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Epic List of 24 Best Marketing Automation Software and Tools

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Marketing Automation Software that can be used to propel your business into a new era of relationship-based marketing with quantifiable results.

Learn how this quote proves to be truthful for your business via this blog.

What is Marketing Automation?

To keep ahead of your competitors, every digital marketer needs software that helps in simplifying their tasks such as engaging potential customers, fetching new ones, knowing user’s feedback, tracking key metrics- conversion rates and revenues, and so on.

Marketing Automation Software helps you do all this and more. But for a clear understanding of what it is – Let’s define it first.

Marketing automation is a type of software that enables companies to target customers with automated marketing messages across channels, including email, websites, social media, text messages to generate sales lead.”

The purpose is to remove the chaos of repetitive tasks and increase the efficiency of workflow.

Marketing Automation Software Features

  • Enables data analytics of a marketing campaign to drive more user engagement further.
  • AI applications such as chatbots enable you to redirect users to your landing pages. Provide your users’ valuable info about your product and engage them to turn them into leads.
  • Marketing Automation tools help you gather user’s feedback. In turn, it helps you in reforming your marketing strategies.

What All Can You Do Through Marketing Automation Software?

1. Email marketing

Create an automated email responder series. Engage your users with automated messages when they act on your website.

2. Landing page creation

Create your marketing campaigns quickly with pre-existing templates.

3. Cross-channel marketing campaigns

Marketing automation tools help you in managing all your social media campaigns within a single dashboard. Also, you can know the key metrics of your campaigns that too, in real-time.

4. Lead generation

Marketing automation tools such as A/B testing and heatmaps enable you to generate leads by displaying the best version of your landing page with data analytics.

5. Segmentation

Segment your leads based on demographic, geographic, and behavioral factors. Engage them further through automated email and SMS campaigns.

 6. Lead nurturing and scoring

Use automation tools such as CRM and get lead scoring algorithms. Apply them further to engage potential buyers.

7. Cross-sell and up-sell

You can automate the process of cross-selling and up-selling with an email sequence once the user has purchased the product. You can trigger user with the complementary product and a discounted offer.

8. Retention

Send personalized email campaigns to your customers and retain them with the help of email marketing software. Automate your customer onboarding process and get higher retention rates.

9. Measuring ROI

Get a functional integration between your website, CRM, and automation tools. Grab all the analytical data automatically. Track all your campaigns to measure ROI.

Considering all the above factors, now ask yourself, would you be able to perform all the trivial to major tasks all alone.

What are The Factors That Led You to Marketing Automation Software?

Ask yourself a few questions, and you will automatically get answers for why you need Marketing Automation software.

  • Are you able to track individual users online?
  • Are you ready to filter leads based on their interests and engagement?
  • Would you be able to prioritize your customer list based on their likelihood?
  • Can you figure out the revenue cost of your marketing campaign?
  • If the answer is NO, you should vouch for marketing automation software.

NotifyVisitors is a Specimen of a Simple Yet Intuitive Marketing Automation Software

NotifyVisitors is the most straightforward marketing automation software. Being powered by Al and machine learning, it enables you to provide a delightful experience to the users.

Apart from engaging your customers to collect their feedback and measuring your productivity, it provides all the necessary automation tools which can simplify your day-to-day routine tasks. Also, you can know how effective your marketing strategies are, inclusive of optimizing your conversion rates and other key metrics.

All in all, it’s an exclusive package one must equip to brighten their business growth.

Let’s dive deeper into NV products to know more about automation benefits. NV products are divided based on specific categories.

1. Customer Engagement Software – As the name implies, it enables you to engage your web and app users through multiple tools and mediums.

2. Conversion rate optimization Software: Enhance your conversion rates with NotifyVisitors best CRO optimization software. Track and analyze user’s behavior and improvise your strategies at the same time.

3. Analytics: Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Get real-time user insights in minimal time.

Each category has a bundle of tools. Let’s start with first :

Customer Engagement Software :

You can view only those products under the following type, which fits the requirements of engaging your customers at a faster pace.


It is a nascent customer engagement channel. It embraces you the benefit of engaging and re-engaging users via messages without their details or info. The notifications are usually sent on the user’s browser, even if the user has not opened the browser.

Benefits of Web Push Notifications :

  • Effective Scheduling:- It lets you schedule the right offers at the right time.
  • Execute other things: Schedule your push notifications for a specific date and time and execute other things too.
  • Get rid of other mediums: Avoid the clutter of emails in the user’s inbox. Simply schedule them and get the desirable outcomes.
  • Earn conversion rates: Get more traffic and conversion rates on your website.

For example – Suppose you are running an event on your website. You can simply schedule your notifications according to the timezone of your users. Also, take note of scheduling notifications when your users are active.


Engage the user over their mobile devices with app push notifications. Like web push notifications, app push also renders innumerable advantages. You can trigger a user via app push notification at any time. It’s not necessary to send him a drive while he is online/Active.


Benefits of App Push Notifications :

  • Instant purchasing -Offer your users instant purchasing at the right time.
  • Valuable user insights -Get useful ideas about users like no.of open rates and click-through rates.
  • Enhance brand value – App push notifications play a significant role in giving a name and fame to your brand. Also, you can use catchy logos to attract more customers as they are likely to remember them more.
  • Send relevant content: Engage your users with a tinge of personalization. Send them relevant content according to their interests and likes.


Chatbots are AI-powered software that enables you to stimulate a conversation with the users through mobile applications, messages, or websites.


NotifyVisitors Chatbots Builder enables you to build chatbots and match user conversation flow with artificial intelligence. It helps organizations to build, train & launch customized conversational chatbots.

Benefits of chatbots :

  • Quick responses: Build a good customer base. Support them by quickly answering their queries.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Know revelations about customer satisfaction in the form of chat ratings.
  • Generate and nurture leads: Chatbots help in engaging your leads directly on one to one basis. With quick chats, you can persuade the user and trigger him to buy the product.

4. PWA

The progressive web application provides a great experience to the users, combining the best of web and apps. They do not need any installation. Also, they are quite useful to the customers while they visit the browser for the very first time.


They work as an app on all devices. The apps help in growing customer engagement and increasing conversion rates.

NotifyVisitors enable you to upgrade your website to a progressive web app.

Create progressive web apps in real-time with scalable features :

  • PWA loads quickly on a distraught network.
  • You can add them as an icon on the home screen.
  • They load in a full-screen mode.
  • Progressive Apps can access the hardware of the device.
  • Apps work offline.
  • Progressive web apps are re-engageable. Engage your users with web-push notifications.


Web banners are the most prolific form of advertising your brands.

Although they are primitive. But still, you can receive maximum profitable results out of it. They work as the best traffic generators. They can be used to inform the visitors, promote any product, or to increase brand awareness.

With web banners, you can aim higher for better conversion and click rates.

What benefits do web banners cater?

NotifyVisitors to provide ample templates for your web banner notifications. Now create popup notification with numerous catchy templates. Display real-time notifications to the users based on their behavior on your site.


A popular form of collecting feedback from customers can help you grow your business to zeniths. Surveys play a significant role in not only getting relevant feedback from customers but knowing the customer’s purchasing habits comes handy with it.

NotifyVisitors offer numerous survey templates that give you great exposure to run your surveys. Also, you can collect real-time insights from subscribers. Once you know their ideas, you can raise the list of subscribers. Further, you can nurture leads and quickly convert them into customers.


Mobile banners are the most popular form of advertising on mobile devices. Unlike web banners, you don’t have too much space to be displayed on a user’s screen. But what matters is your brand identity and people recognizing it instantly.

Now, convert your prospects into customers with NV’s pre-defined templates for banner notifications.


With the constant increase in mobile users, it becomes evident to engage users on mobile via surveys. Mobile surveys are easy to execute. Send your target audience an email with a link to download an app.

Collect feedback from the users without forcing them to leave your app.

Benefits of Mobile Survey:

  • NotifyVisitors provide ready made survey samples. Choose from the existing templates from the gallery.
  • Enhance your subscribers with designer subscription forms or lead generation forms. Start using the customer feedback survey for your mobile application simply by copying, pasting, or customizing the templates.


Email and SMS campaigns have always been the priority for marketers to capture leads and nurture them.


Despite sending each customer an email campaign, email marketing automation makes it easier for you to automate the email and sms campaigns to save your time.

Get in touch with customers via marketing automation:

  • Make new customers by sending them appealing and receptive mails.
  • Create a segment of your leads and send them automated campaigns based on their actions and behavior on your site.
  • Choose a goal for your email and SMS autoresponders. Engage your subscribers according to the basis of your goals.


Net promoter score is a dynamic metric tool to measure customer experience. It helps in transforming your business. You can naturally unleash the limits of your business growth via the NPS score.

Simply ask a question and allow the user to rate it on a scale of 0 to 10. The score range will let you manage customer experiences easily.


Benefits of NPS Survey

  • Create a Pop-up design and customize the NPS survey with the help of a do-it-yourself editor.
  • Customize your survey and use it across multiple platforms.

Get detailed analytics through NV dashboard regarding the city, country, and device of the users. Use the insights further for segmenting customers.


Turn your website visitors into leads. Capture their information as and when they visit your website. Attach a lead capture form to your site.Track who is accessing your content. Know how users are interacting with it.

NotifyVisitors enable you to create customized lead forms as per your requirements. Choose from the existing templates of lead forms and fetch more visitors to your site.

12. AMP

In the fast-paced technological world, you need fast-paced tools too to intensify the pace of your business growth.

Like progressive web apps, AMP is an open-source HTML framework that provides a straightforward way to create web pages that are fast, smooth-loading. Also, they help you prioritizing user-experience above all.

NotifyVisitors provide you agile customer support by giving a well-formulated and easy to maintain code. It becomes super-easy to create quickly loaded pages hassle-free.

What are the benefits of AMP development:

  • Reduce the load time of the content on your website.
  • They can be accessible on all devices.
  • You can mold them in any browser type as per your requirements.
  • It helps in reducing the bounce rates for your website as the immovability of your web pages increase.

After having a detailed introduction of all the customer engagement software, let’s navigate to products of conversion rate optimization software.

Conversion rate optimization software:

The category covers all the products that help you in enhancing your conversion rates.


Present to your users with the optimized version of your websites. AB testing is a website optimization tool. You can create multiple variants for your webpage.

Divide traffic amongst various variations and know which one is performing better.

AB testing enables you to optimize your website conversion rate.

  • It allows you to experiment with your ideas on your websites and create content within minutes.
  • Make real-time changes on your site with NV’s AB testing.
  • Know your AB Testing analytical results and know which version is performing better.


Like AB testing, Heatmaps, too, are a magnet for attracting higher conversion rates. You can know the most visited and less attentive pages of your website. Track every mouse movement of your user. Enhance website conversion rates by optimizing those areas.

” A heatmap is a graphical representation of data that uses a system of color-coding to represent different values. Heatmap software provides immediate visual information of every movement of mouse activity.”

Benefits of heatmaps :

  • Know where visitors are clicking on your web page through Click Heatmap Reports.
  • Know which part of the web page is visited mostly through mouse hover reports.
  • Use one code and start analyzing all your web pages.
  • Get real time-analytics of your web pages for better renewal of strategies.


Targeting customers becomes much easier when you know what their interests and beliefs are.

You can easily segment your users based on their behavior, interests, or other demographic factors. Thus, you can add a tinge of personalization in your campaigns to segmented users.


How personalization can help you enhance conversion rates :

  • Create different segments of users and present them with personalized content.
  • Create user’s segments based on Browser, Page Urls, Geo-location, Cookies, Query parameters, new vs. returning users and create your own custom rules to create segments of your visitors

NV allows you to choose both AB testing variation and campaign wise targeting. Accordingly, you can choose to send personalized content to targeted users.


NV Form analysis software tracks the user’s interacting behavior with forms on your web pages. It lets you improve form submission rate through analyzing key metrics like drop off, field interactions, left blanks, and much more.

NV form analysis software helps you enable:

  • Get to know which specific fields have been dropped off by the visitors.
  • Know which of the areas are getting maximum attention.
  • Get to know the timings of the user in filling up a form.

Get an analysis of the number of successful and failed attempts in filling and submitting a form.


Users often use the terms split-testing and AB testing interchangeably. Although both are different practices serving the same purpose.

Split-URL AB testing allows you to create a variation of an original web page. That’s how you can compare which one is more optimized.


Split URL AB testing helps you with the following benefits:

  • You can create variations at a much faster pace.
  • You can modify your websites without any requirement of coding knowledge
  • NV’s visual builder enables you to get a preview of your site changes across all devices.


NotifyVisitors user session recording allows you to view the visitor’s session, scroll, type or navigate to different web pages and much more just like a movie clip. You can enhance the user’s experience to gain more traffic to the website.


Benefits of User-Session Replay:

  • You can view individual visitor sessions.
  • You can discover where your visitors are stuck on a web page. Know what the reason for their drop-offs is.
  • Help to find and reproduce bugs to enhance the user experience.
  • A session helps you to understand and improve user behavior. See where users are missing the flows in your website.


It encloses the vast plethora of tools that would enable you to track user’s data cohesively.


Design a journey to enable marketers to customize interactions through various stages based on customer needs, desires and preferences, their demographics, and real-time input from their behavior.

Journey Builder uses event-driven triggers to respond to customers or prospective customers appropriately.

How does NV panel enable you to build a journey?

NV panel for Journey Builder allows you to create complex workflows using simple and easy to implement Drag and Drop editor.

Journey Builder is Different From Personalization:

The difference between the two is that one follows a time trigger- i.e.when will a user open the message or notifications. Users are usually engaged in this way once you know when to engage them. But personalization is different. It is fetching a response from a user based on personalized content.


Without Segmentation, it becomes difficult to analyze what to offer and whom to offer.

Segmentation helps you to enlist your users based on geographical, demographic, and behavioral factors. Also, you can segment users based on their device and browser type.

Marketing automation software helps you create a segment :

  • Create real-time updated user segments based on the user’s personal and behavioral data. Also, you can create segments based on user’s events and devices
  • Get detailed information of each user, such as their info and device used by the user. Also,you can view all the events performed by him.
  • Get valuable insights from every segment in the form of analytics.


A cohort is a group of users who have shared common traits during a particular period.


  • You can dissect your users into cohorts or groups based on particular time spans like a month or week. You can analyze cohorts based on their behavior or action on your website. For example- If they have installed your app or performs a sign-up or registers for your services.
  • The next step is to analyze if the user has used the app again in subsequent periods. i.e., in following months or weeks.


Tracking analytics for each user becomes tricky and complicated. Now you can view and track each action and interaction of a customer within your website in a single cohesive view.

What does unified user profile help you analyze:

  • A collaborative view enables you to grab accurate customer scoring and analytics.
  • Collaborative data enables you to gather analytics and allows you to brush up your marketing strategy. Further, you can create personalized content based on congregated data to engage users in a better way.


A funnel is a representation of paths a user takes before he finally gets converted into customers. In other words, Funnel lets you know what your customers are doing on your website. You can figure out whether they are meeting your goals or not.


They define various stages a customer undergoes before he finally purchases the product. At every step, you can analyze a prospect’s behavior until he eventually gets converted into a customer.

How to track the customer journey with Funnel analytics?

  • Funnel analytics allow you to track your customer’s journey, right from arriving on your brand’s property, to performing the action you want.
  • Funnels can point to the stages where the maximum number of customers drop off.

NV Funnel analytics offers an engaging visual representation of the performance of your campaign in every stage. Further, you can analyze each thread authentically.


Mobile attribution is the process of tracking your users – Know from where users learn about your app. Trigger them to perform key actions to turn them into customers Apple, and Google plays a vital role in enforcing an information gap between what users see before they decide app and who installs your app. Mobile Attribution is the bridge over that gap.


Features of Mobile attribution: 

Attribution can tell you which platforms, sites, and ad networks are generating actual advertising-based installs.

Also, you can know which of the agencies are wasting money. Mobile attribution makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of one campaign against another, of one ad against another.


After having an in-depth discussion about all the marketing automation software products. I hope by now, you must know how marketing automation software can work wonders for your business.


Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.

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