What is Scrum Project Management an Ultimate Guide.

scrum project mangement

It is a well-known type of agile project management and is used to simplify complex projects. In the world of project management, scrum means a team briefing about the work they have done so far, achievements they have unlocked, problems they are facing, etc. These meetings are of short periods, and the team only talks about boosting the energy and pace of the project to bring better results.

But what is Agile Project Management? It is a set of principles that needs to be followed to develop the project according to the customers’ needs. In other words, it is like following different methods and tools to make the product sensible and usable. 

A silent feature about scrum project management is that it makes complex projects tangible. It follows the rule of doing a job, checking on the changes required, and making them possible. This method of project management truly believes in boosting productivity by least communication.

This idea is invented to give the same product a customer is expecting. Constant feedback can be taken from the customers; sprints will help a lot, and iterations will also play a major role in this. Here sprints should be of short time but regular. 

Activities that take place while working on a scrum project are as follows : 

1. Planning meets 

Planning meets

While starting work on a sprint, a planning meeting is held. In this meeting, the product owner, scrum master, and other employees decide and prioritize the sprint that should be done first by using product backlog. Sprints should be planned and completed in a period of 4 weeks.

The team can discuss the number of hours or their productivity towards the product development. Everyone has their efficiency level. So it is important to introspect and take work accordingly. The scrum master should also take care that no one is overloaded with work to make a work-life balance.

2. Daily Standup 

Daily Standup

In daily standups, a briefing session takes place. In this session, the members talk about what they did yesterday and their plans for the product today. It helps the scrum master to stay updated with the work and keep an eye on the productivity of every member.

If someone is lagging, the scrum master should pinpoint and encourage them to work efficiently. These meetings always have a fixed time that never exceeds 15 minutes. Since meetings like these take place daily, it’s good to fix a time.

Usually, it’s scheduled at the end of the day where everyone is done for the day. By this, the team stays synchronized as everyone knows about the progress of each other in product development.

3. Sprint Evaluation

Sprint Evaluation

After completion of every sprint, this type of meeting takes place. Here the team shows the sprints and tells about the modifications they have made. Again, the product owner, along with the stakeholders, is present here. They review the product, tell the team to make the changes, and get back to them.

4. Retrospectivating the sprint 

Retrospectivating the sprint

After a sprint is over, a team meeting takes place. Here the team talks about the time taken and efforts that were put during that particular sprint. By talking about these things, they evaluate how this can be done in a better manner.

It’s a way to learn from their own mistakes and avoid repeating them in the future. It is a constructive and analytic way that every firm should adopt. Project management software like PeppyBiz can help in this process. As we provide an analytic report of the team progress.

Roles that play a major role in scrum project management are as follows :

1. Product Owner 

Product Owner

This person is in charge and holds the responsibility that the product manager is not going in the right direction. The idea should always come from the owner itself, as they know the exact vision behind the development of the product. The owner has to make sure that the delivery of the idea is done right to the team. 

An effective way to deliver the knowledge of an idea is by making a product backlog. It is a list where the process to execute the project is written along with the deadlines. This makes it very easy to distribute and prioritize the work for the team.

The job of a product owner is grinding and will bring up a lot of challenges while understanding the needs of the customers. The owner should dig deep and know about the future of the market. Analyses of competitors should be done to make the product unique. To handle the role of the product owner to achieve success, one should have commendable business skills and polished leadership rules too.

2. Scrum Master 

Scrum Master

The job description of a Scrum Master is more like a coach who helps every team member to stay on the same page. The master needs to stay patient and solve the problems that members are facing. The Scrum Master works as a messenger between the product owner and the team. Scrum Master explains the product backlog to the team and supervises it while they are working on it.

The master acts as a facilitator and makes decisions by arriving at conclusions about the time required to make the product. His/her job is to remove all the problems that come in the way while working and keep the team engaged. Scrum Master should also keep an eye on the deadlines of the sprints, as they shouldn’t exceed more than 4 weeks. Having planned sprints and delivering them on time plays a huge role in scrum project management.

The master should also encourage the team to bring new ideas to the discussion table. Keeping the needs of the customers in the head, the team should have healthy discussions and work on them. Finally, the master should guide the team in the right direction and let them find a suitable solution on their own. This will help the team to push their limits and will make them solution-oriented.

The overall role of a master is to remove hurdles and escalate the workflow. Along with empowering the team and pushing them to broaden their horizons. Last but not the least, work as an immortal facilitator whom the team will look up to.

3. Scrum Development Team 

Scrum Development Team

A dedicated team is required to make a strong scrum development team. This bunch of people works and develops a product together. The team includes around 6 members that are majorly an analyst, developer, and product tester. For smooth workflow, the team should develop a common goal. While developing the product, all the Agile principles and scrum management rules should be kept in mind. 

As a team, everyone should be a part of the successes as well as the failures that they’ll be facing. Working ethically and collectively as a team is a key feature to bring the best out of the product. Daily meetings should be scheduled, and work should be prioritized. To ease this process, the team can use PeppyBiz and stay updated with deadlines. Talking about sprints, the team should deliver the sprints within 4 weeks or the end date assigned by the scrum master. 

A team can never deliver the perfect product in 1 go. So taking feedback constructively and working on time can be frustrating sometimes but the team should be mentally prepared for it. The process from strangers to working as a united team can be long, but it will bring the best out of every member.

Working on the scrum project management

Working on the scrum project management

Firstly, the firm needs to prioritize the work that has to be done as soon as possible. After that, break down that project into small tasks to disturb it evenly among the team. Scrum project management is truly based on collaborating and efficiently communicating.

This is done between the people who are working on the product and the people who want the product. Collaborations can be done and managed using PeppyBiz as it ensures to give the best sales results and helps in marketing as well. 

Shifting from the old project management to Scrum project management requires few new people in the business and modifications in the team. Making these few changes can easily elevate the sales rate and ranking of the firm in the market. 


Scrum project management is a method that helps in bringing the best out of the resources and the team. It is a well-structured framework that works according to the requirements of the customers. It provides detailed data about the work that has been done to produce the product. As a result, it can be achieved and continued to produce an endless number of products. 

This method has proved to be one of the most satisfactory and organized ways to produce products. Moreover, this method helps the firm as well as the team to grow by constructive criticism. 

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