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What is SaaS Marketing? | 10 Proven Strategies you Should Know

Marketing is a very common word that we hear quite frequently, but not SaaS marketing. It is like a key for businesses in the digital world. Wondering why are we calling it a key tool? No matter how well-established your business is, it won’t work till it is under the covers.

You need to make it public and market it to the world to gain recognition and grow the business. This isn’t a cakewalk. 

Marketing means promoting a product or service. Unlike the good old days, when marketing was just limited to offline methods including hoardings, word-of-mouth broadcasting among others, the trends have transformed rapidly nowadays.

In the present day scenario, marketing methods have increased by leaps and bounds with the growth of digital technology.

It isn’t as simple as it seems and is rather a broad prospect on which several businesses depend. Everything has gone digital. A plethora of digital marketing methods are in force, one of the most uncommon yet important ones being SaaS marketing.  

What is SaaS marketing?


SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It allows the companies to market the services in the form of software. SaaS marketing is the integration of all digital marketing techniques. But what exactly does it include?

  • Usually, one has to market a physical product. But imagine doing the same for a virtual service or product that you cannot touch or feel. Marketing such a service is surely a tough nut to crack. 
  • In SaaS, the company offers several software services to the customers which they can use on their browsers. 
  • Usually, B2B companies opt for this form of marketing.
  • Unlike the earlier days, when individuals bought software at a fixed cost and were done nowadays, people rely more on a subscription basis. This is because of the regular updates and changes in the software. 
  • It is not as simple as marketing gelato and involves various strategies and tricks to market these virtual services.
  • While SaaS marketing, one needs to understand a short sales cycle With the rapidly changing digital marketing techniques. The customers do not think for long to decide before buying the services. This means that the products must have a strong impact on the individual at the first go.

10 Proven Strategies for SaaS Marketing

We have some strategies for you to get started with, to make the tasks much easier. While this isn’t easy, these strategies can help you rank better and win the digital marketing game. Some proven strategies to market your SaaS services include:

1. Content marketing strategy:


Content is a digital leader. It is a better option to provide all the content in one place.  This also leads to the customers buying the products with little thought. Content offers a steal deal of opportunity to both the seller and customer alike.

No matter how good your product is, if not explained, the customer will leave. The majority of SaaS providers offer high-quality content. This includes backlinking and other services. This allows the customer to read their blog, convincing them to buy their products. Content is the thing that can help you hit the bull’s eye. 

2. Free trials:


It is a human tendency to gain the advantage of any service which is free of cost. It is one of the most popular and successful strategies for lead generation. Several websites offer a free trial month before beginning the actual registration.

This leads to an increase in sign-up. Further, this helps in lead generation and customer acquisition. This also comes because of the short-sales cycle and usually is a part of SaaS marketing. 

3. Customized emails:


Most websites ask for sign-up before accessing the content. Once you sign up or register your email on any platform, you often find mails from the same website in your mailbox.

This is no coincidence, but one of those strategies. According to the statistics, the personalized emails lead to a 50% increase in leads and sales. When it shows up on the feed several times, it tempts you to click at it at least once in a while.

4. SEO and Website optimization:


SEO is one of the most popular digital marketing techniques. Using the right Google AdWords and keywords is a great factor to do so among the other SEO techniques. Both on-page and off-page strategies work wonders. Collaborating with a knowledgeable and experienced Saas SEO consultant can significantly enhance your  SEO efforts and drive sustainable growth for your business. One can also optimize their website with the CTA. It makes the customers subscribe to their products or follow them through the mail. 

5. Influencer marketing:


Instagram is a hub for all digital marketing strategies. No matter what, people end up looking and trusting social media influencers as well. Along with this, YouTube is also a great source for digital marketing. By using tools that help you make YouTube Shorts quickly and easily, you can consistently share engaging, bite-sized content with your viewers, boosting your reach and visibility.

6. Referral marketing:


Referral marketing is a tricky thing, yet used quite often. Test the SaaS business and get referrals. This helps in maintaining the quality of referrals. Design the templates for marketing to make the task easier. 

7. Inbound marketing:


It is like a magnet to attract customers. It involves all the processes from customer acquisition to retention. Therefore it is an important marketing strategy. What matters is attracting the right target audience. Along with great content, it involves in-depth research on the strategies and techniques for the market.

8. Co-marketing:


This is an uncommon term, but a lot of brands use it as an important marketing strategy. Co-marketing involves joining hands with another company for marketing. They can do this by hosting interactive sessions, engaging webinars, events, etc. The leads so generated are divided among the companies. It allows the companies to utilize their full potential and keep up to the customer’s expectations.

9. Retargeting:


Consider a situation where you are looking for a product on any website. Now, if you are searching for something on Google or other sites, the same product appears at a discounted price. This is no coincidence or your wish comes true.

Rather, it is a SaaS marketing strategy called retargeting, which tempts the customer to buy the product by showing on their search results as advertisements. It leads to an increase in customer base and CTR (Click Through Rate).

10. Facebook Ads and Google Ads:


According to the statistics, these are the most trusted methods to bring in the customers. It does not attract all customers but helps in increasing the CTR.


Among all these strategies, what if we say that SaaS sells itself? Sounds astonishing. But, all you need is a proper framework for customer acquisition. Offering amazing services and products and customer retention keeps you going.

We at NotifyVisitors help you with different marketing automation softwares, to sell the products with little hassle. Being the integration of all other marketing strategies, we provide you with the right techniques according to the target audience and update according to the changing market scenarios.


Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.