1.  The terms and condition is a legal agreement for use of https://www.notifyvisitors.com/pb/ between you and Peppybiz. It is an LLP which is incorporated in India and provides the terms of use of website services which are managed remotely at https://www.notifyvisitors.com/pb/, and the ownership belongs to Peppybiz.
  2. It is important to read all the terms and conditions carefully. You agree to the given terms and conditions if you are using the services of the site. You can archive the agreement if you want for records.
  3. With no notifications, we can modify the terms and conditions according to Peppybiz. It is the sole responsibility of the user to check all the terms and conditions at regular intervals. If the user continues to use the services after amendments, we consider that they agree for the same. For the provision of additional services, we hold the rights to add more terms and conditions. In such circumstances, you shall be liable for the same.

1. Authorised Users

 The individuals over the age of 18 years or      legal entities can avail the website services      and are liable to agree with the terms and      conditions.

2. Registration

Before using the website services, you need to register by providing the name, valid email address and contact number, along with some other details. You can check our privacy policy to know how we use the information.

3. Account Security

It is the sole responsibility of the user to maintain confidentiality for password and other details for accessing the services. We will not be responsible for any loss incurred through third-party interference, with or without information to the user. We do not grant permission for multiple access to the accounts. For any losses incurred by the authorities or employees, you will solely be responsible, without us being involved.

4. Service And Use Of Website

  1.  Peppybiz provides services through the website:
    • Peppybiz works on a software as a solution model. You can check the price details on the site. To use the website, you will have to use certain software, which we provide you through the website. All the data so generated with the software will be licensed by us to you, which enables you to use only those services. We own the complete rights of intellectual property of software and do not transfer it elsewhere. We do not allow the users to convert the software or sell, reproduce or reproduce it in any way.
  2. Trial Offer For 15 Day Period:
    • We at Peppybiz offer a trial period of 15 days to avail all the services. You can have an enhanced experience of all the features during this period. The users who avail these services agree to the terms and conditions.
    • If you are our direct competitor, without written consent, you are not allowed to use the services. Further, you cannot use the services for any competitive purposes which include availability, functionality or performance.
    • If you are using our services with the trial period, and make any changes in the use of services, the data will be permanently lost if the subscription plan is not taken after the end of the term.
    • During the trial period, we do not provide the users with any warranty.
  3. Our Responsibilities: We shall:
    • The basic support will be provided with no additional costs.
    • We put in all efforts to make the services available 24*7, except for:
    • Downtime which is planned (We will try to notify 8 hours in prior, along with scheduling it during the weekend hours).
    • Downtime which is planned (We will try to notify 8 hours in prior, along with scheduling it during the weekend hours).
    • Provision of services as per the guidelines and rules provided by the government.
  4. Usage Limitations
    • We may limit our services which include the number of SMS or calls you can make, the disk storage space. Some other limitations may vary according to the user plan, which is mentioned in the plan itself. You can monitor the compliance through real-time information provided by the services.
  5. Suspension of services
    • In case of violation of agreements, we may suspend the access or use of services to the website. There is no surety of complete availability of website 24*7, but we strive for uptime 99.99%.


5. Payment, Fees And Tax:

  1. You have to pay fees depending on the subscription plan and it will not depend on the use of services. The users agree to pay all the fees.
  2. The subscription fees once paid will not be refunded.
  3. The user is completely responsible for payment of the taxes and all legal formalities. Except for their own income tax, Peppybiz is not liable for anything apart from it.
  4. Payment method:
    • Online: You can pay the fees online through the website. We require third-party services to complete the process. However, we are not responsible for any transactional issues during the transaction which is beyond Peppybiz’s control.
    • Offline: We can collect the fees from you personally. Else, you can also send the mail at the mentioned address: A2A-111, Janak Puri, New Delhi- 110058.
  5. The payment process will be considered as completed only according to the receipt issued for Peppybiz bank account.
  6. All the fees so paid does not include any taxes. The users have to pay a service tax of 12.36% on every purchase.
  7. In case of late fee, a penalty of 18% is charged from due-date.
  8. We hold the rights to modify the fee structure, and a 30 days notice will be given in prior for the same. 
  9. For payment processes, we will require the details of users including bank details, credit card number, etc. You can check our privacy policy to know the use of confidential information.
  10. Peppybiz reserves the right to discontinue the services in case of non-payment of fees for a month, along with deleting the account information.

6. Intellectual Property

  1. A limited license is granted to the users and members to access and make internal use of the website for ordering, delivering and communication. The users do not have the right to use the website content in any other form apart from what is mentioned in the agreement, whether it be for commercial or public purposes. You shall not use or interfere with the website content and operations in any other environment.
  2. All the content on the website including trademarks, logos trade-secrets among others is reserved under the copyrights of Peppybiz. Other additional content is reserved under the rights of respective owners.

7. Affiliate/ External Sites

We may have interlinks on the site with other business partners and affiliates. For all the external websites through our website, we are not liable for their content nor do have any control for it. You can use the links on our website on your responsibility and we do not endorse any external sites.

8. User Conduct

All users must agree to adhere to the following code of conduct:

While using the services, software and website, the users agree not to:

  1. Indulge in the inhibition of providing access to any other user for the website.
  2. Use the website for illegal and unlawful purposes. Along with this, not posting any content infringing intellectual property rights.
  3. Imply that you do make any statement and say that they are endorsed by us.
  4. Transmit
    • Unlawful, threatening, abusive, obscene or objectionable information, or infringing the rights of Peppybiz or third party.
    • Without authorization, no public information should be conveyed.
    • Trade secrets of the company or third-party.
    • Engage in any form of flooding or spamming.
    • No transmission of job opportunities or any other business opportunities.
    • Transmission of any software containing disruptive content.
    • Modification, translation, reverse engineering, or decompilation of any content.
    • Removing the trademarks or other rights from the website.
    • Without prior authorization and content, mirroring any website component.
    • A website apart from https://www.notifyvisitors.com/pb/.
    • Retrieving any information or circumventing the site content and navigational structure using the retrieval applications or site search.
    • Collection of information about the members without their consent.

9. Warranty Disclaimer

We do not make any specific warranties about the quality and identity of the third-party sources, which are the service providers of Peppybiz, nor do we provide warranty for postings made by the third party.

10. Compliance To Laws

It is the sole responsibility of the users for complying with all the laws including privacy laws. Peepybiz provides a technological platform and is not accountable for the customer information available through the software or website.

11. Indemnity

You agree that the company, its affiliates, directors, employees, consultants, representatives, agents and the losses, liabilities or demands, access to your account by any other user are completely harmless. In case of any foregoing obligations, you agree on providing us with the necessary assistance.

12. Termination

With 30 days written notice in prior at info@tagnpin.com, you can cancel the membership. Under this period, we deactivate your account along with verifying it for any dues. However, we may require the user’s presence until an ongoing service.

For all the services procured, you are required to pay Peppybiz.

We hold the right to terminate accounts if:

  1. In case of breaching any terms and conditions as mentioned in the agreement.
  2. Issues in the verification or authentication of any information.
  3. Your actions can lead to legal liabilities for yourself.Once terminated, you cannot register and continue to use our services in any way, neither through the old account or through a new account. You cannot have access to any data.
  4. After termination, however, you can request to return your data. We will provide you with a .csv file to get your data. However, this shall not be applicable 30 days after the termination of the account.
  5. In case of termination of the account, we hold rights but are not obliged for:
    • Notifying other members
    • Providing a reason for our actions
  6. Certain obligations including the warranty, intellectual property, limited liability, or dispute resolution will survive even after account termination.


13. Customer Service

In case of any issues regarding our services, you can contact us at info@tagnpin.com.

14. Dispute Resolution

To avoid any disputes, we aim at providing all our services efficiently along with effective communication with our users. In case of any disputes, you agree to solve it cost-effectively and quickly. Before resorting to any legal actions, it is recommended to discuss it with the customer service team.

15. Notices And Communication

You can easily contact Peppybiz through the provided email address. With the agreement, you provide consent to receiving emails and updates regarding any legal requirements. In case users fail to respond to emails about the violation of terms and conditions, we have the rights for account termination within 2 business days.

All notices which involve a legal effect must be delivered at A2A-111, Janak Puri, New Delhi- 110058.

16. Governing Law

Any contractual obligation between the users and Peppybiz will be governed by the laws of India, which are subject to Delhi courts.

17. Severability Waiver

If any of the provisions made in the agreement are invalid, they shall be struck and other provisions will be enforced.

18. Contact Information:

For any questions, issues and queries about the website, software, services or others, feel free to drop an email at info@npin.com or get the contact information through our website.