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email templates

Ring in the New Year with a special holiday email to your customers! With plenty of festive templates available, you can create an eye-catching message quickly and easily. Add a personal touch by customizing it to your own unique style – customers will love connecting with you this season!
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Our Templates

Are you ready to give your New Year’s email campaign that special something?

As the New Year’s celebrations draw near, brands are in a rush to ensure their promotional emails stand out against competitors. But with NotifyVisitors at your side, you don’t need to worry – our prebuilt holiday templates and easy-to-use features provide everything needed for successful campaigns.

With unlimited customization options, being creative this season has never been easier! So let us help you craft unique email marketing strategies that will delight both old and new customers while driving profitable growth.


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Use Smart Elements

NotifyVisitors Smart Elements lets you quickly and easily fill out many product cards. Save time with this simple, innovative tool that makes creating your products effortless!
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Add Tags

Make sure your customers get the personalized touch they deserve! Before sending out New Year emails, add unique tags and develop tailored discounts based on each user's past purchases or search history. Make sure to give them something special that makes them feel valued this holiday season.
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Engaging content

Looking to make the most of 2022? Rekindle relationships with your clients and offer them enticing deals on sought-after products so they can start off the New Year right. As you help spread cheer through thoughtful advice, sales, and wishes for a prosperous year ahead!
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Make your holiday season even more exciting with various festive games. Bring some festive cheer to your holiday season with various Christmas-themed activities! Solve puzzles for discounts and prizes, help Santa deliver presents, or get creative decorating the perfect tree. Enjoy participating in these interactive games while getting into the spirit of Christmas!

Countdown timers

With the arrival of a new year, take advantage of this special time by adding an exciting countdown timer to your Happy New Year email. Generate buzz and urgency for customers with this attention-grabbing element that will encourage them to act fast.
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CTA buttons

Let's ensure your Happy New Year emails aren't lacking in cheer! To spruce them up, why not add CTA buttons to each one for maximum impact? NotifyVisitors makes it easy—you can embellish the CTAs with festive emojis and icons that will prepare everyone for a great start to 2023.

Building festive banners

Creating a festive and memorable email for New Year's is essential, and it all starts with the banner. Your message should be instantly captivating to set the perfect celebratory atmosphere - so let your banners do their magic!
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Adding video greetings

During the festive season, congratulate your customers in a truly personalized way! Showcase photos of your team and create video greetings - it'll make them feel extra special. Make sure to personalize offers for each customer as well; analyzing previous purchases or looking through their search history is key to offering something that resonates with them.

Important to note:

Make your email design pop with engaging visuals and bold fonts that draw the eye to key information. Give your readers something memorable.

NotifyVisitors Provides Integration With Multiple Platforms

Now you can integrate NotifyVisitors with multiple platforms such as Shopify and Woocommerce and many more. Run your forms on third-party platforms and invite in more leads to attain more conversions. Enhance your brand value and achieve your goals with ease and flexibility.
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