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on site seo with ab testing

How to Improve SEO With A/B Testing Tool

AB testing is one of the useful tools to uplevel your landing page and website’s performance. Read this blog to know more about how you can improve SEO with A/B testing.

Online business is not only driven by higher conversion rates and leads. But it must also focus on improving the SEO of the landing pages to attain good website traffic.

We must find a solution that could resolve all of the above issues. AB testing is the perfect fit for achieving the best outcomes for our business. It allows you to make changes to your website by creating variants of the original version. It enhances the user experience on your website. Ultimately, it helps in getting more leads and conversions.


On the one hand, ab testing can provide you with the desired outcomes, but certain precautions are required which must not hinder a site’s previous SEO efforts. Therefore, to keep a check on your landing page’s SEO, you can take the help of SEO tools.

How do the SEO auditing tools help you : 

  • SEO auditor software:  SEO auditor software enables you to run free site auditing. It will help you in crawling and analyzing every landing page. Also, you can watch out for your site optimization once you apply changes to it. You can get an overview of the pages that are performing well.
  • Google Machine learning: You can take the help of Google machine learning and artificial intelligence to check the changes you created on the website. Although a/b testing is not the hardcore tool to enhance your SEO rankings overnight. But it can help you validate the SEO optimization process.

What are the Google recommendations for SEO :

Before jumping into the proper application of ab testing to improve your website’s rankings. You must first know how Google is important in undertaking all the SEO scenarios.

You all know google ranks our website. Taking this fact into consideration, you must delve deeper into some healthy SEO recommendations by Google.

Let’s watch out what are they :

  • Google boosts A/B Testing specifically when it works towards enhancing user-experience.
  • Remember to include google bots on your AB tests.
  • Never showcase pages that are different from each other as it will be complex to know which of the elements affect your conversion rates.

Now that you have got clear about the SEO recommendations, let us know how to improve your site’s rankings with the AB testing tool :

How to Improve SEO With A/B Testing:

An SEO ab testing is much different than regular ab testing. In regular AB testing, you have to create two variations of a web page to analyze which one is performing better. That’s how you can optimize the conversion rates. 

Learn More About: What is A/b Testing

But in SEO AB Testing there is only one google bot. The test can get affected by the two versions of the same webpage.

How to Improve SEO With A/B Testing

Let’s see how does google bots work :

  • Crawl: Google bot crawls your page via a link and indexes it on search engines.
  • Rank: Once google indexes the page, it displays the data to Google, and googles further determines where to rank the page.

Note: Remember that the process can go through certain problems. In case google finds similar content on your website’s multiple pages. Then, the problem can arise as to index which of the pages. Google can penalize your SERPs in the worst cases.

Therefore, to avoid the above scenario, you must SEO optimize your AB testing.


During the AB testing, you need to have an original version of the landing page. i.e. Variation A and an alternative of it .i.e. Variation B.

1. Optimize Variation A:

First of all, make sure your variation A of the landing page is accurately SEO optimized.

Components of variation A:

Optimize the elements of variation A appropriately :

seo integration
  • URL:  Make sure the website URL must be SEO friendly. It must have a certain character length. i.e. 4 to 30 characters. It should have the exact keyword. 
  • Title Tag: The title tag must have the exact keyword in it. It must be between 65 to 70 characters
  • Alt tag images: Make sure your images have got the perfect alt tags and install the exact keywords.
  • External links: Remember to install external links on one of your keywords. Also, your landing pages must be related to the other pages with relevant external links.
  • H1 tags: Your H1 tag must match the title tag. It must be of 50 to 70 characters and must include the exact keyword.

Now that your variation A is properly optimized, the second variation comes into the foreplay. 

2. Create a variation B:

Now, create the second landing page. i.e. variation B with the relevant keywords to rank.

3. Launch your variation A:

Once you launch variation A, wait until Google indexes it. Wait till you gather enough traffic for the variation so as, to begin with, the AB testing.

4. Do not index variation B:

As stated above, make sure your variation B doesn’t index. 

 Look at the below steps to avoid indexing of variation B.

  •  Instruct google with no index: Remember to integrate the meta tag on the landing page with “No index”.
  •  Avoid duplicate content: To make google understand that variation A is your original version and all others are mimics. You can use the canonical reference(<link rel=”canonical” href=”” />) to depict which of the contents are identical. You can add this link in the header part of your second variation. 
  • Avoid mentioning: Avoid mentioning it in the robots.txt file, as there could be chances of it

        Now your AB Testing is ready, to begin with.

5. Check the testing: 

Monitors the testing

Once you launch and optimize the variations. You can monitor the results. In case, the second page wins, you can make it your landing page. On the contrary, if you don’t get enough results, you have to wait for a specific period of time to view the differences. Also, you can use the SEO auditor software to check the results.

To enhance your SEO strategy further, consider consulting a reputable SaaS SEO agency for expert guidance and tailored solutions


Follow the above steps to Improve SEO using A/B testing. Give it sufficient time to provide you with relevant traffic. Make sure to keep your testing for a specific time period to avoid chaos. Go with the above instructions to enhance your website SEO.

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Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.