Personalized mobile experiences at scale

Build personalized user experiences across all mobile touchpoints - on and above your app


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Deliver Contextualization at scale. Engage users precisely


Enhance conversions rate

Personalization lets you improve conversion rates and build sustainable relations with your users.


Boost add-to-carts

Offering relevant recommendations boost add to carts rates by showcasing more useful options.

Uplift click-through rates

When you deliver personalized experiences, it prompts users to click on the options, leading to click-through rates.


Leverage personalization with AI

Our AI engine studies large sets of historical & real-time data to comprehend each user's desires. Associated with our Image recognition capability, it understands each user's search, browsing, and buying behavior to deliver hyper-contextual recommendations.

Offer personalized product recommendations

Our industry-leading algorithms utilize diverse data points to render the most relevant recommendations for every app user. Amongst other data points, we analyze what users are keener to explore, click on, and buy


Use the most relevant recommendation widgets

Our widgets are specially created for your mobile app, utilizing your existing themes and layout. The more contextual the recommendations, the higher your CTRs and conversions

Create a personalized page for each user

We assist you in building a specially curated list of products - tailor-made for each user - based on what they are more likely to purchase or view


Personalized offers via in-app messages

Engage with engaged app users in real-time by accounting for your users' attributes, choices, and actions to provide personalized content or product recommendations.

Prompt personalized recommendations on app push notifications

Prompt your app users when they aren't on your app by sending the most suitable content or product recommendations - based on their search, viewing, or purchase behavior


Trusted by 6000+ Ecommerce Brands

Best multi-channel Customer Engagement Software
for your eCommerce Store.

Trusted by 6000+ Ecommerce Brands

Best multi-channel Customer Engagement Softwarefor your eCommerce Store.