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Personalize at scale with segmented bulk messaging

Our segmented Bulk Messaging lets you send personalized messages to a large audience, from loyal customers to first-time visitors. By segmenting the audience into niche categories, your messaging can be customized to fit each group’s specific interests and needs, ensuring the communication is more relevant and engaging.

Convert abandoned carts into sales

Recover lost sales by converting abandoned shopping carts into successful purchases with NotifyVisitors. Analyze user behaviour, identify pain points, offer compelling incentives, and streamline the checkout process to make it as user-friendly as possible. Doing so can increase customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth for your business.

Stay on the top of your customers mind with

Boost your omnichannel strategy by incorporating WhatsApp

Use NotifyVisitors to add WhatsApp to your omnichannel marketing strategy, engaging consumers on one of the most popular platforms and creating a seamless experience.



Maximize your reach and leverage WhatsApp’s unmatched open rate to connect with shoppers everywhere.



Unlock audience interest and boost conversion rates with personalized, mobile-first shopping experiences.



Supercharge success by using advanced automation and sending targeted WhatsApp messages.

A/B test campaigns to check what works for you

Try out different options for your WhatsApp message with smaller groups. Look out for imperfections in the initial stage only and analyze what suits you the most. Then, we’ll automatically share the best variation with the big set of audiences to get better outcomes.

Upsell & cross-sell to existing customers

Boosting sales revenue is more than just acquiring new customers and maximizing existing ones. Upselling, encouraging customers to upgrade to a higher-end version of a product, and cross-selling, suggesting complementary items to enhance overall customer experience, are both tried-and-true techniques that can increase both revenue and customer satisfaction.

Improve your campaign performance

Get more than just standard metrics such as sent, read, and replied on your WhatsApp campaigns with NotifyVisitors. View real-time analytics to understand your ARPU, average order value, total revenue and more.

Why NotifyVisitors?


Engage your users with automated promotional campaigns instantly.


Don’t let them hang on and offer support they are looking for


Learn more about your campaign performance with the real time analytics

Key features

Dynamic templates

Customized and pre designed templates to suit your individual needs and preferences and engage your users instantly and effectively.

Send time optimization

Optimizing sending time allows you to send communications when they are most likely to be seen by their audience, based on data analysis.

A/B testing

Test your message variations and target your audience with the best version of your conversion for better results.

Set frequency capping

Define a time-frame to send the messages to the users to avoid sending irrelevant messages to the users. Set frequency capping to pre-define a time-interval between the messages.

Analytics and reporting

Learn how each of your campaigns are working and what needs to be changed. Make action driven decisions with the right analytics.


Make your users feel valued by addressing them with their name and personalize the message as per their purchasing history.

Customer support

We are here to support you whenever you have any query. Our sound support be available 24×7 to cater your needs.

Download user details

Catch out all the insights such as the conversion rates and the engagement rates of all the campaigns. Retarget users through all the insights.

Integration with multiple platforms

NotifyVisitors integrates with hundreds of eCommerce tools and you can add it to your store with a single click.

Use cases

Introspect the WhatsApp use cases to see how beneficial it is for your business irrespective of the industries you deal in.


Communicate with your customers in real-time right from the time they appear at your website to the time the products are delivered to them. Provide offers and discounts to them so that they keep coming back to your site.

Be attentive to the needs of your customers and assist them at every stage of their travelling journey. Right from the time they arrive at your website to the time they go through the booking process. Share the relevant details to serve them incessantly.

Banking and finance

Ensure security to the users while providing them the financial services. Share the confidential information via whatsapp messaging and engage them with the additional services at hand.


Enhance the customer engagement levels with latest updates and subscriptions regarding the new shows. Take the relevant feedback on the shows that they are interested in. Give recommendations via curated content on WhatsApp.


Give all the information to your customers right at the fingertips of their mobile phones. Inform them regarding the order updates or any delays. Provide them recommendations about the new launches in their vicinity.


Provide students with the right recommendations regarding the courses. Solve their queries and engage them with personalized coaching sessions. Deliver them with the best study tips via instant WhatsApp Messaging.

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Trusted by 6000+ Ecommerce Brands

Best multi-channel Customer Engagement Software
for your eCommerce Store.

Trusted by 6000+ Ecommerce Brands

Best multi-channel Customer Engagement Softwarefor your eCommerce Store.