WhatsApp Channel Marketing

WhatsApp is one of the most trending and highly used chat apps around the globe. Leverage WhatsApp marketing and engage users over instant messaging. Enhance conversions and revenues through one of the most prolific channel

Reach Expansive Audiences

WhatsApp makes it easy to reach and target billions of people around the globe. On the top of it, NotifyVisitors now makes it more convenient for you to engage users over WhatsApp.

Add A Tinge Of Personalization

Engage your users with personalized messages in a friendly way using the seamless features of WhatsApp Marketing. Add personalization to get quicker responses.

Generate Personalized Messages

Save and manage the user data in your CRM to automate the personalized messages. Know user preferences and engage them at your fingertips.

Track Conversion Rates

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns in terms of conversion rates and revenues. Analyze the campaign reports to determine the control groups.

A/B test campaigns to check
what works for you

Try out different options for your WhatsApp message with smaller groups. Look out for imperfections in the initial stage only and analyze what suits you the most. Then, we’ll automatically share the best variation with the big set of audiences to get better outcomes.

Obtain in-depth insights into WhatsApp

Observe important WhatsApp metrics like opt-in, sent, delivered, seen, and clicked to analyze how users engage themselves with your personalized messages and translate this data into actionable insights to assist your bigger marketing goals.

Other Notable Features

Set Frequency Capping

Define a time-frame to send the messages to the users to avoid sending irrelevant messages to the users. Set frequency capping to pre-define a time-interval between the messages.
Configure DND settings

Set up the DND hours to send messages to the users as per their time-zone only. Simply set the DND hours and schedule the messages in NotifyVisitors.

Create Different Campaigns

You can create and run all types of campaigns right from automated campaigns to recurring and transactional campaigns. All under one roof!!

Test Before You Send

Create various variations of the campaigns and test them to get the best. Engage the audience with the one that gets you beneficial results.

Use dynamic Templates

Use the templates to customize your campaigns. Create personalized messages using the dynamic templates to have an impact on your audience.

Download User Details

Catch out all the insights such as the conversion rates and the engagement rates of all the campaigns. Retarget users through all the insights.

Engagement Channels

Target customers with the automated campaigns and optimize the campaigns by analyzing the key metrics in real-time.

Use Cases

Introspect the WhatsApp use cases to see how beneficial it is for your business irrespective of the industries you deal in.


Communicate with your customers in real-time right from the time they appear at your website to the time the products are delivered to them. Provide offers and discounts to them so that they keep coming back to your site.

Be attentive to the needs of your customers and assist them at every stage of their travelling journey. Right from the time they arrive at your website to the time they go through the booking process. Share the relevant details to serve them incessantly.
Banking and Finance

Ensure security to the users while providing them the financial services. Share the confidential information via whatsapp messaging and engage them with the additional services at hand.


Enhance the customer engagement levels with latest updates and subscriptions regarding the new shows. Take the relevant feedback on the shows that they are interested in. Give recommendations via curated content on WhatsApp.


Give all the information to your customers right at the fingertips of their mobile phones. Inform them regarding the order updates or any delays. Provide them recommendations about the new launches in their vicinity.


Provide students with the right recommendations regarding the courses. Solve their queries and engage them with personalized coaching sessions. Deliver them with the best study tips via instant WhatsApp Messaging.

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