Customer savvy software

Debug customer’s issues with reliable and agile software. A great customer service is incomplete without a simplistic software. Redefine customer experiences with an authentic customer service platform.
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Manage customer interactions under one roof

Give your all-pervasive customers an array of support. Follow them wherever they are. Use different mediums according to the frequency of query resolution. Tackle all their queries through an integrated platform.


  • Provide services via different mediums and apps.
  • Enable support to the customers through live-chats.
  • Provide seamless experience to customers via omni-channel approach.

Revitalize customer experience

Entice your customers by delivering exactly what they need. Their chaotic issues are the way to strengthen their trust in you. Empower your agents to resolve customers issues at one go. Be there with them at each step, they need you.


  • Fuse your applications with other intuitive softwares.
  • Give priority to your clients through automations.
  • Forecast customer issues through their performed events.
  • Untangle customer’s issues with clearing out them quickly when they arise.

Chatbot – A human level sophistication

A satisfying customer service can only be possible with chatbots. Brief your customers about your product and solve if any queries arise. Save your precious time with AI and automated chatbots.


  • Deliver unconditional support to your customers.
  • Leverage support to customers by resolving complex issues through live-agents.
  • Recognize purchase intents of prospects and turn them into leads.

Integrate communications with helpdesk

Allow all your teams to collaborate with context right within helpdesk. Ease the process of introspecting all the emails, chats and other communications within one medium. Let helpdesk removes minute obstacles for great management.


  • Eliminate user’s doubts and queries in real-time through contextual collaboration.
  • Dictate tasks amongst agents for greater work productivity.
  • Soothes out the customer workflows through team collaboration.

Flourish yourself with customer insights

Evaluate your team’s performance by unravelling ticket volume’s trends and tendencies.  Retrieve your agent’s performance and productivity through stringent rules such as SLAs.


  • Manage and predict your ticket volumes. Direct your teams with success oriented goals.
  • Know what ticket trends are and direct your teams with the right feedback.
  • Plan your operations easily with real-time dashboards.
  • Boost the performance of your agents by evaluating SLAs score.

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