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Fewer data silos, 360° understanding of customers

Understand customer action, behavior, and intent across devices and channels

Make the most of your customer data

Unify insights across multiple devices and channels

Gain a deep understanding of customers based on demographic, transactional, and behavioral data. Unify these diverse data-points across multiple devices and interaction channels to build rich, individual 360° profiles.

Gain persistent and real-time insights, on-the-go

The platform aggregates the historical behavior of each customer to date, so you don’t miss out on any relevant insights. With every new customer interaction, these 360° profiles are enriched in real-time.

Build dynamic 360° profiles, relevant to your business

Building customer profiles has never been easier. Depending on your industry, our platform supports hundreds of 360° profile view dimensions that you can instantly choose from.

Engage better with no-code embedded segmentation

Prepare on-the-fly micro-segments of customers combining various 360° profile view attributes to deploy hyper-personalized campaigns. Achieve all this without running a single line of code.

Export customer profiles seamlessly

Now easily export your customer profiles to other marketing systems through ready connectors and easy-to-deploy integrations.

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