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Progressive Web App is the latest attempt to improve one’s sales and marketing strategy. While developers are very much excited about how this developing technology will impact the use of mobile applications. Marketers are still clueless about its whereabouts. In this article, I have discussed all the facts that you would require before implementing this novel innovation.

We have tried our best to simplify Progressive Web App with this informative Infographic. This nascent technology has not yet been exploited by many and we have listed all the reasons you should do so now.

5 Best Ways To Track Back Lost Customers – NotifyVisitors

Retaining lost clients to your website is one of the most difficult metrics to achieve as it largely depends on the journey of your customer and on the appeal of products. However, this crowd can be directed your site using different aspect such as:

Why Progressive Web Apps are Safe and Reliable

Progressive Web App is relatively new to the marketing technology. The term coined by Google chrome developers for software development methodology was launched in 2015 at the Chrome Dev Summit and is an engineered fusion of features of both a website and an application. It makes full advantage of modern browser features while behaving like any other application on your home screen. It uses the basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding, However, what differentiates it from the regular website and application is the list of 10 key features of PWA as listed by Google Developers:

progressive web app


Top 10 Features of Progressive Web App


SafePWA works with native APIs and service workers and deals with sensitive information. The benefit here lies in the fact that it can only be operated through HTTPS servers. This prevents man-in-the-middle-attacks and ensures that the content is not meddled with. This provides the user with more ease than that provided by websites or applications.

What is Web/Browser Push Notifications

What is Browser Push Notifications or Web Push Notification?


Email marketing is slowly decreasing in usage, while social media has taken over. While the latter is an exciting, fun and informal platform to share your business prospects; studies show that you actually create revenue or have an interaction with only 0.07% of Facebook and 0.03% of twitter audience. Social media thus is a difficult tool to reach your users especially when you want a direct response to your product. This is where Browser or Web Push Notifications comes to your rescue.

To understand a push notification let’s take the example of an installed  YouTube  App on your phone. Very time your subscribed YouTube channel uploads a new video you get a pop-up message or notification stating the same. These are similar notifications, however, from a website that you visit regularly or for a prolonged time. It happens when the page visitor grants permission to the service window to allow the website to send these.

Types of Web Push Notifications To Boost your Customer Engagement

To benefit the most from Web Push Notification, it is important to customise and engage your customers with your brand. When I first installed PedoMeter, for fun, I never thought that it would actually motivate me to walk every given opportunity than take the easy way out. A Notification from the app with my name on it was all it took. We tend to pay more attention to things when it comes with our name or with a tiny glitch of personalisation. Why so? Well, it tends to be alluring to our emotional needs. While customisation of  Web push notifications is one of the ways to engage your users, using these in every form of notification is not valid and will lead to uninstall the app and unsubscribe the website. Thus we have listed a few types of Notifications where personalisation only enables and helps establish a relationship with your clients.

Best Beginner’s Guide To Web Push Notifications

web push notifications


Make Your business more successful with latest trends web push notifications


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Blogger Notification Tool – Integration Guide



Integrating Notifyvisitors site notifications tool with blogger is very simple. If you are not signed up with Notifyvisitors already, Please sign up first. Sign up for free trial now !! Follow these steps to integrate blogger notification tool, Notifyvisitors: 1. Go to Layout tab in the Blogger dashboard Blogger admin > left sidebar > Layout



2. Select Gadgets Gadget list > Add a gadget


gadgets layout

3. Add an HTML/Javascript type gadget Add a Gadget > HTML/Javascript


html gadgets

4. Copy-paste Notifyvisitors integration code into this gadget and save Get your Notifyvisitors integration code from theNotifyvisitors Admin panel -> ‘Integration‘. First login to the site and then copy the code so that the secret keys are already prefilled.


Thats it! Your Notifyvisitors site notifications tool is now integrated with blogger. You can customize anything from the admin panel. No code changes are needed on your blogger blog.

Tutorial to Integrate Web Push Notifications

 Integrate Web Push Notifications


Enable WebPush Notifications

Signup For Web Push Notifications


Now you can easily setup web push notifications for your subscribers. This includes Chrome push notification, Safari push, and Mozilla Firefox push notifications.


Here are the 4 easy steps to integrate and enable web push notifications.


1.  Signup : Sign Up  Here and enter basic details


2.  Integrate Code: Go to Integration then click on the website. Just Copy and Paste a java script code in the footer/header of your website.



Push Notification Integration



3. Configuration: Now Go to Configuration tag and configure your push notification “allow access dialog box” for subscribers.

This is one-time configuration. This can be edited anytime.



Configure Web Push Notifications



4. Create and Send: Now Go to Notification and Click on Create – Here you can set the push notifications content for a specific browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Once you have created the notification go to Schedule and Send push notification to your Subscribed customers.


Create-and-Send-Web browser-Push-Notification

Create and Send Push Notification





Surveys, Feedback, custom Notifications and forms using Visual Selector

 Custom Notifications using Visual Selector




Now you can add notification based on rules using visual selector. Notifyvisitors now allows you to choose your website element visually and set rules based on same without passing any values in the integration code.

Amazon Webstore Notification tool – Integration Guide



Integrating Notifyvisitors site notifications tool is very simple with  e. If you are not signed up with Notifyvisitors already, Please sign up first. Sign up for free now !!