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17 Highly Effective Welcome Email Templates to Boost Engagement

Email marketing is now becoming the best method to increase leads and sales for businesses. And, as we know, the first impression is the last impression. In that matter, a Welcome Email is very important to make an impact on customers as it is necessary to build a strong relationship with your customers.

According to research, welcome emails have an open rate of 91.43% and a click-through rate of 26.9%. It is the first communication between the company and the customer. You have to put all your efforts to impress your customer to gain maximum flow in the sales funnel.

In this blog, we are going to discuss 17 effective welcome email templates that you can use to boost engagement.

What is a Welcome Email?

The welcome email is the first formal communication between a business and its customer after they have signed up for an account, use services, or taken any free or paid membership.

Welcome emails have the highest open rate of 91.43% and a click-through rate of 26.90%, which is 4x higher than any other form of marketing email. Here are some points to show the importance: –

  • It makes your customer aware of your brand.
  • It shows their customers that they are important.
  • It guides their customers about new products, special offers, etc.
  • It brings the value to your offering.
  • It helps the customer to communicate well.

Benefits of using Welcome Email

A welcome email is the first formal communication with the customers. This will help you to gain customer attention and build strong relationships. Here are some benefits of using a Welcome Email:-

  • Increase customer engagement: – Welcome emails increase customer engagement as they often include CTA buttons, guides, and tutorials. Welcome emails with personalized subject lines and good-quality content are more effective to increase customer engagement. They are 86% more effective than newsletters.

  • Time-saving: – Welcome email saves time as businesses send a series of welcome emails to their customers. This helps businesses to connect well with customers and customers can act quickly.

  • Lower down spam complaints and unsubscribes: – Audiences inbox is full of emails. But when a customer receives a Welcome email with interesting subject lines and useful content with clear CTAs, it lowers the chance of the email going into the spam folder. Also, the unsubscribe rate decreases when a customer receives an email with some appreciative gestures like a “thank you” note or a “welcome” note from the company.

  • Increases Retention: – Welcome emails increase customer retention. These welcome emails build relationships with customers and instill trust in customers with the brand. To gain customer loyalty a welcome email must consist of engaging subject lines which make them feel that they matter to the company. For example, the subject line – “Welcome, John”.

  • Increases Sales: – Welcome email is best for marketing your product that customers show interest in. You just need to include links to your products and services and encourage them to check out these products. You can also use welcome emails to promote special offers or discounts, which will encourage them to make a purchase from your store.

  • Feedback Collection: – Welcome emails can also be a wonderful medium to collect feedback from your customers. As you can include a link to a survey or poll in your welcome email and just ask your customer for a short survey about their experience with your product or service.

17 Best Welcome Email Templates

The welcome email is used to build trust with your customer and help in growing your sales. A welcome email should be a well-written and targeted message. Here are some of the best welcome email templates:

1. Welcome Email for The Free Gift Card

Free Gift Card

Hi [name],

Thanks for signing up for [product name]!

As a special thank you, we’re giving you a free gift card when you sign up for a paid plan.

Simply use the free gift card at the checkout.

[Free Gift Card]

2. Welcome Email for a Free Trial

Hi [name],

Welcome to [product/service name]. Your free trial starts today.

What happens next?

Keep an eye on your inbox as we’ll be sending you the best tips for [product/service].

Want to get more out of [product/service name]? Choose a plan below…

[Paid plan link]

3. Welcome Email for The Product-Focused

Hi [name],

Welcome to [product or brand name]. We’re thrilled to see you here!

We’re confident that [product/service] will help you [summary of key benefits or benefits of product/service].

Get to know us in our [title] video. You’ll be guided through [name of service/product] by our [name of the employee and what they do] to ensure you get the very best out of our service.

You can also find more of our guides here to learn more about [product/service name].

Take care!


4. Welcome Email for New Customers to Your Company

Hi [name],

I’m [name], the founder of [company name] and I’d like to personally thank you for signing up to our service.

We established [company name] in order to [mission/values of company].

I’d love to hear what you think of [product] and if there is anything we can improve. If you have any questions, please reply to this email. I’m always happy to help!


5. Welcome Email for “Thanks for Subscribing”

Hi [name],

Thanks for signing up for [newsletter name]!

As promised, here is the link for your free [name of free offering].

[Link/call to action]

If you’d like more helpful tips on [subject], visit our blog and our resource pages: [link] or, visit [website page] if you are interested in learning more about [product type you offer].

Reply to this email if you have any questions. I’m here to help!

Best, [name]

6. Welcome Email for The Reminder Email

 Reminder Email

Hi [name],

We can’t wait for you to start using [product/business] and see results in your business.

Simply go here [link to login page] to get started, or visit our Help Center [link] to learn more about how to use [product].

As always, our support team can be reached at [email address] if you ever get stuck.

Have a great day!


7. Onboarding Welcome Email

Hi [name],

Thanks for joining us at [name of company].

We built [product] as [story behind it].

We’d love to see your feedback on our [product]. It helps us to make sure that we’re delivering exactly what customers want. Just hit reply and let me know.

We’ll love to share tips and some exciting information.


8. Welcoming an Ex-Customer Back

Hi [name],

Welcome to [name of company] once again. We really missed you.

We love to share some changes and new products.

Here are the new product features:

Product Feature 1Product Feature 2Product Feature 3

Hope our product will help you solve your major problems. Thanks for giving us another opportunity. Looking for your reply.


9. Welcome Email for a New Business Client

Hi [name],

Welcome on board! Thanks for giving your valuable business to [name of company].

We started our company [YEAR] to help [SMALL/MID-SIZE/BIG] businesses grow and hope to achieve the same for you.

Here are some case study links of businesses from your industry [ADD LINKS].

We would also love to hear feedback about pricing. Let us know!

Thanks, [Signature]

10.  Welcome Email for a Customer Subscribed to Your Newsletters

Hi [name],

Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter.

As promised, here is the link for your free [name of offerings]. We hope you will enjoy it.


Feel free to contact us. Have an amazing day ahead!

Best Wishes [signature]

11. Welcome email with a story

with a story

Hi [name],

Welcome to [name of company]. I am [name], the Founder and CEO. Before getting started, I would like to share the story of [name of company] with you.

[Share story] of your company – how you started and what things you wanted to address

Happy to have you with us, as a member of our [product] family.


[your name]

12. Welcome Email for Sharing Premium Plans/Features

Hi [name],

Thanks for choosing [name of company]. We are really excited to have you join us. This is the plan [Basic/Free] that you have opted for which comes with certain limitations. I would like to recommend you to try our premium plan that comes at the cost of [PRICE]/month.

[Premium Feature 1][Premium Feature 2][Premium Feature 3][Premium Feature 4]

If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us.

Best, [signature]

13. Welcome Email for a Customer With “Getting Started” Instructions

Hi [name],

Thanks for joining with [name of the company]. Hope to have a good experience with [name of the product].

In this email, here we like to share with you a small step-by-step guide that will help you achieve [goals]

[STEP 1][STEP 2][STEP 3]

Here is a link to our help center: [ADD LINK].

Our customer success team operates 24×7 and will be more than happy to assist you. Good luck!

Best, [signature]

14. Welcome Email to Share a Gift or Exclusive Offer

Hi [name],

Thanks for choosing [name of company]. Happy to have you join us.

There are some good offers to share with you. As a token of appreciation, like to share a 25% discount coupon that you can use when you opt for any premium plan. Here is the coupon code: [Mention Discount Code].

Simply use the coupon any time during checkout. It is valid for the next 3 months starting today.

Looking forward to your feedback. Have an awesome day!

Regards, [signature]

15. Having personalized welcome video

Hi [name],

Welcome to [name of company].

Thank you for joining us as a subscriber, Here is a video to help you find all that you want to know about [Mention Discount Code] [link].



16. Welcome Email for a New Customer to the Account Manager

Hi [name],

I am [your name], and I am your new account manager. I have 5+ years of experience in this field and have managed the accounts of over 100+ clients.

Feel free to book a call in [link].

Thanks, [signature]

17. Welcome email after the creation of the account

Welcome email after the creation of the account

Hi [name],

Thank you for joining us by creating an account. Our mission of – [Prospect’s company] is to resolve [Customer pain point].

To know more about tools and features, visit our website [link]

Feel free to contact us at [email address] for any queries. Glad to help you.



So, these are some of the best welcome email templates that you should use to make your campaign more captivating.


In email marketing, welcome emails are very important as it starts the communication between your company and customer. It helps in building the trust of your customers. In marketing, personalization is the best tactic to earn customer attention.

Sending a personalized welcome message will help you to gain more user engagement. Welcome emails are best to introduce your company, your products, and special offers that boost engagement. We hope that you find these welcome email templates helpful.


Q1. What is a Welcome Email?

A welcome email is the first email that you send to new subscribers, users, and customers. It is an automated email sent to new subscribers of newsletters and blogs or to product buyers.

Q2. What are the Benefits of using Welcome Email?

Here are some benefits of using a welcome email templates:-

1.      Increase customer engagement

2. Time-saving

3.      Lower spam complaints and unsubscribes

4.      Increases Retention

5.      Increases Sales

6.      Feedback Collection

Q3. What are the Best Welcome Email Templates?

A welcome email should be a well-written and targeted message. Here are some of the best welcome email templates: –

1. Welcome Email for New Customers to Your Company

2. Welcome Email for Free Trial

3. Welcome Email for The Product-Focused

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