Analyze and Track User Behavior

Analytics play a pivotal role in strategizing your marketing strategies. Understand the behavior of your users on your app and know what they are exactly doing. Evaluate the behavioral analytics through cohort and funnel analysiṣ. Introspect the activities performed by the user at each marketing stage to engage them further.


Track User Behavior With The Right Tools

Divide your users into groups who share common traits and track when they installed or signed up on your app during a specific period of time. Track their behavior subsequently on your app.

Point out where your customers are dropping off since they arrived on your app and why are they not converting? Analyze the funnel to know the performance of your campaign at every step.

Collect the users’ data and come up with valuable insights. Evaluate the repeated patterns in the user behavior and compare the insights amongst the groups of users. Take out the most valuable segments out of the groups who are highly engageable.
Understand what actually the app analytics are denoting, with our analytical tools. Collect the relevant insights with the help of heatmaps. Get to know how users are interacting with your website and analyze the events in depth.

Want to know what the app analytics actually signify? Take a look at the important insights of your data with data summarisation tools. Enable heatmaps to detect the loopholes in your data and analyze any key events.


Get A Panoramic View Of Users

Catch out all the demographic details of the users in one unified view. Know when the users interacted last, what actions they performed on your campaigns. Also, take a look at their transactional histories.


Who Uninstalled Your App?

Uninstalling an app means losing out on your users but worry not, you have not lost out all the hopes. Get all the useful insights to bring users back to your app and achieve higher conversion rates.


View Reports & Analytics Under One Roof

Watch out for the real performance of your campaigns. Right from how users are responding to your campaigns to the actual face value of your campaigns in terms of conversions and revenues. Explore it all at one go!!!

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Notable Features of Notifyvisitors

Optimize Lifecycles

Enhance the users’ understanding before approaching them. Know your customer base and engage them well to allow them to reach the stage of conversion.

User Segmentation

Form out the group of your users and create real-time segments. Target the segments with our powerful marketing automation software.


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