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Enhance your subscribers list across email or mobile through PeppyBiz lead forms. It allows you to fetch leads from mobile applications and your website.
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Boost lead quality

Focus on valuable leads

Evaluate the answers of the leads. Invest time in captive leads based on their responses.

Capture more leads

Get grip on leads

Stimulate your leads into conversions.PeppyBiz form templates let you capture more leads and turn them into conversions via attractive designs.


Engage leads with integrations

Integrate your lead forms with other proficient tools such as marketing automation and CRM. Allow the direct flow of your leads from your lead forms into the tools.

Create your leadforms

Design campaigns for all the platforms under one single roof. Create innumerable lead forms as per your requirements.

Personalize your lead forms

You’re in complete control over the type of form, where the form appears, who sees it, and what message they see. Personalize the content for a specific, targeted audience and start building deeper relationships.

Get lead from insights

Analyze the insights of the lead forms. Record the insights on web, email or, PDF as to recheck whenever you need them.

GDPR compliant lead generation

Create and use the lead forms as per the GDPR compliances.Collect,store and process the leads with the relevant content and touch points.

Select customize form templates

Get the templates of your choice from the numerous variety of lead form templates. PeppyBiz allows you to fulfill all your leadform requirements.

Integration with other software

Collaborate lead forms easily with other software tools. Enhance your workflow operations and make them more flexible.
PeppyProjects has helped us structure our team. All projects are now tested and launched a lot quicker and modifications are easier to implement.


SBI Life Insurance

Multiple features of lead forms

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Drag & drop form builder

Create forms at the hands of your tips without any necessitate knowledge of coding skills. Select the fields for your forms. Drag and drop them to add into your forms.

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Innumerable lead forms

Use catchy templates to create unlimited lead forms according to your requirements. Catch qualified leads to build a smooth transition of conversions.

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Lead form analytics

Embed lead forms on your landing page. Evaluate the analytics of the lead form ,such as, number of qualified and winning leads.

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Lead forms optimization

Optimize your lead forms with the relevant captcha and call to action button. Capture more leads by placing it at the right spot of your landing page.

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Leadforms A/B testing

Boost your lead generation skills through AB testing. Pick up the best version for your lead forms and get effective results.

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Hidden fields addition

Track and evaluate the performance of your campaigns by adding additional fields to forms. Hidden fields allow you to track additional fields in your lead reports.

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Multi-user management

Manage the actions performed by the users on the lead forms. Allow admins and team officials to delete or edit the lead generation forms.

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Lead specific questions

Shoot up your conversions by asking relevant questions from leads. Make your lead form the central attraction of your lead forms.

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GDPR compliant and Encryption

Secure the personal data of the visitors as per GDPR Compliances. Employ SSL encryption to increase the amount of the leads you generate.

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Round the clock support

Provide unconditional support to the customers through live chat interactions. Increase the turnover of conversions with befitting solutions.

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Leadform validations

Know the effectiveness of lead generation campaigns including its SEO and PPC. Validate the leads by segregating sales leads from other form conversions.

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Logically conditioned forms

Create short forms that respond to the actions taken by users on each question.Use conditional logic and ask only relevant questions from the users.

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Automation tool integrations

Integrate the lead forms with the CRM and other marketing automation platforms. Manage and engage your leads with purposeful integration.

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Spam blocker utilization

Avoid the flow of junk leads into your CRM and other platforms. Use spam blocker to keep the junk leads away and unmask the fraud clicks.

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Webhook configurations

Use webhook APIs to send the lead data to the CRM system in real time. Add a webhook URL and key to your lead form extension for set up.

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Lead generation notifications

Catch the prospects who are interested in your brand. Know the generated traffic on your website via notifications and achieve greater rates of conversions.

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