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11 Tips to Increase Email Engagement for Shopify Stores

Now that global consumers can buy almost anything they want on any device they want, the e-commerce experience has changed dramatically. Therefore, delivering excellent eCommerce customer engagement is not only helpful for businesses but also important for customer retention. 

As consumers rely more and more on online shopping, their expectations for a better CX are steadily increasing, which is why eCommerce customer engagement is so important today.

Quality criteria must be assessed regarding customer satisfaction. However, customer satisfaction is often the result of customer involvement.

Whether you are just starting your eCommerce business or have been running it for years, you may need to look closer at the quality of your customer communication and your e-commerce promotion practices.

In this blog, you will find tips to increase email engagement for Shopify Stores.

What is Ecommerce Customer Engagement?

E-commerce customer engagement is the emotional connection between a customer and a brand. Engaged customers buy, promote, and show greater loyalty. Providing a great experience is an important part of your eCommerce customer engagement strategy.

Highly engaged customers contribute more revenue than average. If you have a strong customer engagement strategy for your eCommerce store, you could be taking advantage of opportunities to engage with customers and build strong relationships.

What Should Be Included in an Email Campaign?

The email you send to your customers can include announcements about new products or sales happening in your store. If you need help deciding what content to send your customers, look at the emails you subscribe to, notice anything that stands out, and decide what fits your store’s brand. 

If you are sending an email campaign to your subscribers for the first time, creating a welcome email is a great way to introduce yourself and build a relationship with your subscribers. 

In a welcome email, tell customers who you are, advertise your store, and introduce one of your most popular products to remind customers why they love your brand or help them discover something new. 

You can also create a unique customer subscriber segment on the customer page to email only the newest subscribers.

Your email campaign aims to get customers to visit your store. You should include at least one link that allows customers to click through to your store.

Let us now look at the tips to increase email engagement for Shopify Stores.

11 Tips to Increase Email Engagement for Shopify Stores

1. Choose the right audience

Choose the right audience

Segmenting your target audience and sending customized newsletters to each group is always advisable. For this, you need to note the previous purchases made by the customer, repeat purchases and the products they viewed. Always remind customers of the need for new products. When the product is ready, they rush to the online store to buy new items.

2. Make your topic interesting

Did you know that most of your email recipients will open the mail if they find the subject interesting? 

Your subject line should be the heart of your email. However, it should keep everything a secret and be interesting enough to click on. After all, you want your readers to open the email and reach the CTA to take action.

Another good way to make a theme interesting is to personalize it. 

3. Make changes to your Shopify site

When you launch an email marketing campaign for lead generation and sales, you need to consider exactly how you will build your customer base. You need to make changes to the Shopify website with the help of Shopify experts and add signup/order forms, subscription forms, popup forms, etc. 

4. Use autoresponders

It is difficult for online retailers to compete with an ever-growing audience. Build leads and improve customer relationships with Autoresponders. The autoresponder will send messages to the customer to confirm that the customer has referred to your brand.

5. Include pictures that add value to your email

Include pictures that add value to your email

Using images and other media, such as GIFs and short videos, makes your emails more interesting and effective. Studies have shown that people are more likely to read content in images. 

However, the hack here is to use high-quality, realistic images in your email to give your customers a better view of your product.

6. Reward loyal customers with discounts, coupons and special offers

If customers buy from you regularly, they expect to make some profit from you. Therefore, offer discounts and gifts to loyal customers to keep them happy and generate repeat business. Most buyers want to buy from you to benefit from discounts and free products. It is one of the best way to increase email engagement for shopify stores.

7. Use email marketing automation tools

Use email marketing automation tools

Email marketing automation platforms allow you to design newsletters, manage email lists, and automate newsletters.

The Shopify eCommerce platform offers customers a Shopify Email option. You can create branded email addresses through the app and upload your customer list directly to your Shopify store.

Home offers an all-in-one solution, so with purpose-built tools, you’ll be one step closer to eCommerce success.

Choosing the best email marketing platform will give you the tools to make email marketing your primary customer retention weapon.

8. Increase sales with an effective copy

Your customers will only become customers if your copy is effective.

Writing a copy is difficult because you have to write a strong copy that suits your content.

There are some rules for writing an effective copy-

  • Always write for your target audience.
  • Use simple yet powerful sentences
  • Leverage social proof (reviews, testimonials, etc.)

9. Call your customers to Action

What you should notice when creating emails for Shopify is your call to Action. Call To Action is the most crucial point of conversion in your campaign.

 So, to put them down, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • The color of the CTA button
  • Copy of your CTA 
  • Strategically place your CTAs below the most valuable copy lines.

10. Get feedback from users and improvise

Get feedback from users and improvise

Online feedback is a great way to gather in-depth and meaningful insights from customers, allowing you to keep your online channels on par with their expectations.

Collecting feedback is a great way to reduce shopping cart abandonment. You can gather insights into why your visitors leave the checkout process using exit feedback forms.

Having feedback at your fingertips means you’ll have the right metrics for customer engagement. 

11. Offer customer loyalty programs

Ecommerce loyalty programs are also known as rewards programs that significantly impact retention, purchase frequency, customer lifetime value and referrals. Create a loyalty program that encourages customers to shop more often or purchase more.

The best offer can be a combination of gifts -freebies, special discounts, early product releases, etc.


E-commerce businesses that focus solely on sales will lose many customers. Today’s customers expect personal contact and want to feel like an individual. In the future, consumers will visit websites that invest in e-commerce personalization. 

If your e-commerce business is focused on increasing customer engagement, you need to implement personalization strategies that significantly impact customers.

Making the most of customer data will help you deliver targeted promotions, identify returning customers and anticipate their needs. 

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