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Mobile Phone has become a necessary part of one’s life. People usually give a lot of time in using their mobile phone in a day. This device is something that we interact more than anything!  Seriously, it has so much influenced humans that all your managing and updates are dependent on your Smartphone.

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Axis Bank Obtained Desired Results Using Push Notification | Case Study

Axis Bank’s Journey with NotifyVisitors

About Axis Bank: A first generation private sector bank, it began its operations in 1994 and has currently established itself as one of the Largest Private Sector banks in India.

With its customer-centric attitude, it is the most preferred financial solution provider, known especially for making smart use of technology to establish a strong brand image.

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In this case study, You will know about how to get Axis Bank desired results using push notifications of NotifyVisitors.

We have listed 3 Cases where Axis Bank obtained desired results using Web Push Notifications

  •    To Achieve High Subscription
  •    Personalised Push Notification
  •    Retaining Lost Users

Case 1: Obtain higher web push subscription on web site

Strategy Used: An overlay was provided along with an opt-in window. An image on this overlay informs the user what they were getting into by allowing the website to send notifications.

Results: The response received by Axis Bank since day one has been tremendous. They received more than 1 million subscriptions through Push Notification Software, over a span of few months, with the opt-out rate being as low as 5%.

Case 2: Maximum user engagements through push notification

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Strategy Used: Micro-segmentation based on clicks achieved on per notification. The software showed them metrics such as no of users that engaged on a specific topic related click. Eg. Those who clicked only when credit card related notifications were sent.

Result: Not bombarding their users with unwanted notifications ensured that about 23% of users engaged on their website and 36% became positive leads for them to invest on.

Thus, in place of targeting all consumers about “platinum scheme credit cards”, they sent customised notifications to subscribers who either were users of the same or showed an interest in applying for the same, based on behaviour patterns observed through the clicks performed on each notification.

Case 3: Retention and traffic on website

Strategy Used: Dynamic notifications to targeted audience to retain customers

Result: They also made use of a very important software feature on their loan page, that is, Event based or Dynamic Push Notification. They used this quality to engage website visitors who left loan pages mid-way. By sending reminders to this targeted audience after 2 hours of their visit, they retained 20% of clients from the ones abandoned.

NotifyVisitors– A product of TagNPin, NotifyVistiors, is a Web Push Notification Software that can be easily integrated into a website. Its user-friendly nature makes it comfortable to work with even for non-technical individuals.




1 MG’s Interactive Web Push for Customer Engagement

About 1MG: Established in 2012, 1MG has been noted as the leading and most innovative platform in the Indian healthcare and technology sector.

Integration Guide of Blogger Notification Tool | NotifyVisitors


6 Strategies To Increase Customer Engagement – NotifyVisitors

Increase Customer Engagement, We have added 6 cross-device customer engagement strategies, apply these strategies to build relation with you customers.

Increase Customer Engagement

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6 Strategies To Enhance Your Customer Engagement

Constantly changing the face of Technology Marketing is making marketers try to achieve success in an aimless manner with no particular brand identity for customers to associate with. Continuous and cut-throat competition, using various digital tools, may drive an increased audience to your website but the same has also shown that you could lose customers forever, permanently damaging your brand image. Brand identity is an important feature when it comes to customer engagement and business around the globe tend to forget this. To establish this kind of uniqueness you need to focus on the fact that often digital marketing tools are dependent on each other and various other mediums. Here, we have listed 6 Cross Device Customer Engagement Strategies that you can use to enhance your relation with your customers.

Progressive Web Apps Facts and Figures – NotifyVisitors

Progressive Web Apps is the latest attempt to improve one’s sales and marketing strategy. While developers are very much excited about how this developing technology will impact the use of mobile applications. Marketers are still clueless about its whereabouts. In this article, I have discussed all the facts that you would require before implementing this novel innovation.

We have tried our best to simplify Progressive Web App with this informative Infographic. This nascent technology has not yet been exploited by many and we have listed all the reasons you should do so now.

5 Best Ways To Track Back Lost Customers – NotifyVisitors

Retaining lost clients to your website is one of the most difficult metrics to achieve as it largely depends on the journey of your customer and on the appeal of products. However, this crowd can be directed your site using different aspect such as:

Why Progressive Web Apps are Safe and Reliable

Progressive Web Apps is relatively new to the marketing technology. The term coined by Google chrome developers for software development methodology was launched in 2015.

At the Chrome Dev Summit and is an engineered fusion of features of both a website and an application. It makes full advantage of modern browser features while behaving like any other application on your home screen. It uses the basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding, However, what differentiates it from the regular website and application is the list of 10 key features of PWA APP as listed by Google Developers:

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What is Web/Browser Push Notifications

What is Browser Push Notifications or Web Push Notifications?

Email marketing is slowly decreasing in usage, while social media has taken over. While the latter is an exciting, fun and informal platform to share your business prospects; studies show that you actually create revenue or have an interaction with only 0.07% of Facebook and 0.03% of twitter audience. Social media thus is a difficult tool to reach your users especially when you want a direct response to your product. This is where Browser or Web Push Notifications comes to your rescue.

To understand a push notification let’s take the example of an installed  YouTube  App on your phone. Very time your subscribed YouTube channel uploads a new video you get a pop-up message or notification stating the same. These are similar notifications, however, from a website that you visit regularly or for a prolonged time. It happens when the page visitor grants permission to the service window to allow the website to send these.