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All You Need to Know About New Year Email Marketing

Are you ready to start the new year off with a bang? If you want to achieve positive results for your business, then email marketing is a great way to do that. 

Email campaigns can be tailored to fit any company’s wants and needs, from small businesses just starting out looking for an effective way to reach their target audience to large enterprises aiming to drive conversions and increase their brand’s recognition. 

The power of new year email marketing lies in its ability to unlock opportunities that attract customer attention, generate business growth, and improve customer relationships – it’s never been more important than at the beginning of 2024! So keep reading this blog post if you want to get the most out of your email marketing efforts this new year.

Let’s get started with the basics.

What is New Year Email Marketing?

The start of a new year is always filled with possibilities and as such, it’s the perfect opportunity to use email marketing to reconnect with customers and reach out to prospects. Not only will this help build relationships, but effective email campaigns can greatly increase sales.

 To make the most of this new year, craft engaging messages that emphasize value and remember to add a personal touch while addressing customer needs. Most importantly, be consistent and timely in order sending so that customers remain engaged throughout the year. With a little effort, your new year email marketing efforts can help elevate your business in 2024.

10 tips for creating killer New Year email marketing campaigns

  1. Make sure that your email copy is to the point, witty, and creative. Add humor for your audience; they tend to love it!

  2. Keep your email design minimalist. Do not overdo your email. 

  3. Ensure that Your email is responsive across all devices, especially mobile phones. 

  4. Avoid utilizing a “no-reply” email address.

  5. Utilize a familiar sender name in your email for a better one-on-one experience for the user.

  6. The subject line of your email should be brief, bold, and punchy.

  7. Time your email correctly to improve the open rate

  8. Too many emails can overwhelm the user, so set the frequency that works. 

  9. Always A/B test your email. 

  10. Always reply to email replies. It creates trust, loyalty, and relationships. 

New Year Email Marketing Campaign Types 

There are different New Year email Marketing campaign types that you can use as a part of your marketing strategy:

1. Post-Christmas campaign

With the festive spirit of Christmas still lingering in the air, it is not too late to take advantage of people’s cheerfulness! Extend your promotions a bit longer and enjoy higher engagement from customers. 

Take advantage of people’s celebratory mood and promote your products or services. However, be sure not to overdo it – sending too many emails can create an annoying bombardment that may ultimately lead customers away from you.

2. New Year’s Eve campaign

As we enter a new year, businesses must focus on cultivating meaningful relationships with their audience rather than just bombarding them with promotional content. 

While launching a new year email marketing campaign make sure you create more positive engagement from your users and make this upcoming year truly special, why not reach out to them personally by sending unique New Year messages?

This New Year season is an ideal time to demonstrate appreciation and genuine care by reaching out personally through email messages that put customer needs first. 

Show your audience you value them – beyond just their wallet!

3. New Year’s resolution campaign

New year emails can be so much more than just marketing messages – they have the power to help turn user dreams into reality! Using yours as an opportunity to cheer on your users’ ambition and inspire them towards success, you’ll create a boost of enthusiasm that will last long. 

Here are a few ideas you can execute for your New Year’s resolution email:

  • Add positivity among your users. Create a copy that sends positive vibes and enables users to adhere to their plans for the future. 

  • Focus on showcasing products that can let you fulfill resolutions. You can segment your audience accordingly for relevancy and better results. 

  • You can also add reward programs to your product or service that facilitate the users to attain their goals and buy your products simultaneously. 

4. Post-Celebration campaign

Don’t let the holiday season come and go without letting your customers know how much they mean to you. 

Re-engage with them after Christmas by sending out “we miss you already” emails that give loyal customers a special boost at the start of 2024. Offer huge discounts or incentivize budget purchases – like free shipping, gifts, etc. – to ensure everyone can enjoy this post-Christmas cheer.

12 Best New Year Email Marketing Examples

1. Holden


Subject line: Happy New Year!

As they celebrate the start of a new year, this email stands out as an ideal example of blending joy and brand identity. Through heartfelt dialogue carefully crafted with subtle visuals that put human faces behind the message, you can be sure these wishes come from genuine hearts ready for what’s in store.

Additionally, there is emphasis placed on ensuring all readers are thanked for their support which should always remain paramount when delivering New Year’s greetings (or any type). Best of all? A unique Shop Now button provides shoppers even further opportunity if they’re looking to begin 2024 by treating themselves!

2. Fitbit


Subject line: Fitbit Premium: Level up your 2024 💪

As the new year rings in, this email offers a great opportunity for brands to give their customers an end-of-year sale to help them reach all of their 2022 goals and aspirations. Offering exclusive deals at discounted rates is sure to make your audience take notice; after all, who wouldn’t want access to VIP or premium services? 

This message stands out among its peers by clearly illustrating what perks come with taking advantage of these sales while also emphasizing resolutions – something we’re likely thinking about as 2022 ends!

Subject line: Can’t go wrong with this New Year’s resolution

3. Leesa


This New Year’s offer is the perfect way for people to start 2024 off right! The inviting design elements ranging from drop shadows and snow imagery to a generous freebie, make this message an attractive proposition. 

Additionally, displaying their Instagram feed photos at the bottom – featuring images of cute puppies, babies and even happy customers – reinforces their brand as one filled with warmth. Finally, for those looking for more information or help in upgrading/updating/improving themselves just how they want, contact options are also available.

4. Modern Mammals

Modern Mammals

Subject line: Get one thing you can count on in 2024

Modern mammals’ campaigns are elegant and striking all at once. About New Year’s Eve, people begin reflecting on the past year while also considering resolutions for the upcoming year. It can build uncertainty, doubt, and a whole bunch of thoughts in someone’s mind.

But this campaign promises stability amid the uncertainty – an assurance that they offer ‘larger than life’ comfort in their products. The ad ends brilliantly too – with a jokey twist on stocking up supplies against…zombies! Who doesn’t love cats? And who wouldn’t be tempted by 3 of these great items at a discount price?

5. White

Subject line: Start the year off stylishly! Book a trim, touch-up, or chop at Chicago’s top salons

Create a memorable experience with this exciting offer! Their striking design and call to action will provide an appealing invitation, while the vivid imagery helps paint a picture of you with that fresh new look. Now’s your time to make it happen – don’t miss out on this opportunity.

6. Moo


Subject line: Reminder: Welcome 2020 with 20% OFF!

As we look back and move forward, reminders can be a great way to inspire progress. Presenting in this format gives you multiple connections with your audience – attractive visuals combined with insightful advice, helpful tips, products or services – all tied together nicely by an engaging hashtag. 

Your Call To Action will ensure each connection leads exactly where it should: towards success.

7. Glitch


Subject line: What happened this year at Glitch?

To make an impact this New Year, companies need to focus on their users and the part they’ve played in success. This creative design ensures just that – with its eye-catching visuals providing a strong foundation upon which simple and human copy is built. 

A thoughtful touch includes calling readers out directly, inviting feedback, and encouraging contact should further support be required. As we all reflect on what 2020 has brought us, why not flip “we” conversations into ones focused around “you”? After all, our successes couldn’t have been achieved without them! Personalize it.

8. Postable


Subject line: New Year Sale ⭐ This Weekend ⭐ 25% Off!

It’s the perfect time to show your customers some love and wish them a Happy New Year. And, if you have an incredible sale or special offer this season – share it! A separate email with all of the details is great but don’t forget to include something about it in other emails for extra visibility – especially during these hectic holiday times when inboxes are super crowded. 

Plus, try adding emojis into your subject line as they will make sure that people open up those emails right away 🤩

9. Ritual


Subject line: Stay in, start a new Ritual

Be inspired to take on the “Ready When You Are” challenge with a great image full of contrast and products, each bursting with personality. 

Use its crisp copy that gets right to business – 50% off your ticket item! Then, stand out further by taking advantage of creative color-blocking ideas like adding an iconic smiley face twist.

10. Shipt


Subject line: Your Shipt Year In Review 2022🎉

To help start the new year with a bang, this Happy New Year email stands out from the crowd. It caters to its readers’ milestones and successes in an infographic-style design that makes it easy on their eyes – plus, it adds flair by infusing some humor.

Offering recognition for users’ accomplishments ensures your message will make them feel extra special when they open up those overflowing inboxes.

11. WeTransfer


Subject line: New year, same you (and proud)

With the long-standing rule of “know your audience” in mind, WeTransfer has crafted an end-of-year email that takes a unique and creative approach to New Year’s resolutions. Instead of aiming for traditional (yet often unachievable) goals, their message encourages subscribers to set realistic ones – with humorous visuals and witty copy. 

This is surely an example all marketers should consider when constructing engaging emails that keep readers interested through every word! After this especially challenging year we’ve had collectively, it might be time to reassess our expectations from ourselves…a perfect task for some outlandishly innovative marketing content like what WeTransfer delivers!

12. Google


Subject line: Get more done this year

This year, take the opportunity to make it your best yet! Even iconic brands remind us that achieving our goals and becoming our true selves doesn’t have to be complicated. They provide a straightforward headline — “Make this your best year yet” — along with simple steps and a pro tip for follow-through.

The imagery adds an uplifting note of joy, reflection, and possibility, so why not seize 2024 with optimism? Make those resolutions stick – just see what one well-known brand has up its sleeve to help you thrive like never before.


Email marketing is one of the most important tools you can use to connect with customers and promote your brand. The new year is a great time to start implementing new year email marketing, or to freshen up your current strategy. Use these tips to create an email marketing campaign that will help you reach your goals in 2024!

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