Automate your email series

Nurture your prospects and convert them via email autoresponders. Create a sequential series of emails and respond to the lead’s action performed on your website.
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Create and customize emails

Create catchy emails by merely using the dragging and dropping option. Get attractive layouts for your emails and customize them as per your needs. Save your designed templates for future references to use them effectively.

Automate registration process

Provide a consistent and sorted out registration process to the users. Gather the necessary information about the events and create an email autoresponder. Send it to the users as they register. Get all the necessities under a single platform to create submission forms and engaging landing pages.

Follow up your prospects

Keep track of your prospects through CRM autoresponders. Follow them up as they perform any action during the sales process. Send them automated emails - acknowledge them and engage them as per their responses. Double your sales and productivity in a minimal amount of time.
PeppyProjects has helped us structure our team. All projects are now tested and launched a lot quicker and modifications are easier to implement.


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Engage a target audience

Create an automated email series for a specific audience. Target visitors and put all your efforts in their engagement fervently. Want to promote your brand in a particular area? Create your campaign and send autoresponders to all the contacts in your database. Engage the prospects of the area effectively.

Draft promotional emails

Take maximum advantage of the holiday and festive season! Plan out strategies to promote your products. Create promotional email responders accordingly. Schedule them beforehand to win over your competitors. Encourage your sales representatives to target the market effectively via promotional emails.

Schedule your email autoresponders

Turn your leads quickly into customers by sending emails at definite time intervals. Engage the visitors through autoresponders to turn them into subscribers. Acknowledge them through welcome emails and action-based emails. Automate the sales process and seal the deals with the leads effectively.

Receive real time notifications

Get notified about the number of email clicks you are getting. Know when the subscriber clicks on your email links. Look into the status of your leads and evaluate the customer interactions to deepen your relationship with them. Receive real-time updates and notifications of the customers to work out better.

Evaluate the email metrics

Peppy biz analytical reports allow you to delve deeper into the customer insights. Evaluate the performance of your email campaigns at regular intervals. Analyze the open email rates, several subscribers. Know who unsubscribed to your emails and other valuable vital metrics to keep a check on your efforts and rectify them timely.

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