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Customer Data Platform

Stimulate your business growth with our customer data platform and provide relevant data to all teams. Learn more about CDPs

Customer One View

Capture customer data across every possible activity and interaction. See it in a single unified view. A cohesive view helps accurate customer scoring and analytics. The data you gather lets you sharpen your marketing strategy to create personalized and pertinent content.


Create meaningful segments by grouping users. Create real-time, dynamic and rolling segments based on user attribute and their behaviour across multiple channels. Create triggers on the basis of segment transition. Analyse real time rolling segments.

All Channels

Engage your customers with automated campaigns and optimize the campaigns through analyzing the results in real-time.

Journey Orchestration

Create and Visualize campaigns through Journey Builder and Automate Customer Journeys


Track and analyze users’ data in real-time with different analytical tools. Create a customer journey and allow users to move through all the stages of funnel effectively. NotifyVisitors’ analytical tools help you engage the customers as per their traits and behavior and know the users’ source by tracking their behavior across all devices and channels.

Cohort analysis
Form analysis
Session Recording


Talk to your Customers’ on more personal level through Personalized message Liked Push, Email, Sms.

Choose your own way to grow youe list.

Whether you’re collecting signups from new store visitors, looking for ways to gamify the email capturing, or need to run a special campaign with a dedicated landing page – you can do it all with Notify Visitor’s variety of built-in forms.


Take onsite feedback surveys based on customer behaviour, increase subscribers with ready made designer subscription forms.

NotifyVisitors provide

integration with multiple platforms


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