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17 Highly Effective Abandoned Cart Emails to Win Back Customers (2024)

For any e-commerce business, marketing plays a crucial role in its success. Email marketing is the best and most popular marketing aspect in e-commerce businesses. If you have an e-commerce company, you must focus on email marketing. 

The major problem of all e-commerce businesses is Abandoned Carts, which weakens the sales funnel and leads to huge losses. In this post, we will discuss some of the most effective abandoned cart emails that will help you win back customers.  

What is Cart Abandonment?

Cart Abandonment is when a customer adds items to their cart but abandons it without completing the purchase. The items left behind in the cart are abandoned. The reason for cart abandonment varies from customer to customer and business to business. 

What are Abandoned Cart Emails?

Abandoned cart emails are sent to customers who left their cart abandoned without completing the checkout process or purchase. These emails are follow-up emails to remind customers about the products they left in their cart. 

Its purpose is to encourage and re-engage customers to purchase and increase the conversion rate. According to Baymard Institute’s study, the average shopping cart abandonment rate is 69.80%. 

Reasons for Abandoned Carts

There are many reasons for customers to abandon carts. According to the Baymard Institute survey, additional costs are the most common reason for shopping cart abandonment (48%). 

Here are 8 reasons for an abandoned cart which are following: – 

  1. Extra costs are high
  2. Mandatory account creation
  3. Long checkout process
  4. Fewer payment options
  5. Slow website
  6. Slow delivery 
  7. Lack of trust
  8. Unsatisfactory return policy

How Do Abandoned Cart Emails Work?

Cart abandonment is a major problem for all e-commerce businesses. Therefore to recover abandoned carts, businesses need to send a series of emails to the customers to encourage them to purchase the product. Moreover, you can run an A/B test to determine the best time to send these emails.

You can use email marketing tools to send a series of emails automatically. It is better to send a series of emails than a single email. For an abandoned cart email series, it could be structured like this:

Email 1: Cart reminder (after a few hours of cart abandonment)

Email 2: Follow up (after a few days)

Email 3: Promotional discount (a few days after two emails)

How to write successful Abandoned Cart Emails?

There are some tips for writing a successful abandoned cart email as follows:- 

  1. Choose the right time to send emails
  2. Build trust and credibility in emails
  3. Use personalization
  4. Make it mobile friendly
  5. Use appealing copywriting
  6. Offer discount and reward program
  7. Include powerful CTA
  8. Add reviews and social proof
  9. Offer support and FAQs
  10. Include a link to the website

Some Effective Abandoned Cart Emails Examples That Should Consider

The abandoned cart has been a constant problem for e-commerce businesses that need to be solved. Here are some effective abandoned cart emails examples that will help you to win back your customer. This will give you some tips for writing an effective email.

1. Make use of GIFs images- NARS Cosmetics 


NARS Cosmetics uses GIF images correctly with a bright colour combination and appealing copy. This strategy of NARS cosmetics works because it immediately grabs the reader’s attention.

2. Use visual cues to draw user attention – The North Face


The North Face abandoned cart email is the best example of a creative email using visual cues of a person climbing. This will draw the user’s attention to the important elements. The suggestive visual cues will help the user to make a decision.

3. Short, simple, and with social proof- Casper


Casper abandoned cart email is short, simple, and with important elements. Its email contains snappy text and a strong CTA. It also has another CTA that has users review. The main reason the cart was abandoned is that maybe the user has not researched. 

This CTA of other users’ reviews will help in making a decision. Casper also includes contact details in the abandoned cart email.

4. Personalization & helpful- Ugmonk


Ugmonk abandoned cart email comes with a fresh approach. It uses simple text with personalization. Its email is proactive, and a personalized message sounds very helpful. 

We like the personalization in the message and two in-line call-to-action buttons so that users can complete the checking-out process.

5. Includes notes, secure payments, and easy returns – Moschino


This abandoned cart email includes information about secure payments and easy returns at the bottom. The most common and popular reason for carts being abandoned in the e-commerce clothing business is that users hesitate to purchase online. Moschino includes powerful CTAs.

6. Use geometric design and create urgency- Puma


Puma creates urgency in its abandoned cart email, and it works well. Puma’s geometric design and contrasting colour combination easily grab the user’s attention. The call-to-action button urges the visitors to find a nearby store, as Puma is an established retail outlet.

7. Straight and to the point- Amazon


Amazon email is straight and to the point, without being pushy or salesy. Its simple design draws users’ attention toward abandoned products & CTA.

8. Hitting it out of the park- Google Store


Google Store is the perfect example of abandoned cart emails. It includes all the right elements. It has perfect copywriting and a powerful & clear call to action button. Google also uses personalization by showing the customer’s cart details. 

Text in the email copy that says “Going, going, (almost) gone” and “Our popular items sell out fast” create a sense of urgency and engage the unconverted visitors with the email.

9. Include the discount or promotion offer – SHEIN

SHEIN abandoned cart email offers a discount to close the sale. Therefore it manged to attract abandoners to complete their purchase.

10. Highlights the product details – Mango


Mango email focuses on product details. It has a clear message: “Complete your order before they’re gone!” Mango keeps the design simple and clear CTA.

11. Includes the right elements- Dyson


Dyson uses clear text, which is useful and fun to read. It also adds an image of the product to the customer’s cart. It includes two CTA buttons.

12. Reserve the cart for a limited time- Society 6


In the Society 6 email, it reserves the cart for 48 hours which creates a sense of urgency. It also gives a reward. It includes stamp publications like The New York Times, the highest form of social proof.


This example includes two lines headline with product image and title. It also includes a coupon code for users as an incentive to complete their orders ASAP. 

14. Use customization to attract customers- Adidas.


Adidas uses a creative approach by showing that the only reason the user abandoned the cart is weak Wi-Fi. Product customization is the best way to regain users. Allowing your user to customise will help them to become your brand advocates

In these emails, using social proof with reviews is a great tactic. Adding the store finder option is smart for winning cart abandonment users.

15. Use of images and copywriting- Drop


Drop abandoned cart email uses images and copywriting. It creates urgency in the bolded text “ends in 19 days,” After that, they add CTA. 

They also include other products that the user might be interested in purchasing. This is a very effective strategy to return users to the website.

16. Brand identity in design and copy- Dollar Shave Club


Dollar Shave Club is an example of a good abandoned cart email. It is known for its marketing. It keeps its design and copy as a brand identity. 

It includes social proof by adding customer testimonials in the email. Its CTA invites recipients to be a part of a brand and “Join The Club.”

17. Use images as emotional marketing- Sugar Bear Hair


Sugar Bear Hair uses Nostalgia marketing by using an image of a shopping cart as a visual cue to convey the feeling of traditional supermarket shopping. They add a clear and easy CTA to return to the cart. 


Abandoned Cart Emails or Recovery emails are the best solution for all e-commerce businesses to recover lost sales and increase conversion rates. It should be curated so well that it can draw user attention. 

Abandoned cart emails should be appealing, encouraging the customer to purchase item/s that they left or abandoned in their cart. The examples in the above article provide all the necessary information to help you re-engage your customers.


1. What is Cart Abandonment?

Cart Abandonment is a situation where a customer adds items to their cart of an e-commerce business but leaves them in the cart without completing the process of purchasing those items.

2. What are Abandoned Cart Emails?

Abandoned Cart Emails are emails sent to customers who left their cart abandoned without completing the checkout process or purchasing the item.

3. What are the Reasons for Abandoned Carts?

Here are 8 reasons for an abandoned cart which are following: – 

  1. Extra costs are high
  2. Mandatory account creation
  3. Long checkout process
  4. Fewer payment options
  5. Slow website
  6. Slow delivery 
  7. Lack of trust
  8. Unsatisfactory return policy

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