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Get all the tools your team needs under one roof and get the ultimate control over your team projects and enjoy the best ever team collaborations.
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Acquire Prerequisite Tools For Your Team

Take care of all the minute nuances of your projects. Right start from their planning to execution, ensue perfection in every step with the help of intuitive software. Adopt all the tools which sooths out your task management skills.

All the tools you and your team needs

Easily plan, collaborate, organize and deliver projects of all sizes, on time, using one project planning software with all the right tools put at one place.
Kanan Board

Empower self-management

Cope up the regular workflows with the help of kanban board. Assure the independence of your team officials in moving tasks from one stage to another. View the status of each project to check its initiation and completion.

Custom Workflow

Check projects progression

Segregate your workflows into different stages as per your requirements. Give power to other team officials to look into a specific stage of each project. Assign the task to each team member in accordance with each stage.

Gantt Chart

Denote a project timeline

Get a crystal clear visualization of all your projects. Schedule your projects for a specific day. Have an effective planning for your projects of all sizes. Enable the starting and the ending date of a project.

Customer Roles

Assign tasks to teams

Allocate a task to a specific person or any of your team members. Give them labels and determine their deadlines. Allot priorities to each task and achieve your goals constructively timely with targeted dates.


Reliable Project Accountability

Undertake each project as a challenge. Execute projects with care and choose who will manage a specific task. Make sure your project’s deadlines are met timely. Allow other members to get updated about the tasks through notifications.

Project Manager

Adhere accessibility implications

Assign a role to each member with appropriate level of permissions. Ensure accessibility as per their particular roles and authorities. Permit and authorize a productive workflow through the specific custom roles.


Collaborate Projects with tools

Allow feedback on all documents and projects. Use annotation and other markup tools to add comments. Allow Text-editing tools to edit marks for highlighting changes you want in the source document.


Integrate discussions at one place

Create an uninterrupted flow of conversations between team members.Let a great project planning software removes all the complexities of interactions. Retain all the discourses and discussions, all at one platform.


Grant quicker conversations

Turn on your conversations efficiently. Enable group and one- on-one chats both with your teams and clients. Know what their requirements are. Make conversations more creative with emojis.


Mention to call-in discussions

Add more than one person in your conversations simply by mentioning them in chats. Tag the to call them in discussions. Capture the attention of team officials through this feature to know their opinions.


Identify team achievements

Create a wonderful space for all your much-awaited announcements. Declare important info and alerts via this space. Admire your team’s achievements by sharing their share of dedication in your business growth.



Use email-in to become part of discussions, add tasks, upload files, reply to email notifications without having to log in to your ProofHub account.


Set reminders for tasks

Adopt a flexible way of organizing your tasks. Set automated reminders for all the tasks once you schedule them. Reduce the muddle of visualizing the scheduled date for each task. Gain your task execution power back.

files and documents

Compile file and documents

Arrange all your documents and files at one place. Reduce your worries over losing and storing all files separately. Equip subtle file management features using handy and power-`{`packed software.

Project Template

Design templates for projects

Unburden yourself to write details for each of your projects. Integrate all your similar projects under a certain defined template. Create, save and add more project templates as per your requirements.

Request Forms

Collect tickets from all sources

Get feasible organization of all queries, tickets and work requests. Handle every nuance of customer’s inquiries from all sources at one place. We manage everything at one go by adding request forms with all the tickets and queries.


Take note of project information

Even the minutest detail of your project means a lot. Collect all the relevant details of your project. Take note of each and congregate all the ideas under one single podium.
Organize them effectively to recollect the missed stuff.

File Version Control

Execute all File versions

Retain all the versions for your files. Store them to allow their comparisons with the preceding versions of the files for future references.

Project & resource report

Report your team’s progress

See where your teams are heading up to. Know your project’s progress through analyzing reports. Acquire all the insights of your projects on the spur of a moment.


Visualize your team strength

Get to know of our team’s potential to finish tasks. Allot them tasks accordingly. Test each of your team’s official's performance against your set norms.


Track time for projects

A task completion must be measured in terms of time taken on its completion. A project planning software enables you to track the aggregate time put up in each task manually.

Daily agenda

Get overview of projects

Review all your projects and speculate all the detailed insights. Consider what more needs to be done once you complete its synopsis.

Project Overview

Review tasks’ progress

Set a goal for all your tasks and projects. Look into your project accomplishments. Review the ongoings of your projects by reviewing them daily or monthly.

Project Progress Report

Set and achieve goals

Practise what you preach. Set goals for your tasks on a daily basis. Check whether you are next to achieving those goals.


Customize Themes

Select everything right from the theme color, logo and custom domain as per your choice.

IP restriction

Data Security

Enable security breach for your data for certain unauthenticated IP addresses.


Real-Time Notifications

Receive notifications from all sources naming email, desktop, mobile and in-app notifications.

API Access

Procure Api Access

Know who your users are ? Get an API key to know the profile’s information from all sources and mediums.


Restore Data

Retrieve your lost data in no time. Choose to delete the data forever or restore it as per your requirements.

Activity Logs

Review Activity Logs

Take a glimpse on all your activities in regard to a specific project. Activity logs enable you to peep into your current status of your project.


Relevant Bookmarks

Access the projects quickly by marking bookmarks on highly prioritized ones.


Multilingual Interface

Expand your communication skills with users and clients. Select different languages for your desk interface.


App Integration

Handle your tasks and projects with much ease and flexibility. Integrate all the apps you are using under one single portal to add productivity.

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Integrate with the apps you already use

Access Freshbooks, Google Calendar, iCal, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Outlook, bringing them all together within Peppybiz.

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