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17 Best Welcome Email Examples That Work for 2024

Welcome emails are crucial in email marketing. It acts as the first impression of your brand to the customers. It helps in building a strong relationship with a customer/subscriber. So crafting them beautifully increases user engagement.

According to Research, welcome emails have an open rate of 91.43% and a click-through rate of 26.9%. A well-drafted welcome email can grab customer attention and may lead them to the end of the sales funnel.

What is a Welcome Email?

A welcome email is the first email you send to a new customer, user, or subscriber who subscribes to the newsletter. It is the first communication between the brand and the customer. 

They are sent to establish a relationship with new users and subscribers.

The content of the mail varies according to the industry. It may just have a simple welcome message from the brand, some may have special offers, discounts, etc., and some welcome mail has a new product introduction. 

5 Components of Welcome Emails

A welcome email is sent for different purposes and varies from business to business. But the content of a welcome mail should have a few important components for all businesses, which will increase its open rate.

  1. Subject line: – The first thing that gets the recipient’s attention is the subject line. It should be clear and short. Use the words that attract the recipient to open a mail in the subject line. You can use words like special offer, sale, attention, video, etc., which will increase open and click-through rates.

  2. Content: – A welcome mail should be good enough to showcase the brand. The subject line, preheader, body of the mail, and CTA should hold the brand identity that recommends the company’s product.

    A welcome email can be just a welcome message, or you can introduce your brand and its other products to the recipients. It all depends on your priority.

  3. Call-to-action (CTA): – A welcome email series should include Call–to–action (CTA) as welcome emails have the highest opening rate, increasing the chances of higher user engagement. A clear, well-placed CTA can lead prospects to explore more products and services of your brand.

    Some CTA that can be used is “Shop Now” for a new product, “Follow Us” to introduce other social media platforms of your brand, and “Learn Moreto provide information about products or services.

  4. Offers: – Include personalized offers in welcome mail as they get user attention easily. Recipients like to have a personalized offer for them as it gives them a sense of value. Make sure you use customer information to make the mail and offer more personalized.

  5. Opt-out options: – Always provide your customer opt-out with an option or an exit gate. You should always add an “unsubscribe” button to your emails.

    An Opt-out option will always provide your customer to choose how much information they are likely to receive. Numerous emails will ruin the relationship between a customer and a company. Always put the “unsubscribe” button in the footer and ask for feedback.

Importance of Welcome Emails

Welcome Emails are the first communication between the customer and the brand. It is important to give the best, as the first impression is the last. Whether a simple thank you message or introducing your other products, a welcome email should be clear and encouraging to convert new users into leads. 

Here are several reasons that show you the importance of them. They are as follows: – 

  1. Help to introduce your brand: – Welcome emails are good for introducing your brand to new customers as they have the highest open rate. Customers like to receive a welcome email from the brand to confirm that they are now connected to the brand as subscribers or new customers.

  2. Creating trust in customers: – When you send personalized welcome mail to a customer, they feel valued. Giving them attention by sending personalized mail increases the chances of getting more user engagement. It builds trust in a customer that the brand will understand their needs and provide the right product or services.

  3. Help in guiding customers: – With welcome mail, you can guide customers on their purchased journey or guide them for the product and services they need with the help of their browsing history. It can help you convert them into leads as they find the right solution for their problem without wasting extra time browsing everywhere.

  4. Best time to give offers to the customer: – It is the best time to provide the right offers to your new users or customers. It has a click-through rate of 26.90%. Giving special offers to the customer will provide value to your products and services.

  5. Best for showing gratitude: – These series of mail are best for showing your gratitude to your customer as they add value to your brand. The series of welcome emails is for welcoming new subscribers or users and saying thank you for choosing your brand.

Welcome email grabs the user’s attention easily. They make the first contact, so you need to be careful while creating or writing welcome emails.

Tips on How to Write a Welcome Email

Here are some tips on how to write a welcome email are as follows: –

  • Be prompt: – send mail as soon as the new user gets onboard.

  • Creative and catchy subject line: – use a subject line that grabs user attention.

  • Personalization: – personalization is the best way to involve the user. Use their data to create a personalized message.

  • Introduce your brand: – in the welcome mail, you must introduce your brand well.

  • Use eye-catching images: – images are important to us but remember that don’t overdo it.

  • Showcase Company’s story: – show your company’s journey.

  • Use video: – include video wherever it is needed.

  • Make use of CTA’s: – always include CTA’s in your mail at the right place. 

  • Showcase your products/services: – tell them about your other products/services that may need them.

  • Offer a discount or special offers: – provide special offers or discounts to new users.

  • Make it short: – a welcome should be short with all the necessary information that involves new users and engaging content.

  • Provide contact information: – in the welcome mail, you should provide contact details. You can add email info, contact number, etc.

  • Offer gift: – offer freebies or gifts for new customers.

  • Use automation: – use email automation tools or apps as it makes your email strategy more effective. 

  • Use the right template: – use the right email template for your brand.

17 Best Welcome Email Examples

Some of the best Welcome Email examples would work for you in 2024. These are the following: –

1. Curology – (Get started mail)

Curology – (Get started mail)

The welcome email from Curology is designed so well, using colour and beautiful images that give customers a calming experience. They also linked their social media platform in these emails.

2. Michaels – (Offer email)

Michaels – (Offer email)

Michaels’ welcome email appreciates the subscriber for subscribing by thanking them and offering them special offers. Their emails are very friendly and also add a clear CTA.

3. Casper- (Hello email)

Casper- (Hello email)

Welcome email from Casper is designed beautifully. It is a mattress company. It shows the brand’s personality in its email and builds customer trust. It offers a 100-night free trial and also includes CTA’s.

4. RXBAR – (Offer email)

RXBAR – (Offer email)

RXBAR’s welcome email is the best example of managing separate sections and calls to action in a single email. It has welcome, offers, thank you, and CTA sections in one email divided very well.

5. Upworthy – (Hello email)

Upworthy – (Hello email)

Welcome mail from Upworthy is the best example of simple hello email. Use simple and minimum design to grab user attention in exploring more services.

6. LARQ – (Thank you email)

LARQ – (Thank you email)

LARQ’s welcome email shows the power of an image. An image that defines its brand well. The email also shows new subscribers what they can expect to see in the future.

7. Lyft – (Get started email)

Lyft – (Get started email)

Lyft’s email is a good example of showing customers how to use their service. The email explains well how to use its services with the help of images.

8. Rituals- (Offer email)

Rituals- (Offer email)

Welcome email from Rituals conveys much information in less text. With a few images and some text, it introduces the brand and then, with the help of icons, tells new customers about its membership.

9. Fitbit- (Get started email) 

Fitbit- (Get started email)

Fitbit is a health-related company. It gives the new subscriber a step-by-step guide plan with some images.

10. Starbucks – (Hello email)

Starbucks – (Hello email)

Starbucks is the well-known and biggest coffee company. Its welcome is a simple, minimalist design that describes its services and includes its social media handle info.

11. Birchbox – (Get started email)

Birchbox – (Get started email)

Birchbox introduces its subscription in its welcome mail. It also has CTA that allows users to explore more.

12. Walmart – (Offer email)

Walmart – (Offer email)

Walmart is a great example of showing an offer mail. It recently showcased the Christmas sale, encouraging the user to engage more. And also include a clear CTA.

13. Four Seasons – (Classy Welcome Email)

Four Seasons – (Classy Welcome Email)

The welcome mail from Four seasons is the best example of a classy email. It is like an invitation, has a very friendly tone, and has a clear CTA using images. 

14. Kate Spade – (Thank you/offer email)

Kate Spade – (Thank you/offer email)

Kate Spade’s mail is a thank you and an offer mail. It includes special offers and discounts for new users that encourage them to involve more with the brand.

15. Whistlefish – (Offer email)

Whistlefish – (Offer email)

Whistlefish is a good example of offer mail as it offers discounts with a minimalist yet creative design.

16. Headspace – (Offer email)

Headspace – (Offer email)

Headspace is one of the best welcome email examples. It is unique as it uses animation to craft its brand identity. It also provides a 10- a day free trial course. They have also included all the information on how to sign up for their services.

17. M&S – (Thank you email)

M&S – (Thank you email)

This is the best example of thank you and promotional mail. M&S welcome mail includes CTA along with its social media handles in it. 


To make a positive impression on your subscribers, you need to craft a well and appealing welcome mail. Businesses can afford to lose their prospects. Use creative subject lines, personalization, CTA’s, and engaging content in welcome emails.

With the above welcome email examples in the article, you will be able to understand how welcome emails should be designed to attract new users or subscribers. 

To know more about email automation and email marketing campaign to increase user engagement, schedule a free demo.


1. What is a Welcome Email?

A welcome email is the first email you send to a new customer, user, or subscriber who subscribes to the newsletter.

2. What are the main components of Welcome Emails?

Here are five main components of welcome emails as follows: – 

  1. Subject line
  2. Content
  3. CTA(call-to-action)
  4. Offers
  5. Opt-out options

3. Why are welcome emails important?

Here are several reasons that show you the importance of them. They are as follows: –

  1. Help in introducing your brand
  2. Creating trust in customer
  3. Help in guiding a customer
  4. Best time to give offers to the customer
  5. Best for showing gratitude

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