Introducing control groups

Measure actual marketing efficacy


Want to attain higher conversion rates and retain loyalty for your brand? Then know that checking out the effectiveness of your campaigns is inevitable. What if your customers are not responding to your campaigns or what is the actual impact your campaigns are receiving? Get answers to all these questions through control groups.

Control group enables you to understand the actual impact of your campaigns. Simply send the campaigns to the control group( a random selection to represent the entire target of customers). Compare this group with the target group to measure the efficacy of your campaigns.

Get measurable insights



Know the effectiveness of your campaign in measurable aspects such as the average revenue per users.



Determine how effectively you can engage users through various channels in a short period of time. Turn on the channel through you will send the message to the users and set its frequency.



Resolve the issues such as the number of campaigns to be sent in a day, what if the users receive are overboarded with too many notifications or multiple promotional campaigns in a day.


System control groups

Compute the impact of your campaigns over a longer time period. System Control Group is valid for all the campaigns. Define the limit of the control group and let the system itself qualify the percentage of users in the control group randomly.

Custom control groups

Access the effectiveness of any one campaign or a group of campaigns at a specified point of time. State the limit of the control group in a similar way as you did in the system control groups. Examine the effectiveness of short duration strategies.


Why use a control group?

Relieve yourself from the fears of your customers, missing out your campaigns or marketing messages. Control group lets you send the campaign once the test is over. Save up your valuable time by sending the right campaign to a control group out of the whole target group, rather than sending the campaign to all the users at once.

Ab testing or control groups

AB testing enables you to pick up one out of the two or more choices instead of guiding you to the whole scenario. Control groups let you select a chunk of the target group to find out whether your campaign is performing great or not. It is a time saving feature to determine whether to send the campaign or not at all based on its performance. You get the choice of letting the users take their natural course.


Trusted by 6000+ Ecommerce Brands

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for your eCommerce Store.

Trusted by 6000+ Ecommerce Brands

Best multi-channel Customer Engagement Softwarefor your eCommerce Store.