Top 10 Email Marketing Trends in 2024 You Must Know

email marketing trends

The world realized the tremendous benefits of email marketing. Global email marketing trends gave the awareness that email has great potential in reaching large groups of customers across the globe. Small business email marketing campaigns became essential in marketing projects.

Nevertheless, with the start of a new year, the methods you’ve been utilizing up until now may not have the primary effect you ‘d been hoping to get. With continuously adjusting and altering, you need to strive towards producing the very best experience for your customers. There is no better way to do so than carrying out the most recent email marketing trends in your email projects.

We have carefully picked the ten most appealing 2024 email patterns divided by two primary classifications. Design and Technology – so you can begin the year strong and be prepared for any obstacles.

Top 10 Email marketing trends of 2024

Email marketing trends

The first thing that your customers notice is the design of your email. It is necessary to keep it modern and afresh. You can achieve this with a couple of essential upgrades. However, you are required to do it attentively. That’s why we have combined the most useful email style for this year that will raise your messages from excellent to enormous.

1. Consist of dark designs

Consist of dark designs

The dark mode is taking email by storm. A growing number of people have chosen to switch their app settings to change the look dramatically. It’s proven to be much better for late-night web scrolling. It can likewise help you focus more and save your battery’s life.

It could be that we, as recipients, got so utilized to seeing emails as they typically are. However, dark styles just appear more captivating and appealing than the classic ones. Sometimes, they can set the tone for your email, use some colors that look more saturated or intense, and they certainly stand out in an inbox.

In other words, the numerous benefits are making individuals turn this feature on that makes it a good idea to check out the possibilities of stunning, moody email styles.

2. Change to 3D graphics

3D graphics

Currently, images are a core component of any email, but putting them on the header doesn’t make it a great one. If you feel like you might require to refresh your email style, possibly it’s time to change from 2D to 3D and provide your emails a new measurement.

There are numerous ways to create show-stopping 3D graphics. You can utilize professional modeling software like Mixer or Poser, or choose tools that cater more towards novices. You can even use Photoshop to turn your 2D images into 3D visuals without much training. You can also decide to change the path and develop some visual fallacies that will imitate a three-dimensional appearance.

Creators have given 2D typography with 3D graphics that genuinely show just how much potential there remains in this type of art. It has a clear message, a standout design, and it looks various than the regular emails you receive.

3. Include isometric images

Include isometric images

If you feel that 3D graphics might be a little excessive for your email, as it can be time-consuming, there is still a way to make your messages pop. There is another design pattern that we see is getting more appealing this year—isometric illustration.

In other words, it’s a 3D representation of a style on a 2D surface. It’s an ideal service if you want your emails to stand out. However, you don’t necessarily have much time to produce a complete 3D render.

Its clean style and capability to display products and services in an innovative method makes it truly popular across the web, and soon enough, in email. It does not even need to be that sophisticated to work its magic.` 

4. APNG is a next-level animation

APNG is a next-level animation

Presently, looped animations like GIFs can be used to create audience excitement. This accessible format doesn’t weigh much, and it’s all the rage, specifically with younger subscribers. What would you say if I told you that there is something even much better ahead?

It’s higher quality and similar file size resulting in smooth graphics for your email campaign. Instead, it reveals the very first frame of the APNG file (which is still much better than not seeing the image at all).

5. Use minimalistic styles.

In 2019, minimalism came a long way – cleaning out personal space, bringing pleasure inside the home, and decluttering your virtual presence. Now, it’s time to take things one action further.

With advertisements striking us on every virtual action we take, we are too exhausted and too busy to consume heavy-content emails. That’s why email design will become even easier this coming year, stripping exciting graphics and walls of text to draw in consumers. By opting for simple artwork and simple on the eye colors, your customers will value your emails more and will be more likely to click on them again.

Choosing more comfortable alternatives does not imply that you need to sacrifice your imagination. With a more minimal approach, you can explore color typefaces, graphics, and plans – trying more organic options.

6. Imaginative typography

Imaginative typography

Typography is a unique form of art that uses the words that we wish to spread around as a structure for the art itself. Email is no longer a set of words with a beautiful image connected to it to pull attention. Words themselves end up being the images, so the reader is drawn in straight to the aspect that we wish to reveal to him.

The usage of web fonts is a regular practice. It’s not just going to be pretty lettering. It will be a combination of email, combining shapes, animation, and integrating it into email graphics.

Creators have made intriguing pieces by integrating art into their font style. It ended up being a focal point immediately and increased the appearance of their email.

Email marketing trends technological patterns of 2024

Over half of the world’s population is presently using email. Furthermore, it’s consistently rising to be the most significant type of communication between you and your subscribers.

Email marketing is getting a severe track record for many years. So we are flooded with several methods and trends to improve it to make it even much better. That’s why we’ve collected four essential marketing trends that will be important for your projects throughout 2024.

7. Work with AMP

Work with AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a brand-new technology that enables you to consist of interactive components into your email body. It implies that your subscribers no longer require to be redirected to your page.

We’ve currently spoken about the requirements you need to meet for AMP emails to be displayed correctly, but let’s talk more about its benefits.

With AMP, you can make fabulous, fully interactive, and vibrant material like item carousels, animations, accordion functions, or perhaps small studies embedded in your email. Users can engage with content much better and faster. 

As a result, you will get more details about your receivers and further individualize the emails you send. AMP is easy to test and has quite substantial documents on its page. That makes it much easier to set up, although it still requires a bit of getting comfortable with it. To sum up, it can supply a genuinely immersive experience that can alter the format of email as we know it.

The cherry on top: Gmail,, and Outlook support AMP. AMP emails have a shorter loading time since it is more lightweight.

8. Automation enhanced

Automation enhanced

We obtained that email automation will have a fantastic impact on creating campaigns, and we weren’t incorrect. This feature is rather useful in producing email series without additional inconvenience.

That’s why, with the start of a brand-new decade, automation will enhance. By including artificial intelligence, you can shift the dynamics of the existing email landscape.

Simply pictured, with artificial intelligence managing each private throughout the channels, the client experience will be genuinely integrated and immersive. You will have the ability to deliver the precise material at the exact time of their need and the best part. You will not need to track it 24/7 for it to work.

As lovely as it is, the idea might still be a little improbable. However, it deserves looking into it for the future, exploring these email marketing trends, and getting interested in such innovation.

9. Cross-channel integration

There is no denying that email is the number one option as a marketing channel among online marketers. That does not mean that it needs to be the only one we use.

Throughout a couple of years, cross-channel marketing has ended up being popular. The property is essential – integrate all your marketing channels to provide unified deals to your subscribers.

In 2024, the cross-channel principle might develop to cover not only social networks and email but also various other apps that track consumer behavior – for example, geolocation. Let’s say you run a chain of coffee shops and clients download your application.

With the right use of Privacy Policies, you can request your customers to include their location in the apps. Then, you can send out an email or notification to their phone once they are close to your cafes. You can even take it, even more, keeping an eye on the average time they get their coffee. Occasionally, send them a discount 20 minutes before their standard order.

Another example would be an electronics store where you can purchase incorporated house devices in addition to phones, computer systems, and software. When you buy one, you can integrate it with another gadget from the very same company. You can also demand to send reminder emails once some component needs to be replaced or cleaned up. You can ask to be notified about a new item that can make your life easier.

10. Mobile increasing

Nearly half of all emails sent in 2019 were accessed on tablets or mobile phones. That means that mobile compatibility is an outright standard for practical email projects. With this pattern consistently going up, it is necessary always to optimize emails appropriately. Not just that, however, you ought to likewise develop your emails with mobile users as primary recipients in mind.

When you examine email on mobile, you usually do it on the go or as a break from more time-consuming tasks. You do not invest time going through each promotional email. With that being stated, emails should be short, straight to the point, and clear to understand.


Those are our leading ten picks for this year’s email marketing trends, separated by design and innovation. 

You certainly ought to take them under consideration, but remember that patterns shift from one to another. They continuously evolve based upon customers’ and online marketers’ needs. The ones we had covered in 2015 are still entirely up to date, and it deserves considering them while constructing your email campaigns.

A few of the trends we’ve spoken about today might take a bit longer to come to life or modify entirely depending on science, psychology, and human habits. Eventually, there is no telling what changes will occur in the next 5, 10, or 20 years. However, something is for sure – the future of email is secure.

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