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customer satisfaction survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey to Acquire Valuable Feedback

A customer satisfaction survey is an instrument that assists organizations with estimating their client’s level of fulfillment (satisfaction) with their product/service.

Why is it important?

Customers are the lifeblood of business. Just like a body cannot run without blood in the same way, a company cannot run without having a satisfied, loyal customer.

High levels of consumer loyalty are reliable indicators of client and customer maintenance, and item repurchase. Also, reduced consumer loyalty can effectively hurt your brand image.

Even after investing so much time, money, and energy, organizations experience a few customers slipping away. Also, The best practice here is to convey a customer satisfaction survey to enable associations to comprehend where precisely they are blundering. Lately, it has become an essential device for improving client happiness and loyalty.

Still not convinced, here are three reasons why it is essential to take the survey to know the customer.

  • Even the most crucial customer can lose interest in the blink of an eye.
  • It helps you to regain the customer’s interest. 
  • Positive branding can be accomplished by incredible customer service.

Types of Customer Satisfaction Survey

After knowing the importance of it, let us know further about it.

So, There are many ways to understand customer loyalty, satisfaction level, their happiness with the product, and each one can help you with Knowing the user and learning something about them. Some practical ways are as follows-

1. Customer Satisfaction Score

Customer Satisfaction Score

It is a customer loyalty review that straightforwardly asks consumers about the satisfaction level with your product or service. It contains simple questions with a binary response such as happy/sad, satisfied /dissatisfied.

They are particularly helpful for recognizing unhappy consumers as well as those that adore your brand so much that they have the potential for being the brand advocates.

When They involve simple questions that can be quickly answered by anyone who uses the company’s product or service. So, Check out a simple example of this!

2. Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score

It is a management tool that millions(businesses) use to measure and track how they are perceived by customers. It is a customer loyalty score that ranges from -100 to 100.

How to calculate NPS?

Respondents can be grouped as follows-

Promoters are someone that the company counts as “regular” customers who are likely to buy their product or avail service and will refer others through word of mouthing or any other reference. (score 9-10)

Detractors are the person who is dissatisfied with your product or service and can damage your reputation and brand through negative word of mouth through eCommerce marketing (score 0-6)

Passives are satisfied but uninterested customers who are endangered to competitive offerings. (score 7-8) 

NPS is not expressed in percentage instead expressed in pure numbers.

 They were lying between -100 to +100. Scores higher than good are typically considered good. If NPS fetch above 50 is considered to be excellent and otherwise depends on industry average and varies from culture to culture and sector to sector.

Although, NPS aligned with other e-commerce marketing tools can add significant benefit. So, the leading solution is, combined with social data to get feedback from all aspects of a business. Social data can be a great addition to NPS, and the best will be setting up your own NPS score, which you can check whenever you like acting on insights faster. Curious to use this fruitful tool? Join NotifyVisitors NPS  and make the most out of it for your business.

3. Usability Survey

Usability Survey

Usability surveys or client experience overviews are utilized to see how simple or troublesome it is to navigate your product, service, website, or any customer-facing solution.

It’s most regularly utilized on sites, and numerous organizations incorporate these overviews as a popup appears to clients who are browsing. 

  • You can solicit clients a pack from various kinds of overview questions such as 
  • Who is using your solution?
  • How are they using?
  • An important task they perform while using the solution.
  • What are the most significant undertakings they perform with your answer? 
  • Explicit issues clients have with your solution. 

However, usability surveys help to assist you with updating or improving your present item offering. 

4. Milestone Survey

Milestone Survey

As the name suggests, a survey is done at a significant stage or event in the development of an organization’s product or service.

Milestone Surveys are the questionnaire sent out at crucial minutes in the client excursion to help understand the client experience better. An achievement can be time-sensitive (e.g., sending an overview 30-days after sign up) or experience-based (e.g., sending after onboarding is finished).

5. Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Would you like to go further into client bits of knowledge and make faithful and satisfied clients? 

Here is a prebuilt consumer satisfaction survey template you can use you would say the board (CMX) to begin appropriately estimating consumer loyalty. Remember, these consumer satisfaction survey templates can be utilized today with free trial when you pursue the NotifyVisitors account.

Customer Satisfaction Best Practices

  • Ask one question at a time.
  • Keep it precise.
  • Get specific and stay away from assumptions.
  • Lure consumers to respond to the survey. A bonus can be given to survey respondents. It can be an incentive, discount or some give away.
  • Construct quick and practical questions.
  • Work on timings, i.e., knowing when will be the best time for the consumer to respond to the survey and try to cover the study at minimum time.
  • Just pose inquiries that satisfy your ultimate objective.
  • Utilizing pictures for measurements like NPS or CSAT has immediately become a consumer satisfaction best practice. Since these estimations get some information about a client’s general fulfillment, it’s useful to utilize pictures or emoticons to make quick acknowledgment and improve the reaction rate as visuals attract faster than non-visuals.
  • Limit your survey to a limited number of inquiries.
  • Be sure to respond promptly and personally if possible in case you get negative feedback from your customer.
  • To get more survey responses, use QR codes on flyers, banners, and other printed materials. For an e-commerce brand, placing QR codes on shipped products will help. These codes can easily be created using QR code generators.

So, what to do if you need to change a part of your survey?

You’re all alone, here, pal. So, Make a cautious interior note of which component you’ve changed and caveat your outcomes inside to abstain from putting a lot of dependence on cross-survey results. 

I would suggest, take help from companies who pioneered customized survey sheets, increase subscribers with readymade designer subscription forms via NotifyVisitors to know more about the consumers.

Creating your customer satisfaction survey

1) Define your goals

What do you want your client survey to achieve? You need a specific objective before you start creating survey questions. Would you like to improve your particular help? Do you need feedback about your new site? In a few sentences, record what you need to gain from a study.

2) Create an appealing subject line and a compelling invitation

A subject line such as –

  • ‘Complete a survey and win a gift card.’
  • ‘Help us in our survey for your betterment.’

Like this, you can lure consumers by having a convincing subject line.

3) Effective invitation

Think of a baby shower invitation. It’s friendly and offers details like whom the baby shower is for and how long it will last. Also, A survey invitation is similar. Thus we will use the email below as an example of how to write your survey invitation.

4) Select an online tool

Numerous tools can help you create a client survey.

You can use NotifyVisitors to create a survey and email it to your target audience with ease.

Remember to add the organization logo for your survey and add the colors used in your brand, so your inquiry is steady with your brand. 

6). Create a set of clear questions.

Questions should be exact to your objective. It should be straight-forward and free of opinion. And ask a limited set of problems because you don’t want the questions to be too long for the consumer to stop in the middle of it.

7) Segment your list

Whether you want your survey list to go to a whole lot of consumers or a specific email list, say suppose who is a new customer or any particular area wise locations. So, segmenting your list will give you the most relevant responses. 

8) Analyze the result

Imagine your information by introducing the outcomes in diagrams and charts, as this will help you rapidly reference your findings in reports. You can likewise utilize text investigation and word mists on open-finished inquiries to choose standard reaction patterns. You can also print out the information as a spreadsheet, which would then be able to be sent out for additional investigation. With an online survey, the assembled data is gathered automatically to begin investigating the results straight away. 

9) Write a report

The final step is preparing a report containing your findings and whether they have met your research goals. Also, if online surveys made accurately, it can viably gauge consumer loyalty, get feedback on products and services, and uncover critical impacts in your general area of research.

Some Customer Satisfaction Survey examples

Since we’ve discussed much for consumer satisfaction survey overviews, we investigate what those look like in nature. So, here are a couple of instances of brands doing customer satisfaction surveys, featuring what makes every model incredible.


It invites users to take part in the survey that appears right on their Twitter timeline.


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