Get Panoramic View of Users Data

Evaluate the actions performed by users, their intentions and behavior across all the marketing mediums and channels.

Attain Maximum Profits
of User Data

Disintegrate data collection
to unify customer data

Check out the performance of your campaigns in terms of monetary values such as the revenue generated on specific campaigns or per users.

Catch the real-time action
of users’ behavior

Engage users across multiple channels and improvise your way of dealing with the users. Set the frequency to send messages to the users on your desired channels.

Avoid overboarding users
with unwanted messages

Manage the amount of messages you want to send the users per day. Refrain from the issue of sending unnecessary messages to the users to avoid overboarding.

Integrate User Insights Across All Channels

Create a unique user profile by having a deeper understanding of a unique user based on the different user properties. Collect and integrate the user properties across various devices and channels to create a panoramic profile of individual users.

Get Historical and Current User Insights

To understand the complex behavior of a user, you need to know their previous as well as current insights. Now, gather these relevant as well as real-time insights of users under an integrated platform. Get the benefit of the automated and updated profiles.

Create and View Dynamic User Profile

Build a dynamic user profile as per your industry requirements. Choose the profile view dimensions of your choice to view the profile. Get every bit of understanding of an individual user to engage them effectively.

Create Segments Without Embedding Code

Make on the go segments consisting of all the user attributes. Create personalized campaigns to engage the segments. Achieve the conversion goals without embedding a single code.

Export Profile to Marketing Systems

Use connectors and easy-to-use integrations to export customer profiles. Export the profiles to multiple marketing systems to save the time in uploading the user information manually each time a user interacts with your site.

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