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Shopify Email Automation Everything you Need to Know to Get Started

Email Marketing Automation is playing a significant role in customer retention. It is not new to eCommerce businesses. Email automation is about sending emails to customers according to the customer’s activity on your website like adding items to a cart or making a purchase or subscribing to a newsletter etc.

According to a study by Litmus in 2021, it generates the highest return on investment (ROI) out of the most common digital channels, earning retail, eCommerce, and consumer goods businesses an average of $45 for every dollar invested.

What is email marketing automation?

Email Automation is a method of sending emails or series of emails to customers at the right time automatically. Shopify Email automation is a method that sends an automated welcome email to new subscribers from your website pop-up that promises 10% off their first order.

For example, when a person visits the store for the first time and subscribes to get the first purchase discount code, which is an act of Shopify email automation as there is no human intervention involved.

Shopify email automation is all about sending the correct information at the right time in the form of an email to the subscribers and the existing customers at the moment they’re most likely to engage so that conversions happen.

What are the key benefits of Shopify email automation?

What are the key benefits of Shopify email automation?

Shopify email automation will help you in many ways. Here the key benefits of it which are as follows: –

  1. Personalize experience: – According to a study by Marketing Charts in 2021, 28% of global marketers studied said leveraging personalization effectively was one of the most difficult objectives to achieve. Customers like to have personalized experiences. You can send personalized emails or messages to your customer to get user engagement. An email or message with their name increases the chances of opening the email. You can send them a unique discount code to attract them.

  2. Increase retention rate: – Email automation helps in improve retention rate. It increases the retention rate by sending abandoned cart emails, reminder emails, and other emails that improve the retention rate by increasing user engagement. 

  3. Helps email marketing strategy: – According to Salesforce, a State of Marketing report, 81% of marketing organizations grow user engagement with the use of automation methods. It improves the effectiveness of email marketing

  4. Helps in Sending Right Messages: – Email automation helps in sending the right messages to the right customer. Email automation helps you to send customized emails to different customers. Shopify email automation has features to customize fields like company name, customer name, etc.

  5. Accelerate Revenue: – Shopify email automation helps in accelerating revenues. With transaction emails, you can leverage your revenue. Shopify email automation sends their users transactional mail whenever a customer completes an action or procedure. These trigger messages will manage to engage customers. You can send coupons, e-guide, or anything else that will encourage customers to purchase more sooner or later. And that will give acceleration revenue.

  6. Arrange Emails well with customer data: – Shopify email automation will help you in sending emails to your customers according to their purchase history or pattern. Shopify Email automation arranges emails with customer information. That means it will send out the right email to the right people at the right time. For example, if a customer purchases something every month then Shopify email automation will send a reminder mail to re-purchase that item again.

  7. Lead Engagement via Drip Campaigns: – Shopify has a method that is known as Drip Campaigns. In the drip campaign, it will send value-added emails to different customers with different automated messages and change according to how the customer interacts with them.

8 Types of Shopify Automated Emails You Need To Know

Now, here you have to look at the type of email that Shopify automated email has:-

  1. Welcome email series: – A welcome mail is the first impression on a customer. According to Omnisend (2016), welcome emails have an average open rate of 45%, versus 18% for promotional emails.

  2. Abandoned cart email series: – According to research by Baymard Institute, 81.4% of customers abandoned their cart. There are many reasons for cart abandonment. The abandoned cart email series is important.

  3. Lead nurturing email series: – Customers who visited your store continuously and show interest in your product but haven’t purchased the customers Shopify sends lead nurturing emails. They subscribe to a newsletter. Shopify email automation creates a series of emails that show customer problems and offer them solutions or answers for their concerns regarding the purchase.

  4. New customer email series: – New customer email is very important as it starts the communication between the two. After sending a welcome email to a customer you need to send an email series of new customers after they made their first purchase or send them thank you messages for choosing your brand that will build trust in them and engage them more. You can ask for suggestions about products or ask for reviews in this email series.

  5. Repeat customer email series: – Repeat customers have more value than new customers as almost a quarter of revenue comes from them. It is easy to create an automated email campaign for existing customers to target them for strengthening relationships with them. To keep them engaged with the brand, repeat customer email series are made. The best way to engage them is to send them a discount coupon or send a new product description that is related to their interest or purchase history. You can request a product review or ask for ratings and testimonials.

  6. An order confirmation email series: – Shopify email automation of order confirmation email series is the most effortless and profitable email series. Almost every customer wants to have their order receipt or order confirmation email right after they make payment. These emails have an average open rate of 70.9%. You can send this series of mail right after purchase. First, the email automated method sends order receipt mail then continues with order packing, order shipping with details, order tracking with the CTA button, and then order delivery.

  7. Re-engagement email series: – This automated email series is for subscribers or users who are inactive for a long time. This series of emails is a win-back email series to bring them back to you. You can simply send them a ‘miss you’ message with some personalization or you can request or ask them the reason for not making any purchase or activity to show their interest in the brand. You can also offer them a good discount with personalization like ‘only for you’ to encourage them to get back and engage in shopping from your brand again.  

  8. Survey or feedback emails: – These are also a series of automated emails. They do not play an important role in revenue but still they contribute to many other metrics of email marketing like NPS, CSAT, etc. According to research by Bright Local, 67% of customers will like to leave a review for a positive experience, while 40% will consider leaving a review for a negative experience. These are simple emails asking for your feedback and asking for surveys about the product or your experience with the brand. All these feedback and surveys will contribute to improving the strategy and to the brand.

Tips for making email marketing automation effective

These are some tips for effective email marketing automation: –

  1. Brand name: – It is important to showcase your brand name in your emails. Make them familiar with your brand name by sending them any kind of mail with the brand name whether it is a new customer email or a welcome email.

  2. Subject line: – You have to focus on that a lot as it is the most important part of email before a customer opens an email. The subject line must be creative and brainstorming so that it can encourage the user to open that mail. They should be effective to grab the user’s attention.

  3. Preheader text: – These texts come after the brand name and subject line so it is important that they maintain the excitement of the subject line and the value of the brand. These preheader texts are the preview of the content of a mail. So you need to be creative in that it maintains the excitement of mail and encourages users to open the mail.

  4. Device: – As we know most customers are using mobile phones.  You have to make them accessible on all devices. You need to remember that most of people open their emails on their mobiles so you have to use relevant dimensions and optimization techniques. And add a call to action (CTA) in the mail.

  5. Focus: – Remember to focus on the 3Rs of communication (right time, right audience, and right communication) with some personalization to get the audience’s attention and encourage them to engage.

Best Email Automation Tools

1. NotifyVisitors

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NotifyVisitors is an ideal tool for email automation as it allows users to create highly effective email campaigns to their preferences. It comes with the tools that make the process easy and more efficient. The best part of its tool is that users can complete the process in a few taps without any coding or technical knowledge.

2. Klaviyo


Klaviyo is one of the top email marketing tools for automation. It has a huge library of automated workflows that can be used to launch an effective email marketing campaign in minutes.

3. Mailchimp 


Mailchimp is another popular email marketing tool and CRM that is integrated with Shopify. It offers visually appealing email templates with a drag-and-drop editor.


Email automation Campaigns make it easy for marketers to target customers. As email automation sends emails or series of emails to the right customers on time automatically. These email automation tools can easily target the audience according to the data they have.

Marketers don’t need to worry about losing their customers as automation tools send the mail on time to the right customer without any human effort. The proper workflows will help you to get more revenue in less time.

Shopify’s Email automation feature will help you to get started easily. And also help in other marketing campaigns.


Q1. What is email marketing automation?

Email Automation is a method of sending emails or series of emails to customers at the right time automatically. Shopify email automation is all about sending the correct information at the right time in the form of an email to subscribers and existing customers.

Q2. What are the key benefits of Shopify email automation?

Shopify email automation will help you in many ways. Here the key benefits of it which are as follows: –

1.  Personalise the experience

2.  Increase retention rate 

3.  Helps email marketing strategy 

4.  Helps in Sending the Right Messages

5. Accelerate Revenue

6.  Arrange Emails well with customer data

7.  Lead Engagement via Drip Campaigns

Q3. What are the Types of Shopify Automated Emails?

Here you have to look at the type of email that Shopify automated email has:-

1.  Welcome email series

2.  Abandoned cart email series

3.  Lead nurturing email series

4.  New customer email series

5.  Repeat customer email series

6.  E-commerce email receipts  

7.  Re-engagement email series

8.  Survey or feedback emails

Q4. Write down a few tips for effective email automation?

These are some tips for effective email marketing automation: –

1.      Brand name

2.      Subject line

3.      Preheader text

4.      Focus

5.      Device

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