Help your customers help themselves

An eloquent knowledge base support to enable proactive self-service without any personal help.

Easily Create Help Articles

Creating and editing help articles is now easier than ever with a simple yet powerful visual editor. Start with drafts, add images, videos, tables, and publish new articles for your customers to see.

Pro-Manage All Your Knowledge

Build up a well-structured hierarchy of all your knowledge base content to get a clear overview of how it performs and to help customers find answers to their questions faster.

Power Search The Knowledge Base

Enable users and your team to quickly find the content they look for with powerful search that automatically suggests relevant articles based on the typed in keywords.

Understand Customer Needs Better

Collecting failed search queries and customer reactions to your articles helps you optimize your knowledge base content and turn ? reactions into more ? customers.

Keep Your Content Seo-Optimized

Easily optimize your help content for search engines and social media to help it rank high and shine bright, so that customers can find you and your content faster.

Offer Multi-Language Help Content

Create content in multiple languages for different audiences and automatically present your knowledge base and all articles in the language of your customers.

Find And Send Articles In Chat

Your customers can now easily find your articles without leaving the chat widget. In turn, your support team can also search for and send relevant articles to customers right inside the chat.

Mission: Branded and Beautiful

In addition to a number of color and formatting options, you can customize
every detail of your knowledge base with custom CSS.

Multiple Features in Knowledge base

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Be solution ready for the customers

Create a branded help center. Fill it with informative content. Let the customers find their own answers themselves on any device.

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Enable faster communication

Our AI evinces relevant articles based on customer’s queries. It eases out customer’s problems at a faster pace.

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Congregate analytics to improve content

Know customer reviews by integrating the knowledge base to google analytics. Improve your content on the basis of data analytics.

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Organize content to simplify needs

Systematize your content by giving requisite topics and keywords to it. Apply the visual settings to let the customers find what they need.

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Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Understand how your subscribers interact with your email marketing efforts by tracking conversion rates on your homepage dashboard.

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Avoid repetitions through automated guide

Removing the chaos of answering the same questions back and forth.
Knowledge base software automatically deviates customers to the right article.

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Saves time in query dissolution

Knowledgebase resolves customer’s queries by directing them to the relevant articles. It saves time by dissolving the need for an agent to solve a query.

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A happy & satisfied customer

Effective Knowledgebase software reduces the time for query resolution. It leaves a customer happy and satisfied with the faster service.

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Coach your agents

A great knowledge base guide not only resolves customer’s queries. Its comprehensive guide trains the agents as well.

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SEO enabled searchability

Knowledgebase system is SEO enabled. It allows the customers to discover you through search engines.

In depth Statistics

Improve your results drastically with our in depth statistics which let you monitor results minutely.

Client reviews

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.

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