Set and achieve SLA goals and objectives

Evaluate, measure and report your Service Level Agreements. Define and achieve the SLA objects for a healthy and better relationship between customers and you. Strengthen the help desk performance at the same time.

Manage SLA objectives

Satisfy your customers with a rigid and stringent service level targets. Let your customers define their experience with you. PeppyDesk has a vigorous SLA management function.

PeppyDesk SLA has following objectives :

  • What are the objectives.
  • How to set conditions on objectives.
  • Measure the goal percentage.
  • Evaluate the work schedule.
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Define robust service level agreements

Evaluate the support you cater to your customers. Know through customer satisfaction whether they are served well or not. Measure your customer support services and consolidate your support for future queries.

Create and deliver influential SLAs

PeppyDesk SLA management allows you to establish SLAs for the above features. Define and achieve targets for your first response, time taken in assigning tickets to the staff, the time allotted to the customer to respond to the staff, time taken for the team to give a response to customer replies. Lastly, define a conclusion for the ticket. See if it is resolved or closed and set the status as per your requirements.

Create and deliver influential SLAs

  • First response time
  • Time for assignment ticket
  • Time for contact response
  • Time for staff responses
  • Time to arrive at a conclusion
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Built SLAs in work Alignment

Create rigid SLAs to make their monitoring easier. Set SLAs in alignment to the company’s working hours. SLAs outside the working hours will not be applied. Make them stringent to let customers wait for your responses in specific hours.

Evaluate and report SLAs

Do not confine SLAs merely by delivering them. Mark and scan the areas to improve yourselves. Make rigid and stringent SLAs to furnish unconditional support to the customers.

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