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An Ultimate Guide to Christmas Email Marketing

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year, with its festive decorations, delicious treats, and a special day spent with family. But this holiday season can also be a perfect opportunity for businesses to capture the attention of their target audience – through creative email marketing campaigns.

Christmas-themed emails are an effective way to get your message out while leveraging seasonal joy and excitement.

With careful planning and strategic execution, you can create compelling campaigns that draw in potential customers and increase engagement throughout the holiday season. In this post, we’ll learn about Christmas email marketing to maximize sales and customer loyalty.

Why Christmas email marketing campaigns are important

There are many reasons why using this type of advertising campaign can be beneficial for your profit margin, with the most prominent including the following;

  • Increased channel value 

During Christmas, email marketing is a powerful tool that can help businesses generate significant returns. Customers become more receptive to these campaigns during the festive season – 66% pay special attention and interact with them in this period!

This means companies have an excellent opportunity to leverage email as part of their holiday marketing strategy.

  • Higher conversion rate

During the holiday season, customers are on a mission to find great deals and fill their shopping carts. That means your business has an excellent chance of turning leads into paying customers…all you need is that extra special offer coupled with eye-catching visuals. 

  • Higher sales opportunity 

The festive season is a special time for gift-givers, with increased sales and generous budgets making it the perfect opportunity to show loved ones how much they mean!

We all know that Christmas is an incredibly special time of year when shoppers break out their wallets for holiday cheer. From toys to tech and everything in between, it’s no surprise that this cheerful celebration sees a burst in sales compared to other holidays.

Now you know the benefits of this marketing channel during this particular season, let’s move forward to more about Christmas email marketing.

3 Stages of the Christmas email marketing campaign

To leverage email this holiday season, make sure you plan the Christmas holiday email marketing campaign in three stages as described below:

1. Pre-Christmas campaign

Reach out to your subscribers before the Christmas rush with a unique holiday-themed email! Design something fun and festive, like an eye-catching animation or some seasonal artwork. Make sure it stands out in their inboxes – this is your chance to be creative and get ahead of the competition as they plan for their own campaigns.

Put yourself at the forefront of people’s minds come December by sending them personalized season’s greetings today. Start crafting a festive email campaign full of fun gifs, artwork, or animations – perfect for bringing smiles that will last throughout this holiday season.

2. Christmas campaign

The holiday season is finally here, and what better way to get your subscribers in the spirit than with a festive gift from you? From email-only discounts to Christmas packages designed specifically for this time of year – there’s something for everyone.

Add an extra personal touch by sending recommended products that users showed interest in at discounted prices; it’ll definitely incentivize them to take action.

3. Post-Christmas campaign

Even though the hustle and bustle of Christmas winds down, there is still one last chance to give your revenue a festive boost. Take advantage of post-Christmas bliss by sending an eye-catching email campaign – with inboxes no longer crowded after the holidays; it’s easier than ever for your message to stand out from the crowd!

Don’t let this opportunity slip away – strike while audiences are relaxed and ready for something new in their mailbox. Take advantage of this lull to reach out via an attractive email subject line, as there is always one last chance for greater returns on investment. Your post-Christmas drive awaits – seize the opportunity now.

Best time to start your Happy Christmas email campaign

‘Tis the season for mailing, and holiday email campaigns can be a tricky way to stand out from the crowd! The best timing for an effective pre-Christmas push is in November’s first two weeks.

Then, as Christmas Eve draws near, your click-through rate will likely peak – though you shouldn’t miss this chance to capitalize on post-holiday buzz with an after-New Year blast that could make all of December profitable. Get ready to jingle those bells & watch open rates soar.

Best Christmas email marketing campaign tips

1. Include segmentation

Email marketing success depends on accurate segmentation – and the time you allocate to dissect your audience will pay off. Whether it’s demographics, interests, or behaviors that define each group, making sure they receive content specifically tailored to their needs increases not only engagement but also maximizes conversions.

After all, who wouldn’t be wowed by personalized value? By taking the time to craft these segments carefully, you’re giving yourself a better chance of achieving remarkable results.

2. Encourage social engagement 

Combining email and social media creates a powerful marketing engine, boosting your brand visibility to new heights. Invite prospects in your emails to join the fun on your company’s social platforms – maybe even enter an exciting competition or promotion via Instagram!

Amplify your email campaign by leveraging the power of social media to maximize engagement and boost brand visibility. Doing so could generate an impressive influx of new leads. 

3. Intriguing subject lines

During the busiest promotional season of the year, your digital communication can get lost in an overflowing inbox. Capture attention with a compelling subject line – 64% of readers will judge you from that first sentence alone! Make sure to keep it short and sweet; 50-60 characters should do just fine to grab their interest.

Here are some examples of Christmas email subject lines that can improve your open rate;

  • We’re feeling merry. Get 25% off your order!
  • Final countdown! The Christmas sale ends in 24 hours! 
  • Last-minute Christmas discounts
  • Grab this magical offer before it melts away!
  • The perfect Christmas gift this year

4. Responsive design 

As the holiday season approaches, Christmas email campaigns must be carefully crafted for maximum lead engagement. The design and layout should capture a festive feel yet also remain uncluttered – essential in helping viewers quickly understand your message at-a-glance.

With festive visuals that appeal to the holiday season yet are still legible across devices – from mobile phones clocking in at 41% of views all the way up to desktops with 39%- a well-crafted message can spark engagement for your business.

Responsiveness is key, ensuring no distractions or extra steps hinder users between content consumption and conversion!

5. Engaging imagery

Invite your audience to join the festive season with eye-catching visuals in your Christmas email marketing campaign! Images will bring power and impact to the message, making it more persuasive than plain text.

Studies show that 40% of people are more likely to react positively when engaging imagery is included – don’t miss out on this essential tactic for boosting response rates.

6. Compelling copy

When it comes to email marketing, there are a few key elements that can make or break the success of your message. Quality content is essential for driving leads in the desired direction; what’s more, personalizing this copy may be just as important!

A study by Dynamic Yield Research showed an impressive 62.6% increase in customer response when messages were personalized – meaning you should prioritize making each lead feel valued and unique with their own tailored interactions with brands rather than relying solely on informative but generic emails.

Keeping communication concise yet still, value-driven will help ensure customers engage and convert accordingly!

7. Converting call to action

Converting call to action

Christmas email campaigns are the perfect chance to make your message shine! A great call-to-action button can be a decisive factor in securing conversions. When crafting yours, ensure that it clearly conveys what action you want potential customers to take – after all, this is the final prompt they need before making their decision!

Here are some examples that you can use as inspiration; 

  • Send Me Christmas Specials Now!
  • Claim your coupon 
  • Order now!
  • Shop holiday deals
  • Save today!
  • Apply Discount

8. Twelve Days of Christmas campaign

This theme is a fantastic tactic for capturing lead intrigue. So, make the holiday season even more special with the exciting Twelve Days of Christmas campaign! Let your subscriber’s hands on some fabulous offers and discounts as you incentivize their shopping experience over twelve days.

Let them sway towards a festive promotion while making sure that this is an enjoyable time for everyone. From price cuts to free shipping and the Buy One Get One Free option – according to Deloitte, 81% of customers are all set for something new this year, so don’t miss out.

9. Create A/B split testing

Create A/B split testing

In the run-up to December, you have a prime opportunity to optimize your emailing strategy. A/B testing is an invaluable tool in this process – sending two versions of emails (A and B) with subtle variations to small subsets of recipients will showcase which one performs better according to metrics such as opens or clicks.

Experimentation can be done on different aspects such as subject lines, visuals, colors, and length for insight into what resonates best with customers.

10. Activity guide

During the holiday season, many people are on a quest to make memories with their loved ones. If your business is located in an area buzzing with festive activities and events leading up to Christmas, you can attract customers by creating an engaging activity guide – complete with a visit to your store! To sweeten this offer even further, why not reward email subscribers only?

By doing so, you will create memorable experiences for those who interact with your brand while they’re looking for gifts. In turn – chances are that these same shoppers may be thinking of yours when it’s gift-buying time again soon after. 

11. Themed Campaigns

Email marketing is an often neglected yet powerful tool, giving businesses the opportunity to tap into a pool of potential customers. By adding a festive touch to emails during the holiday season, companies can help draw attention.

Moreover, by utilizing custom templates that exude seasonal cheer, you can entice leads and unlock the potential for greater website traffic and conversions.

12. Online Advent Calendar

This holiday season, get your customers in the giving spirit with an online Advent Calendar! Leads who sign up via social media advert or website will receive a festive surprise every day until Christmas week.

From discounts to articles and gift guides – you can use different tactics, designs, and incentives to draw engagement from subscribers looking for valuable content. This customizable marketing strategy is sure to help increase open and click rates while adding a unique seasonal touch that sets it apart from other campaigns.

13. Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is here, and shoppers everywhere search for the perfect gifts to show their loved ones they care. That’s why holiday gift guides have become an essential part of email marketing strategies across industries; they help make that difficult decision process easier by categorizing products according to recipient or budget.

Not only do these smart solutions provide a solution during the festive season, but they also give companies an effective way to showcase some of their most popular items and hidden gems worth discovering.

14. Christmas newsletter

Christmas newsletter

Add something extra to your holiday email campaigns this year with festive newsletters! From interactive gamification elements that drive lead generation to captivating visuals and educational articles – these communications are sure to hold the attention of potential customers.

In addition, why not include discounts as an added incentive for readers? Let’s make it merry & bright by letting our creative juices flow when writing those Christmas newsletter ideas.


As the Christmas season approaches, consider spicing up your email marketing with some of these tips. By personalizing your emails, sending out timely content, and offering relevant discounts, you can make sure that your subscribers stay engaged with your brand throughout the holidays.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll even see a boost in sales. We hope you find this Christmas email marketing guide helpful.

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