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Accelerated mobile pages

Choose the power of Google AMP implementation to get 85% faster web pages, increased mobile visibility and improved SEO
accelerated mobile pages

What makes it fast? Is it the Amp?

Well, before we start with another thing we would like to tell you about Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project initiated by Google and Twitter. It makes the command to load pages quickly on the mobile device. AMP is a way of creating web pages for fixed content that provides speed and good acceleration of the pages on the screen.

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Advantages of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Ad and Analytics

Our HTML are coded in a way so as to enhance the overall usability of the banners

Reduced Load Time

AMP is specially developed to reduce the loading time of the content. Loads pages easily with accuracy.

Low Bounce Rate

Improved mobile compatibility and reduced loading time lower the bounce rate of your website effectively.

No Custom Solutions

AMPs can be accessible across all devices. This makes them an ideal mobility solution.

Optimized Data Consumption

Allows users to install the website as an app on their home screen without the taking user to an app store.

Enhanced SEO

Since there is no need to customize your web content, search engines can easily discover your web page.

Mobile Friendly

AMPs are accessible across all devices making them an ideal mobility solution SEO-friendly

Adjustment on any browser

Customization for their web pages. They can also be molded in any browser type

Amp Stamps on Search

Sites which are AMP powered are clearly marked on search results making them more likely to be selected by users