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How to Grow an Email List? 17 Actionable Tips for 2024

Are you looking for effective ways to expand your list of email subscribers? Often, marketers add a sidebar opt-in form on their website and wait for users to subscribe. This leads to slow subscriber conversion rates.

For faster growth, you must convey the value and offer your users numerous opportunities to join your email newsletter before they leave your site.

In this article, we will share how to grow an email list along with the methods to grow your email list fast, which are easy to implement and drive results.

What is an Email List?

An email list is a compilation of addresses a business has because customers have offered their emails and opted to receive content and updates about your company via email.

Why do You Need to Grow Your Email List?

1. Create Personalized Campaigns 

Create Personalized Campaigns 

Emails are an incredible way to add a personal touch to the conversion process. Unlike ads or web pages, you can handpick the problems and concerns of each customer and put together a detailed mail that describes how you are the best option for them.

Plus, the main thread keeps the interactions with your prospects in one place, making it easy to track for future reference. The larger your mailing list is, the more leads you can convert.

2. Stays in your Customer Inbox

Ever-changing algorithms and stiff competition impact your website, ads, landing pages, and social posts. You cannot tell if your targeted audience noticed your post or not.

But the mail you send stays in the customer’s inbox, improving the chances of a better click-through rate. And when they open it, you can track it with your email analytics.

3. Enhanced Conversion Rates at Low Investment

Enhanced Conversion Rates at Low Investment

You can create your email campaign for free if you have the right tool like NotifyVisitors. It means you can try the efficacy of your mailing list with minimal investment.

If you see a boost in conversion rates, you can upgrade to the paid plan and implement a dedicated marketing campaign. You can make the needed changes to do campaign optimization. Either way, it’s a fantastic channel that suits anyone’s budget to begin turning prospects into customers.

4. Better Tracking With Detailed Analytics

Today’s email marketing tools offer advanced inbuilt analytics that can deliver actionable data on the performance of your mail campaigns. You can track every campaign’s open rate, CTR, time of email opening, percentage of CTA clicked, OR/CTR ratio, and other niche details.

If you own an extensive enough mailing list, you can also predict the best time to send the email to enhance the open rate and CTR. It will also allow you to track customers’ choices by comparing which mail campaign types perform better over time.

17 Actionable Tips to Grow an Email List

1. Build multiple lead magnet pages

Build multiple lead magnet pages

A lead magnet is an incentive you give your potential buyers in exchange for their contact details, such as their name, email, and phone number.

Your blog posts with locked content, content upgrades, and bonus content come into the lead magnet category.

Lead magnets must deliver additional value to your target audience, such as checklists, case studies, and high-quality infographics. You could also consider giving a free ebook, webinar, resources newsletter, or workbook.

2. Showcase the benefits of being on your email list

Once you have included the opt-in page link in your bio, the next step is to facilitate the subscriber-exclusive advantages in your posts from time to time.

And here’s the best part – unlike the bio, which permits only 150 characters, the Instagram caption space can have up to 2200 characters, delivering plenty of space to promote your newsletters’ benefits.

Moreover, there is also the comment section to engage with your followers and prompt them to subscribe.

3. Use call to action

Use call to action

CTA plays a crucial role while planning how to grow an email list. So, use it as often as possible. 

Tools like Bitly or TinyUrl can enable you to create a short link to your subscription page, and you can share it with your audience.

And platforms like Spotify also let you include a custom CTA button to your podcast. Or, you can even add a subscription page link to the podcast notes.

4. Offer downloadable content

Offering your podcast episode in a downloadable format like an ebook or pdf is one of the finest ways to increase your email list. It delivers value to your listeners for their time and an opportunity for you to gather their email addresses.

The downloadable file can contain the following:

  • main points from the episode, 
  • instructions, 
  • steps to do something, 
  • Or any other helpful content.

5. Include social sharing buttons

Make your blog post, email campaign, social media post, product page, or infographic easily shareable using social share buttons.

If there is a one-click share button on the page, people will utilize it automatically to grow, bringing in more visitors for you and thus extending your subscribers and customers.

6. Guest blog for other websites and share a call-to-action.

There are numerous websites and publishers out there that cater to your audience — and bigger portions of it. Guest blogging for these websites allows you to expand your contact list through exposure to a new audience.

When you produce guest blogging content, make sure you add a CTA for readers to subscribe to your site’s blog or email newsletter.

7. Shorten the length of your lead-capturing forms.

Shorten the length of your lead-capturing forms.

It’s attractive to accumulate as much information on a user as possible right away, but adding too many fields to your landing pages and lead-capturing forms can push people away.

Reduce your form’s length to just two to three fields — you can gather more information from them once you begin a conversation.

8. Leverage linkedIn groups

LinkedIn is a notable social platform in how it connects people professionally. Creating a LinkedIn community not only enables you to build professional relationships with industry peers, but it can help you to attract a diverse range of candidates when you’re hiring particularly beneficial if you’re hiring internationally

To leverage LinkedIn for growing an email list, create a relevant profile that matches the audience type you are attempting to reach (of course, it should be genuine).

Next, create your own LinkedIn group and send invites to your connections and prospects utilizing LinkedIn’s inbuilt search features. Moreover, join other groups to expand your network and grow your group.

Interact with your group, post updates, use giveaways, and share quality content to encourage others to join the group. Then export the LinkedIn post likers and commenters to CSV and import them to your outreach tool. 

9. Enable signup pop-ups on the homepage

Enable signup pop-ups on the homepage

Enabling pop-ups that occur when the visitor on your homepage exhibits exit intent serves a dual purpose – they serve as a pull to persuade the visitor to stay and let visitors stay updated about your brand (by signing up for your newsletter). 

10. Set up a landing page to easily share your ideas

Don’t mix the landing page with your homepage. A landing page is usually a standalone page that targets a distinct audience with a unique selling proposition (USP) to maximize conversions.

Experiment with long-form, short-form, splash screen, sales page, and other landing page types to quickly enhance website visibility, SEO, and traffic to gain more email subscriptions.

11. Create Unique Email Content

Content is king. This line is repeated numerous times in this piece because it forms the base of any strategy to grow your email list.

Think of your favorite YouTube channel, blog post, or podcast, and think, why is it your favorite? Most probably, the answer is better content than others. The same logic goes for your email campaigns.

You require engaging content to bind your recipients and enhance subscriber retention rate. 

Plus, if the content is helpful, informative, and addictive, people are likely to share those emails to help you earn more subscribers.

12. Create Captivating Email Subjects and Headlines

An average person gets over 40 emails per day. So, there is only a 1-in-40 chance that the recipient will open your mail. If people don’t open your emails, it’s all for naught.

And it can be a massive problem with new subscribers. Catchy headlines mixed with actionable content can improve your open rate and CTR.

13. Segment your email lists by buyer persona.

Segment your email lists by buyer persona.

Email recipients are likely to click through emails that resonate with their specific interests, so utilizing varying types of email subscriptions to send targeted content to diverse audience segments is worth considering.

If you build multiple targeted subscriber types, you’ll improve the chance that visitors will subscribe to one of them. Marketers who utilized segmented campaigns noted as much as a 760% growth in revenue.

14. Share newsletter previews on your profile.

Writing a Facebook post that showcases a snippet of your email newsletter is a fantastic way to draw your audiences and entice them to join your email list. 

They’ll get a preview of what you have to show, become keen to learn more, and sign up to continue forging value from your business. Within this post, you can add a link to your signup page for easy and quick signup.

15. Use Social Proof to Encourage More Sign Ups

Social Proof is a psychological impact used to represent a social behavior where people feel more comfortable following others. Marketers utilize social proof to relieve the minds of worried customers and improve conversion rates.

There are numerous ways you can use social proof to get more subscribers. You can utilize testimonials on your landing pages, add reviews, and display the number of registered users.

You can also utilize bubble notifications to boost newsletter signups and eCommerce conversions.

16. A/B test different campaign copy

AB test different campaign

You might be doing all the right things to drive leads — landing pages, gated content, contests, and more, but not noticing the success you’re looking for. The issue may be that the layout or copy itself isn’t pushing the engagement you need.

A/B tests different elements of your list-building campaigns with different versions of the same content. It comprises the call-to-action text, the color of the gated offer, and even where these signup forms are placed on your website. Sometimes a small change can generate hundreds more conversions. 

17. Host Webinars & Live Stream

Nowadays, webinars and live sessions (with the visuals from studio cameras either live-streamed or edited and posted later) are massive crowd-pullers. But when using these methods don’t overlook the technical aspects, use video transcoding and invest in good lightning and sound equipment to ensure seamless streaming experiences.

You can include a pop-up form that emerges right after the YouTube Livestream or webinar ends by asking how they felt about it or whether they would like to be informed about more such events.


After reading this post, you may have learned how to grow an email list. These 17 tips are tried and tested and now you can use them accordingly for your brand as well. We hope you find this post helpful. Stay tuned for such posts.

NotifyVisitors offers email marketing software that helps you grow your list. We offer signup forms and popups to help you get more email subscribers. To know more about our product, schedule a free demo.


What is an email list?

An email list is a compilation of addresses a business has because customers have offered their emails and opted to receive content and updates about your company via email.

Why do you need to grow your email list?

Here are a few things to consider:
1. Create personalized campaigns to build connections with your customers
2. Better tracking capabilities of every campaign performance
3. A better way to improve the conversion rate at minimal investment.

How to grow an email list?

Here are a few ways you can use to grow your email list:
1. Segment your email list
2. Create unique email content
3. Make use of eye-catching subject lines
4. A/B test different elements of your email
5. Set up a dedicated landing page
6. Shorten the length of your signup forms
7. Host webinars and live streams.

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