Track your user's actions

Look into each, and every activity of your users on the website right from the form submissions to product searches and abandoned carts. Track everything without any requirement of coding skills.

Track your user's actions


Capture qualified leads

Turn your visitors into leads by tracking their actions - as they submit a sign-up form. Trigger them through targeted messages. Nurture them well to retain them.


Re-engage form submissions

Track and evaluate the visitors who begin filling up the form and abandon it in the middle—re-engage such users via social media and other platforms.


Evaluate button clicks

Pick up the info of all the users who click on your CTA buttons. Evaluate who acted on your website through it. Know who didn't and re-engage them.


Manage content engagement

Know about the users who engaged with your content. Keep all of the details of the visitors. Manage your content with autoplay settings to enhance user experience.


View abandoned carts

Take a look at the users who add the product to the cart, removed the item, or abandoned it. Check all the minute details of the product on which users performed the action, i.e., name or quantity.


Pursue anonymous visitors

You could be missing some of your leads in anonymous visitors. Collect all their details and information and take a look at how they interacted with the website.


Analyze product purchases

Speculate the users who purchased the product, jot down their details. Enhance user engagement by offering them special discounts or personalized offers.

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