Multiple channels, Integrate service

Drive sales from the perspective of your customers. Give them a seamless, consistent and integrated omnichannel customer service. Entice your customers through PeppyBiz's consolidated customer service platform.

Omnichannel services for omnipresent customers

Know the origin of your customers. Identify them where they hailing from- apps or websites. Solve their issues through an omnichannel approach across numerous channels. Influence shoppers by gaining a deeper understanding of their entire journey.


  • Make a connection with your customers through LIVE-CHATS, EMAILS, and WHATSAPP.
  • Remind your customers what they are leaving out in carts through LIVE-CHATS and EMAILs.
  • Dissolve their queries in a flicker of seconds with EFFECTIVE TICKET MANAGEMENT.
  • Collaborate with third-party apps to serve customers relentlessly.

Personalized interactions diminished chaos

Support your customers when they are stuck out somewhere. Avoid answering them individually and assign tickets to your agents for faster resolution of queries. Strengthen your bond with listening to them well and acknowledging their problems.


  • Evaluate customer’s history to have transparent customer interactions.
  • Grab the power of customer data to solve urgent queries.
  • Decode customer’s issues in minutes with their accurate information.

Round the clock customer service

Uplevel the shopping streak of customers by being there with customers 24/7. Keep your customers on their toes and be ready to keep up with their issues.


  • Automate customer’s  queries and upgrade customer support service.
  • Let your chatbots dilute customer’s queries instantly.
  • Transfer unsettled queries to your live agents for better customer satisfaction.
  • Learn what your prospect’s choices are and turn them into your long term customers.

Potentials of a unified team

Serving customers efficiently is not an easy task. A great team with collaborative efforts can work wonders to pick up customer’s zeal. Deliver your customers’ perfection and idealism with your team’s collective enthusiasm.


  • Sharing is caring. Integrate with third-party apps to support customers.
  • Allocate tasks amongst teams for greater efficiency.
  • Collaborate customer operations and Create a keen vision amongst your team officials.

Value customer’s opinions

Get your value revealed by your customers through Surveys and feedback. Discover where you are lagging behind and renew your plans. Let reports and analytics shed a light on your productivity and efficiency.


We build relationships for life

A bond with your customers must not be short-lived. It must not be limited to a transaction. It is ever-growing and lasts forever. Act as a guiding light to your customers in their worst times.

Easily configurable products

Our products are reliable and easy to configure. No manpower is required to maintain them. All you need is intuitive software to enlighten the lives of customers.


We envisage growth

We support in elevating your growth to zeniths. Customize your requirements easily with numerous APIs and secured apps.

Customers are our asset

We value our customers and support them unconditionally. Our intellectual team adds more worth to our services deliverability.


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