Site Policy

  1. To ensure that the users have a positive experience on our site we, at Peppybiz, commit to protecting the privacy of users. Under this policy, we cover the practices of handling of offline and online data. We will treat all your information that you provide us, according to this policy.
  2. Please read the policy well to know the privacy policy of Peppybiz.
  3. To protect your privacy, we follow certain principles which include:
    For any purpose, we never rent or sell the identifiable information of our users under any circumstances.
    Only after receiving your consent, we share the user’s contact information.
     We secure the personally identifiable information as per the industry standard and protocols.
  4. It is advisable to review the privacy policy frequently as we hold the rights to modify it at any time. In case any changes are made in the policy, you will be notified for the same through our home page. Once the changes are published on the site and you continue using the service means that you agree to the changes made.
  5. CUSTOMER DATA: Peppybiz makes the provision of services as SaaS. (Except for the data as mentioned in terms and conditions, Peppybiz will not use the Customer Data. We also use personal information as required by the law or resolve a problem, solve queries, and other issues. For maintaining the confidentiality of data, we take all reasonable precautions.)
  6. We collect only certain information necessary to provide you with the services. If you are not willing to display or use any information, we advise you to reconsider using our services. If you are hesitant about us using any information for display anywhere or for the uses as mentioned, we recommend that you do not become a member of our services.

Personal information collected:

The personal information is collected in the following ways:

1. Registration

The first step of becoming a user is to create an account on the website. The information so provided while creating an account will be used by others and Peppybiz to recognize the users. It includes the name, user ID, email address, ZIP/Postal code, country, phone, age password and information of the financial account. You choose whether or not you want to receive notifications regarding promotional offers from Peppybiz. To deliver personalized information, we may also ask for other optional requests. Until you provide the consent to sell, rent or use the information, we shall not disclose it with anyone including the third parties.

2. Payment

 The users will have to make payment through cash, cheque or wire transfer. To complete the billing procedures we shall use your financial account information for the billing process, including but not limited to the use. 

3. Log files, Information and IP address of your computer

With all the communication standards, we know the URL from which the users come and where they visit after exiting the site. Through this, we are also able to gather the IP address of your computer, email patterns and others. We use this information for analysis of user behaviour and revamping the services. However, we do not share any of this information without your consent until required by the law.

4. Cookies and web beacons

To track site usage, we use cookies and web beacons. They help us in tracking user trends and activity, further improving the quality of services. To optimize the services, we further allow the placing of unique cookies by third parties which are authorized. We store no personal information in the cookies.

We allow other companies including third parties, advertisement agencies, research firms among others to serve advertisements to users. To fit in a general profile, Peppybiz target some specific ads. No personally identifiable information is used as a part of advertisements.

6. Processing information( about users and its modification)

The information provided to Peppybiz including personal information is all voluntary. As per the terms and conditions and privacy policy, we allow you to withdraw your consent at any time. However, this consent will not be retroactive.

In your decision to become a user, we allow you to correct, modify and eliminate the data. We may keep a copy of the information that you have provided in our archives if you update any information. If you find this appropriate, we support you to use them. For these rights, you can mail us at

7. External links

All the sites and services owned by Peppybiz follow these privacy policies. We do not control the sites that are displayed on our sites or the links for various services. Peppybiz is not liable for any information that third-party or other sources collect from you. It is a good idea to have a look at the privacy policy of the site as well.


Uses of personal information

The information that you provide on the site helps to describe yourself. The other information which is not categorized as personal information is owned only by Peppybiz. Peppybiz can use this information if deemed as appropriate. 

1. Communication and Update

All the updates and communication about Peppybiz will be provided through the mail. The users can change their email and preferences whenever they want to by logging in their account.

2. Surveys, Contacts and Polls

To understand the user’s preferences, we conduct user surveys to collect information regularly. It is completely optional to be a part of the survey and the identity can even be kept anonymous. For the qualifying users, we offer contests in which the users need to provide certain information. However, we do not share any of this information. All the demographic information is used to understand the user’s preferences. However, we can use some information and provide them to third parties for prizes and other aspects.

3. Legal disclaimer

If required by the law, we may disclose some information. Such information will be disclosed by us only if we have complete faith in the civil orders and legal processes. We may also do this to defend our legal claims.

4. Disclosure to others

As a sale of assets or company division or sale, we may disclose the information. Any part which gets the transferred assets of Peppybiz will use the information that you have provided us.

Other uses:

Development of new services.

For the technical functioning of our network.

Analysis and research to protect and improve our services.

Provision of our services and products.

5. Sharing information with third parties

For the communication and maintenance of the website, we may provide the information to third party sites working on behalf of Peppybiz. Certain contractors who provide the online communication services may disclose the information as per their privacy policies, however, many of them do not possess any independent rights.

6. External links

This privacy policy only applies to sites and services which Peppybiz owns. We have no control over the other sites displayed as external links. The other sites have their own policies and ways of operation, and we recommend you to read their policies. 

In case of any changes, we at Peppybiz, send you the notifications through the mail. You can log-in to your account at any time and change your email and preferences.