How Just Herbs Increased Revenue And Engagement Through Email Marketing Automation


The brand generated 25% of its revenue through campaigns.


The brand witnessed a 200% increase in open rate via automated email campaigns.


The brand achieved a 55% delivery rate of web push broadcast campaigns.


JUST HERBS’ customer base grew by 100%.

The company’s profile

JUST HERBS is a global personal care and beauty brand that was founded in India by Dr. Neena Chopra. Nowadays, the cosmetic industry is rife with products that are an amalgamation of various synthetic ingredients and chemical compounds. JUST HERBS on the other hand, offers an exquisite array of bespoke, purely natural, ayurvedic personal care products that are derived from plants that have therapeutic properties.

JUST HERBS was launched in the year 2010 following the extensive research of Dr. Neena Chopra on the benefits of Ayurveda for the human skin and hair. The son of Dr. Neena Chopra, namely Arush Chopra, is the co-founder of JUST HERBS and at present he is also the brand’s CEO. The brand assures safe, effective and holistic beauty solutions to millions of customers worldwide through its wide range of products.

The objectives

  • Analyze the performance of campaigns in order to adjust marketing strategy.
  • Promote brand awareness through improved advertising and marketing.
  • Enhance campaign engagement rate.
  • Minimize cart abandonment rate.
  • Advance customer retention.
  • Boost conversion rate.

The challenges

  • Limited journey and campaign customization features.
  • Unavailability of the push notification service.
  • Inadequate client account management.
  • Paucity of proper campaign analytics.
  • Unreliable journey deployment.

Which led to

  • Diminished consumer awareness.
  • Poor app and web engagement.
  • Escalating cart abandonment.
  • Increased churn rate.
  • Reduced purchases.
  • Lowered signups.

The solution summary

JUST HERBS adopted the services of NotifyVisitors in order to gain accurate campaign analytics such as delivery rate, click rate, open rate, revenue generation per campaign etc. The brand used such detailed analytics to gauge the effectiveness of its campaigns and thereby attuned its marketing strategies to better advertise its products as well as to timely educate its leads about the brand.

This in turn enhanced brand awareness, reduced cart abandonment rates and improved customer return rate. The brand utilized the NotifyVisitors journey builder feature to target users with funnel-based, contextual campaigns across channels like SMS, email and web push notifications.

“We found a platform that provides accurate and granular campaign analytics, organizes and simplifies the segment populating process, helps to comprehensively educate subscribers about the brand and its products, reaches out timely to distinct buyer personas through journeys that can simultaneously employ channels like SMS, email and web push. NotifyVisitors encompasses most marketing features that an online beauty brand needs. The excellent customer support offered by NotifyVisitors impressed us as well. NotifyVisitors aided us in taking our marketing campaigns to the next level. Our campaigns became highly personalized, effective and drove business.”

– Mr. Akshit Bansal

Digital Marketing Manager, JUST HERBS

The solution

JUST HERBS screened a multitude of available marketing automation platforms and finally decided to adopt NotifyVisitors to drive its user engagement and customer retention campaigns. The teams at JUST HERBS and NotifyVisitors collaborated to precisely identify the main issues faced by the brand and eventually came to a consensus that having granular campaign analytics, accurate statistics and detailed user data was the ultimate solution to their predicament.

All the campaign data was meticulously organized and collated. Detailed statistics such as click rate, open rate, click through rate etc. for all campaigns within the journeys were made available to the brand.

Additionally, every new user information that came in was assigned a unique user id that got automatically generated by the software in order to avoid the duplication of data. When the user revisited the website, his / her unique id remained the same and all the actions performed by him / her on multiple devices were tracked under the assigned unique id.

The brand’s primary issue viz. unavailability of accurate campaign statistics, previously thwarted its efforts to precisely gauge the performance of campaigns and thereby to timely adjust marketing strategies to better advertise its products as well as to timely educate its leads. This ultimately led to diminished brand awareness, escalating cart abandonment, lowered signups and reduced purchases.

Another fundamental issue faced by JUST HERBS was the unavailability of the push notification service. Push notifications are a powerful means of advertising for any brand since they appear on the receivers’ device screen even when they are not actively surfing the brand’s website or using the brand’s application.

Additionally, push notifications can be sent on multiple platforms such as desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and even on wearables like smart watches. Subscribers can be anywhere on their browser and still receive notifications as long as they’re online and have their browsers running.

That being stated, a brand is at a tremendous disadvantage from a marketing standpoint, in case it doesn’t have access to the push notification service. The unavailability of this service to JUST HERBS led to reduced consumer awareness, increased churn rate and poor app and web engagement. NotifyVisitors addressed both of these issues and also ensured that JUST HERBS’ user data is properly organized and collated.

JUST HERBS harnessed the actionable statistical data provided by NotifyVisitors to orchestrate meaningful user engagement and customer retention campaigns and delivered them seamlessly via the NotifyVisitors dashboard. Furthermore, the brand created different segments of users based on their personas and their activity on the brand’s website and consequently designed multiple journeys for these distinct segments.

Here’s an example of how JUST HERBS leveraged the NotifyVisitors marketing automation software to boost its conversions.

Encouraging Registered Customers To Make A Purchase

Organizations don’t usually manufacture and sell a single product. They manufacture a variety of products. For instance, the company Apple Inc. manufactures tablets, smartphones, desktops, laptops etc. Organizations realize the fact that they need to make prospective as well as existing customers aware about the company’s various products in order to gain additional conversions.

It is quite possible that customers who purchased a certain product from a specific brand might like to buy or wish to try its other products. However, in order to purchase such other products, the customers first need to be aware of them.

Businesses generally advertise those products to customers which are closely linked to their previous purchase. For instance, if a customer previously purchased an eyeliner from a cosmetic brand then that customer might be interested in purchasing a makeup kit.

However, this is not always the case, sometimes customers simply need to be made aware about a brand’s other products which are completely unrelated to their previous purchase. This is because the customers would probably purchase such unrelated products since they liked the original product they bought from the company. Whether or not they liked the original product can be gauged via customer feedback.

JUST HERBS used NotifyVisitors to launch a quiz on its official website in order to obtain customer feedback and to learn more about their product preferences. The brand used the statistical data from its previous campaigns as well as the responses it got from the quiz to gain insight into the customers’ liking for its various products.

One product for which the already registered customers expressed interest was the Shirolepam Hair And Scalp Treatment Mask. The brand utilized this crucial piece of information to create a journey to advertise this specific product to all those existing customers who hadn’t yet bought it in order to boost its sales and thereby generate additional profits.

Here’s How The Journey Looked Like

How Journey Looks

Here’s How The Journey Functioned

All those registered customers who had purchased product(s) from JUST HERBS in the past 365 days were scanned for whether or not they had purchased the Shirolepam Hair And Scalp Treatment Mask. The journey did not execute for all those customers who had already purchased the Shirolepam Hair And Scalp Treatment Mask within the past year. The journey was put into effect for only those customers who hadn’t purchased it within the past year but had purchased other product(s) instead.

In other words, a separate segment got created for all the those customers who had purchased product(s) from JUST HERBS in the past year and they were all checked for the condition whether or not they had bought the Shirolepam Hair And Scalp Treatment Mask and consequently the journey ran only for the ones who hadn’t purchased the product.

Once a customer made a purchase within the time period for which the journey was pre-planned to run, then that particular customer was automatically moved out of the journey and was not bothered with any further communication since he / she had already converted or purchased the advertised product.

This is because the data pertaining to the customers got updated in real-time and before the next campaign within the journey was forwarded, the customer list got scanned once again to recheck for the condition whether or not the customer has previously purchased the Shirolepam Hair And Scalp Treatment Mask.

Here’s How The Journey Got Executed For Those Customers Who Hadn’t Purchased The Shirolepam Hair And Scalp Treatment Mask

  1. Five days after the journey conditionally came into effect, a subsection of customers who satisfied the prerequisite of not having purchased the scalp treatment mask, were simultaneously sent an SMS, an email and a web push informing them about the availability of the product as well as implicitly encouraging them to purchase the same. The customers were informed about the product in three different ways in order to raise the probability of their engagement with the delivered message.


Web Push

First Email

The Hook: Explicitly informing the customer that the product not only nourishes the hair but also nourishes the root cause of hair problems i.e. the scalp.

Interesting Point To Note: Push notifications can be customized differently for distinct platforms such as tablets, smartphones, desktops etc.

  1. All those customers who didn’t make a purchase in the following three days were sent another email. The content of the second email was designed in a manner to further convince customers about the effectiveness, reliability and authenticity of the product.

Second Email

The Hook: The customer might not be convinced about the effectiveness of the product simply because the first email mentioned that the product nourishes both the hair and the scalp. Informing and educating the customer about the organic and natural ingredients of the product along with their benefits would most likely make the product’s stated genuineness seem more credible.

  1. All those customers who still didn’t make a purchase even after three days had passed since the second email was dispatched, were sent yet another email. The content of the third email was designed in a manner so as to subtly tempt the customer to try the product for once and at the same time an effort was made to further educate the customer about the additional benefits and features of the product that were not mentioned in the previous emails.

Third Email

The Hook: It is quite possible that the customers might be reluctant to use a hair and scalp mask because they are under the false impression that it might be too sticky or glutinous in texture and therefore uncomfortable to apply on the hair. Obviously, it would be convenient for the brand if this misconception is cleared. So, in the third email, the customers are shown an animated GIF of the Shirolepam Hair And Scalp Treatment Mask in a manner to communicate that the product actually has a smooth and creamy texture and is thereby comfortable to use.

A stronger hook here was to gently nudge the customers to avail an offer of getting a full-sized Lush Methi Shikakai Shampoo for free by adding the Shirolepam Hair And Scalp Treatment Mask to their online cart.

Since the customers who did not purchase the scalp treatment mask even after receiving two prior emails might probably overlook or ignore the third email as well, the brand employed this marketing strategy of offering something additional for free to encourage such customers to finally make the purchase.

Interesting Point To Note: NotifyVisitors enabled the brand to gain accurate statistical data such as click rate, delivery rate, open rate etc. for each email campaign within the journey. It is via those statistics, the brand could study the effectiveness of its campaigns and consequently improve upon the content of their subsequent email campaigns.

  1. All those customers who didn’t make a purchase even after more than a week had passed since the first email was dispatched, were sent one final email. The content of this ultimate email was designed in a manner so as to leave no doubt in the mind of the customers about the authenticity and effectiveness of the product. This was accomplished by including a promotional video of the product in which the co-founder of the brand itself endorses, advertises and recommends the product to the customers.

Fourth Email

The Hook: Few customers might not be convinced about the effectiveness of the product just because a sequence of emails mention its ingredients and their benefits or simply because the brand is offering additional perks in case the main product is purchased.

The brand needs to go a step further to persuade such customers to ultimately make the purchase. It is for this reason the final email contains a promotional video in which the co-founder herself vouches for the efficacy of the Shirolepam Hair And Scalp Treatment Mask.


It is through such journeys that JUST HERBS earned 25% of its revenue. Moreover, NotifyVisitors provided the brand with the ability to customize and personalize push messages for its customers either by utilizing the contact information provided by them or via tracking their activity on the organization’s official website.

Additionally, the brand was also provided with the facility to track conversions that occurred via interaction through each push message. Such additional features allowed the brand to have granular control over their campaigns and to adjust their marketing tactics on an ad-hoc basis.

The results

NotifyVistors overhauled JUST HERBS’ campaign advertising strategy and consequently the brand began to witness impressive growth both in terms of customer base and revenue.

Furthermore, possessing accurate campaign statistics, organized customer data and the ability to customize push as well as email notifications helped JUST HERBS to effectively execute the above mentioned cross-channel journeys with ease.

JUST HERBS’ decision to adopt the NotifyVisitors marketing automation software to power their advertising campaigns brought impressive results:

  • JUST HERBS’ customer base grew by 100%.
  • The brand generated 25% of its revenue through campaigns.
  • The brand achieved a 55% delivery rate of web push broadcast campaigns.
  • The brand witnessed a 200% increase in open rate via automated email campaigns.



Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.