Be the ideal caretakers for patients

A compatible helpdesk to handle your patient queries - right from scheduling appointments and delivering reports.

Take care of your patient and everything else will follow

Providing great healthcare services is not only confined to redefining the health of a patient. It brings along a lot of other things as well. This includes interacting with patients, solving their queries, fixing their appointments and digitizing patient’s reports a lot more.

Customer support is now not only limited to marketing services. Healthcare providers are performing the same function. They now follow the motive of giving their patients an effective flavor of health through digitized workflows. 

PRODUCTIVE SOFTWARE is reinventing the face of healthcare services. Reminding customers about their checkups to their insurance claims. Solidify your bond with your patients through seamless interactions.

Software for PATIENT

Software – A patient can rely upon

A user-friendly software delivers the right information to the users at the right times.

Let PeppyBiz software solutions be your lifetime partner – Diminish your Workload by automating the repetitive tasks.

Peppydesk – An instinctive helpdesk

Indulge a helpdesk with your healthcare services that could unburden the duties of healthcare providers. Right along with handling a lot of patients and other paperwork, they require a helping hand that lightens their load so as to focus more on a patient’s well-being.

Our helpdesk is ever ready to manage noble healthcare tasks and services.


Patient oriented interactions

Reduce the chaos of paperwork and documentation with an integrated platform. Congregate all the queries of patients under one single sphere and save time. Collaborate your helpdesk with Peppydesk and start interacting with patients over email or on phones simplistically.

Diagnose with collaboration

Keep up a record of all your patient’s medical history and issues in one place. Serve your patients a great experience by combining the efforts of your Healthcare team. Manage tickets efficiently so as to decide which cases to pick up first. Resolve petty issues including fixing appointments and billing issues and make it easy for your healthcare team to fix any issue that comes up.


Access patient history

Get easy access to your patient’s history to regulate further conversations with them. Having all your patient’s records and inquiries at one place makes it easier to access data in a minimal amount of time. Allow PeppyDesk to do it for you with the optimal level of access privilege.

Avoid repetitive tasks

Stay away from the chaos of repetitive tasks. With multiple tasks at hand, it becomes tougher to manage insurance claims, patient transfers and much more. Peppydesk lets you manage all this and much more to claim your focus on saving the precious lives of your patients.


Relieve burden for admins

Patients usually have stereotypical questions regarding how to schedule an appointment and which insurance service provider is best suitable. With PeppyDesk at your doorstep, admins can easily create easy procurable answers and FAQs for patients’ query resolution

Powerful query automations

Keep a keen eye on patient’s issues and queries through effective ticket management. Configure the automation easily for easy resolution of tickets and queries. Enable introspections on unanswered queries through these automatons.


Reliable data security

Ensure security for your users data. Proffer them reliability regarding personal data authentication. Peppydesk’s stringent security alliances allow a limited access of user’s data. Provide safety to your patients regarding their previous chats and interactions.

Patients helping hand

Strengthen the trust of your patients’ by assuring them the security of their health and other facilitative services. Gather their feedback and ask CSAT scores to improve your services and their hospitality. Make sure your customers feel good with you.


Fasten patients’ resolution

Be answerable to patient’s queries. Help them nobly in times of their misfortunes. Avoid those long-lasting queues and query resolution times. Peppydesk removes all the obstacles in a patient’s journey through speedy query resolution.

Easy access to knowledge

Make it easy for your patients’ to explore their knowledge quest on their own. Provide FAQs and answers through knowledgebase. Save your healthcare professionals efforts in solving each query individually. Let your patients get their answers themselves about trivial matters. Let them peep into their previous bills and tax- filing records through Peppydesk- which consolidates all interactions in one place.


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