Create a unified user profile based on their data across all platforms

Track activities of anonymous visitors from all sources. Collect and collaborate all their information, such as their attributes, sessions, and touchpoints. Construct the customer journey linking all the necessary information.

Reveal users identity

Target anonymous users by knowing what activity they performed on your site. Track and analyze their journey. Use identity resolution to know their whereabouts.

Apprehend users timeline

Visualize the engaging customer interactions all in one place. See the extensive details of all their activities, such as the number of website views, email clicks, and much more.

Acquire more leads

Attract more leads and visitors to your business. Know the sources and mediums that are maximizing leads. Devise out lead acquisition strategies to generate more revenues.

Track user sessions

Evaluating user sessions across all devices and mediums allow you to view the stereotypical customer tendencies. Combine all that data to have a better knowledge of users.
Track User Sessions
Track User Sessions

Target user accounts

Grab all the relevant info and data about your prospects and leads in one integrated platform. Gather it and create a unique user profile based on information.
Peppybiz allows us to effectively manage, monitor and deliver customer support. It provides omni channel monitoring and support at one place.


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Create a unique user experience with unified user profiles

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