Multi Channel Marketing vs Cross Channel Marketing:

What’s the Difference?

Multi-channel marketing and cross-channel marketing have a lot of similarities. Both include using multiple marketing channels to communicate and engage with the customers. Where lies the difference is, multiple channel marketing refers to individual working of marketing channels and subscribers’ data. While cross-channel marketing refers to a consolidated working of marketing channels and subscribers’ data.

Multi-Channel Marketing and Cross-Channel Marketing

The difference between these two marketing techniques boils down to the following.

Multi-Channel: Across
multiple channels

Give your customers the option to interact with you at the channel of their choice. Interact with them using the blend of direct and indirect communication channels. Prompt them to take action on your products and services. Be willing to serve your customers wherever they are present. As they are omnipresent, so shall you to create a consistent customer experience across all channels.

Cross Channel: Across
multiple, connected channels

Meet your target audience wherever they are, chalk out the channels at which your target audience is present. Get a holistic understanding of your audience and provide them a personalized experience through the channel they are engaging with you. Optimize each step the customer takes while interacting with your brand by taking every touchpoint into account.

The Importance of Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies

Target different demographics in various ways with a multi-channel approach. Achieve the goals of reaching out to your potential customers via a social campaign on multiple platforms at the same time. Reach the targeted audience by using multiple channels to assure the  accessibility of the communications to them. Give more power  to your customers to choose the platform to interact with you!

The Benefits of Cross Channel

More Customer

Boost up customers’ experience by interacting with them at the channels they are present, send them personalized messages and attain higher engagement rates.

Build Brand

Develop cross-channel marketing strategies to deliver target messages to the leads before they finally turn into your customers. Enhance brand awareness and facilitate trust.

Retain Customer

Strengthen connection with the customers by streamlining personalized messages and communications across various channels. Pull users back to your brand time and again.

Cross-Channel Communications

If a user orders a product through the mobile app and later does the payment through a web browser. The marketing team will further send him the notifications as per the campaign settings. If he has enabled his email permissions, he will receive the email or if he has enabled the push notifications, he will receive the push.

Multi-Channel Marketing

While creating digital marketing campaigns, many times you would have incorporated different channels at the same time to engage different group of customers. For example- You must have sent a promotional email to your email list and would have posted about the same on facebook. How many times you must have sent a reminder push notification to some of your users while you must have sent the reminder mail to the others.

Is Cross-Channel Marketing a Worth Choice ?

If you are already creating multi channel campaigns and looking to switch to a cross-channel marketing strategy. Then, begin with implementing the elements of cross-channel marketing along with the multichannel setup. It will add productivity and more success for your brand.

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