Retarget your shoppers instantly

Send personalized push notifications to your shoppers and retarget them effectively.

Retarget your shoppers instantly

Send personalized push notifications to your shoppers and retarget them effectively.

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Retarget your visitors instantly

Leverage the full potential of omnichannel marketing by implementing push notifications into your automated workflows. Integrate push notifications with email or use them as a backup for automated SMS and expand your reach while keeping the message consistent.
Recover more from carts by reminding store visitors about abandoned items – reach their browser instantly.
Engage and retarget your online store ‘window-shoppers’ with real push messages based on their visited pages.
Offer an outstanding customer experience with automated web push notifications notifying about order & shipping statuses.

Boost sales while showcasing urgency

Encourage sales for your flash deals and special offers by employing this effective medium. Deliver value to your targeted customers by segmenting and sending relevant push notification campaigns to them.


Push notifications increase your users’ engagement, by sending them personalized notifications and improve the CTR by 4 times. Offering a personalized experience make it effective as you are using their personal data. Your users will like getting push notifications that contain useful, personalized, and relevant information.
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Segmentation is crucial when it comes to targeting as it helps you generate better results from push notifications. Make sure you send appropriate push notifications to the right users, based on their

Acts as a boon for eCommerce

If you still wondering about its relevance then– we’ve got the numbers. The number of push notifications being sent has skyrocketed over the last year, this channel just keeps on giving: push conversion rates average at a jaw-dropping 30%.

A/B testing

Push Notifications are brief and delivered immediately, so make sure you use the best combination of title, image, and message to make the most out of it. A/B Testing allows you to create two variations of your notification with a different image, title, or message. After that, help you see which notification is doing better from a subset of your subscribers, and push it to the rest, leading to more conversion as well as revenue. With every test, you better know your audience and enhance your notification strategy.

Test & check what's working best.

Keep a tab on your campaigns’ performance with real-time sales tracking and attribution. See how your audience engages with your push notifications, and how many clicks they get, and quickly spot the best performers.

NotifyVisitors shopify app features

A wholesome pack of features is what you needed. No extra programming efforts are needed.

Easy setup

Quickly enable push notifications in your store settings and voila you’ll start gathering your push subscribers.


Audience targeting

Drive more conversions by targeting precise customer segments and customizing your push messages.


Sales tracking

Track how much sales you got by push notifications, also compare it with other channels, and regularly know what’s working best.


Advanced automation

Customer engagement is handy with the welcome and abandoned cart.

One-off campaigns

Tailored campaigns for your audiences like promos and sales.

Robust analytics

Track all the clicks and purchases to see how your messages are doing.


Rich notifications

Make use of images to give your messages a life and boost conversion.


Incredible scalability

You got our back. When you scale, we scale. We send out billions of notifications every day.

Trusted by 6000+ Ecommerce Brands

Best multi-channel Customer Engagement Software
for your eCommerce Store.

Trusted by 6000+ Ecommerce Brands

Best multi-channel Customer Engagement Softwarefor your eCommerce Store.