Get timely notifications on your helpdesk

Receive handy notifications about all the ongoing activities on your helpdesk with the notification templates.

Focus on important notifications

PeppyDesk lets you send the important custom notifications for all the actions such as getting notified about incoming mails. Know when a customer is responding to a ticket. Look at all the matters without introspecting each one individually.

Automate each ticket action

Create in-advance email notification templates to notify both the users and agents. Automate notification flow for users and agents. Allow users to view notification for when he creates a ticket and when an agent is assigned a ticket.

Notify your staff agents

Assure a better and efficient customer support. Inform your staff of the activities right from a ticket creation, when a customer has replied to it to when one ticket merges with another and other ticket statuses.

Create helpdesk notifications

Apart from the ticket statuses, get notification templates for forum replies. Peppy Desk helps you in creating other help desk notifications such as changes in passwords and emails.Create notifications for the new staff accounts.

Start Growing With Peppybiz Today

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