visitor interactions.

Looks at individual visitor sessions.

Discovers where visitors are getting stuck on the web page (e.g. registration page ) or dropping off.

Help to find and reproduce bugs to enhance the user experience.

Understand and improve user behavior. See specifically where users are failing in onboarding flows.

Test and enhance new features or pages. For example, see how visitors react to a new change on the web page


Form analysis

Form analysis software track the user’s interacting behaviour with forms on your web pages.
Improve form submission rate through analyzing different metrics like dropoff, field interactions, left blanks and many more.




Now get to know after which field visitor is leaving the form, through our dropoff rate analytics of each field.


Field interaction

Providing data which lets you see which field is getting more or less interactions by the user.


Interaction time

Provides the average time the user has spent upon each field.


Submission attempts

Lets you evaluate how many time the user has attempted to submit the form and out of which how many of them are successfull and failed.


Easy configuration

Just add the a custom form name and provide a URL in which the form is present . Now choose which field is to be tracked , that’s it.


Left blanks

See how many times the field is left blank , so that the form could be improved.

What to look for in web-based heatmaps

To be more useful, our heat map and form Analysis comes with all the benefits a BI solution should have


Easy integration

Easy integration with other applications such as dashboards


Easy setup

Easy setup even by dashboard admin , Asking for least possible data for quick configuration



Flexibilty to let the dashboard admin to view reports with easy navigations on our dashboard

Improve conversion by getting to know what visitors see


Heatmaps for different devices

Providing heat map report with users from different device type


Number of sites

We let you use a single code in all the sites to which your business is associated with


Number of users

Providing an unlimited number of subusers accounts to all your team members


Data retention

The analytics data is available anytime to you from the past days right from the start


Audience capacity

Our servers are ready for big websites which serves a huge amount of audience


Conversion Tracking

Providing forms successful submissions which are counted as conversion

Trusted by 6000+ Ecommerce Brands

Best multi-channel Customer Engagement Software
for your eCommerce Store.

Trusted by 6000+ Ecommerce Brands

Best multi-channel Customer Engagement Softwarefor your eCommerce Store.