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How to Reduce Cart Abandonment on Shopify? 9 Useful Tips to Follow [2023]

Cart abandonment is a significant problem online stores are facing worldwide, it happens when customers add an item to their cart and leave the site without continuing.

On average, e-commerce stores lose much of their sales due to cart abandonment. However, an online store can be protected from this problem by getting involved in what is causing the problem.

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Shopping cart abandonment is when an online shopper adds items to their shopping cart but leaves the site before checking out.

On average, 2 out of 3 customers who add an item to their cart leave without paying. However, there are ways to prevent this situation. 

In this article, you will learn how to reduce cart abandonment on Shopify. If you follow the tips in this article, you will see a decrease in your cart abandonment rate and an increase in your online income.

How to Reduce Cart Abandonment on Shopify?

If you’ve spent time researching how to reduce shopping cart abandonment, you’ve probably picked up some of the most common tips. They will often talk about improving your payment flow, which is excellent advice.

But we don’t want to cover only one aspect. That’s why you’ll find tips below to reduce shopping cart abandonment for your eCommerce store.

Let us now learn how to reduce cart abandonment on Shopify.

1. Offering a discount

Offering a discount

The number one reason for cart abandonment is the unexpected price of a product. Sometimes the total cost is inflated after making many additions to the product. Other times, additional charges, such as taxes and shipping, may be higher than expected. If the final price seems unpleasant, offering a discount is the best solution.

2. Offering Giveaways

One of the easiest ways to reduce cart abandonment is by offering an incentive along with the purchase. One way to do this is automatically allowing someone to enter a giveaway or contest every time someone purchases on your site.

However, many eCommerce providers only sometimes offer customer rewards and do not provide them on time. 

You can do this by knowing which product categories customers like and offering the right rewards before they leave.

3. Encourage subscribers to join your email list before they leave

Many people leave their carts abandoned because they want to avoid buying the product now. It means they can reconsider their decisions.

But before you send those automated emails, you need to capture the customer’s abandoned addresses. 

4. Ask customers why they are leaving

When looking for ways to reduce cart abandonment, you can also understand why people leave in the first place. The best way to get it is to ask them using a popup search for Shopify.

Use search engines to minimize shopping cart abandonment in your store.

Researching common reasons people don’t buy is the first step to reducing cart abandonment in your Shopify store.

5. Target users by offering them exit-intent popups

Exit Popups are a great way to reduce abandoned traffic. It allows you to capture customers’ thoughts as they plan to leave their purchase.

You can offer a coupon code, discount, or lower shipping cost to make the deal even sweeter.

These popup messages contain calls to action (CTA) messages that encourage users to take the action they want.

You can A/B test your ad to find strategies to improve the user experience and conversions.

Using exit intents, you can convince customers who are reluctant to complete their purchase at a critical point in the customer journey.

6. Use clear product images, videos, and details

Target users by offering them exit-intent popups

Provide at least one clear image of the product to give your customers a “real world” idea of what it will look like when they receive it. If your product provides an example of use, please post a short video.

Describe the product by pointing out what you think customers will be most interested in. 

Most people who feel confident about a product have no problem buying it.

7. Optimize the checkout page

If you want to reduce cart abandonment for your online business, you need to design your checkout page so that shoppers want to complete the sale.

It usually involves keeping the checkout process simple. For example, you can reduce the number of forms, give your guests a choice, or add progress indicators to a multi-step process.

8. Offer the buyer several payment options

It is good to offer multiple payment options like credit cards, debit cards, or e-wallets. Such solutions make e-commerce sites attractive as they offer payment flexibility. Buyers can make installments over time but receive the product immediately.

Some customers will only abandon their cart if their preferred method is available.

You should have at least one of these options on your website:

  • Paytm
  • Credit card
  • Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Some of these options require using add-ons available in certain countries and regions, such as the Shopify Payment gateway.

9. Optimizing page loading time

Optimizing page loading time

Increasing the speed of your online store is another essential factor to consider. Even a 1-second delay in page load time can reduce your purchase conversion rate.

If your landing page has poor and slow metrics, it will disappoint buyers, causing them to take their business elsewhere. Therefore, you need to optimize your products and pages quickly.

First, preview your product image and reduce the file size without affecting its quality. Then you can browse or find additional speedup options to remove unused WordPress plugins.

When your page loads faster, there will be less than one reason for a buyer to cancel a purchase.


After reading this post, you may have understood how to reduce cart abandonment on shopify. While you can’t stop people from changing their minds in the middle of a shopping spree, you can reduce your Shopify store’s shopping cart abandonment rate by implementing the above-listed steps.

You should start by doing some research and finding out why people are not buying. Based on this information, you can develop a solid plan for improving conversions in your store.

For more help, you may Schedule a Demo with NotifyVisitors and improve your sales.


1. What do you understand about cart abandonment?

Shopping cart abandonment is a common practice in online shopping wherein a user adds a product to their cart on an e-commerce website but does not checkout and complete the purchase for some reason. 

2. For how long do items stay in the Shopify cart?

According to Shopify, cart cookies usually last 14 days from the time an item is added to the cart. Every time a new item is added or updated, it refreshes the expiration time.

3. Why do people add items to their cart but do not purchase them?

The primary reason is a Lack of Trust and Higher Shipping Costs. While purchasing online, people need to trust that the product is as good as your company’s. They need to be assured that they can return it if they don’t like it so that they buy it without hesitating.


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