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How to Build an Email List? 9 Killer Strategies You Should Use in 2024

Any successful online business should have a robust email list. After all, email is still one of the most effective ways to reach customers and promote new products or services. So, how can you go about building an email list? By following the strategies mentioned below, you can quickly learn how to build an email list that will help grow your business.

How to Build an Email List in 2024

1. Surprise your visitors with popup forms 

Surprise your visitors with popup forms 

 Opt-in forms are compelling, but they are still considered a passive approach. Your website visitors can sign up for the newsletters if they want to. If you want to know what a website visitor is looking for, make them sign up, or you can utilize a popup form!

Popup forms are a great way as they occur on the screen at certain times or for specific events. They also act as lead magnets for forging leads.

Keep testing with different signup forms until you get the right one. You will experience substantial growth in email subscribers joining your email list. So if you are wondering about how to build your email list, this strategy goes a long way. 

However, it is important to make sure your email list is robust by implementing email address verification, enhancing your sender reputation and leading to better deliverability.

2. Embedded signup forms 

Embedded signup forms 

One of the most classic email marketing strategies is utilizing embedded signup forms to entice subscribers’ attention. Exhibit the embedded signup forms on the high-traffic pages in the most visible area, like a header, footer, or sidebar. Signup forms are a gentle reminder to the website visitor to sign up. 

Remember that building dedicated signup pages is also helpful. For example, placing the signup button at the top of the landing page is a way to enable visitors to subscribe. It may seem a little obvious, but it is a proven strategy for online businesses. 

3. Interaction with gamification 

The next thing in our guide on how to build an email list is to learn how to entice a target audience to your website. It’s quite easy to build the email list of your dreams but keep in mind that typical discount offers won’t just do.  It’s time you have to make a difference.

Thanks to the free tools, lots of interactive signup forms are fun for website visitors. This creativity works wonders for eCommerce websites. 

You can achieve this by cutting-edge gamification techniques mainly due to the design aspects. Still, to make it interesting, you need a killer content copy. 

Online businesses can positively influence their target audience through fun and getting new email subscribers. Customers get the savings they want on the bought item, while you can build an email list. It’s a win-win situation.

4. Incentives are powerful 

The best way to create your email list is by incentivizing visitors to subscribe. 

The best thing about opt-in incentives is that you can usually repurpose old blog posts into a freebie. For example, opt-in incentives can be as easy as a one-page checklist to something as complex as a complete eBook.

With a great opt-in to build your email list, you’ll have to remember a few things.

  • Spend some time comprehending what people are looking for. Once they visit the site, show an opt-in incentive like a discount, sale, or even free shipping for a limited time to join your list. You can find this by reviewing what keywords lead search traffic to your site. Making your incentive directly relatable to what people are looking for boosts the odds of submitting their email addresses.

  • Make it special. The worst thing you can do is disappoint people with a badly crafted opt-in incentive. Ensure you have incorporated as much detail as possible to solve readers’ problems.

5. Conjure giveaways 

People are more likely to fill out fields for contests than subscribe to a newsletter. The best part about giveaways is that they can entice many more people and email subscribers if done right.

Do you want to make use of giveaways?

  • Decide if a contest is suitable for your business. 

  • Specify what you want to accomplish from the giveaway before you begin promoting.

  • Special prizes that consider your preferred audience. Talk to their needs, interests, and desires.

  • Use email marketing software for automation. 

  • Make the process of joining up easy.

  • Make sure you spread the word and prompt others to do so.

  • Stay engaged past the launch with those who have signed up and those who haven’t yet.

  • Make your audience know who has won and made a big deal of it.

6. Leverage Your Social Media Accounts

Leverage Your Social Media Accounts

Social media can help you build your email list. If your business is doing social media marketing apart from email marketing, it’s essential to leverage this channel.

First, you can add a signup button or opt-in form on your Facebook page to facilitate your overall lead generation. It’s effortless to do and can mean a lot if you start.

You can also run a social media campaign prompting your followers to join your newsletter. As you know, social media offers a huge reach and increased visibility, so whether you own a small business or not, this is worth doing.

Moreover, you can utilize social media to help with advertising. It’s a good idea to conduct ad campaigns offering exclusive discounts and coupons for people that sign up on your list.

Facebook also presents the opportunity to run Lead Ads, which allow in-platform form submission that minimizes friction. Such ads are mobile-friendly and don’t need to create a landing page.

Social media are an amazing way to promote your contests and giveaways and maximize their reach.

7. Run A Viral Contest

A viral contest prompts people to share it in exchange for bonus entries. For instance, you may offer 15 bonus entries for every referral that signs up for the contest. To sign up, the person needs to enter their email, which makes this a great list-building strategy.

This option is great because it stimulates participants to do your marketing for you and entices people to sign up. Running viral contests are a cool way to let people make user-generated content (UGC). Apart from being authentic and genuine, this kind of content can boost trust in a brand and facilitate more people to connect with it.

This signifies more signups, some of which will inevitably turn into new customers. So, you have a double benefit by using UGC.

8. Manually Reach Out To Your Contacts

Another idea to build your email list is to reach out to your contacts. A few people on your contact list would likely be interested in signing up. Send an email to let them know you are building an email list and explain why it will be helpful for them to sign up.

You can also facilitate them to share the news with their contact list. You can do the same thing if you have a consumer base for your product but don’t have an email list for stimulating content. Reach out to your users, asking if they would welcome your emails regarding your latest and greatest content.

9. Referral programs


Referral programs

Another important killer strategy in this guide on how to grow your email list is referral programs. Starbucks, Dropbox, and McDonald’s became game changers thanks to referral programs as they offered their customers that they couldn’t say no to. 

Some would say referral programs are just like bribes, but there are three common ways you don’t need to bribe a contact. For instance, you can consider adding an option to share or forward your newsletter and welcome emails. 

It may work for an email marketing campaign, but it’s not compelling enough. So instead, contribute something valuable in exchange for a referral. Like free shipping, a $10 coupon, or an 18% discount will brighten up the current subscribers. 


You must have an email list that is useful to your business. Figure out the types of email campaign strategy you need to opt for to boost potential website visitors to convert as paying customers for good. 

If you want to know more about how to build an email list, NotifyVisitors is all about offering tactics and appealing email templates that work best for your business. The tactics mentioned above are tried and tested in context to the email marketing techniques used by several other popular brands.


1. How do I create an email list?

Here are a few steps you should consider in building an email list:
1. Add a pop-up offer to your homepage.
2. Put an opt-in form in your navigation or footer.
3. Accumulate emails at your brick-and-mortar or in-person event.
4. Add a signup button to social media.
5. Create personalized landing pages.
6. Incorporate a newsletter signup option at checkout

2. What is the best email marketing software?

NotifyVisitors is one of the best email marketing software. It offers a feature rich free plan that involves automated campaigns, A/B testing, send time optimization, campaign optimization and much more.

3. What is email strategy?

An email marketing strategy is a set of approaches a marketer recognizes and follows to reach selected marketing goals with email advertising. This action plan offers businesses a direct communication channel with prospects and customers for brand promotion.


Stella is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation software that helps businesses to expand their reach. Apart from writing, she enjoys reading and cooking.