Start-up Guide to Project Management

Project Management

Project management has an array of benefits. Today we give you deeper insights on what project management is and how it can help to have a more clear and organised approach for your teams. 

1. What is project management?

Every working individual is a project manager. One doesn’t have to earn the designation of a project manager to learn project management. Even if you’re starting your work in a multinational company, helping someone in business, or freelancing. You start understanding and implementing some basic yet major roles of a project manager. 

But what are the major roles of a project manager for efficient project management? A project manager needs to apply his/her knowledge, skills, techniques, and tools to complete the project successfully. 

Where project management is a process in which the planning, execution, risk management, and reporting take place. Every project has a specified date of start and end. It is made up of both art and science and one needs to understand its workflow to achieve growth in success rate.

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2. What makes Project Management important for your organization?

Importance of Project Management

A project that is well managed and planned provides a sequential flow to the process. Communication becomes easier and there are fewer chances of conflicts. The roadmap created for execution makes it easier for the team to understand their job description and the project. You can use PeppyBiz to create roadmaps for the desired project. 

Proper project management also gives a vision and mission to the team. Other than that timeline can be estimated for each step of the project. One can learn leadership roles from the hierarchy made and maintained during the project. 

One can easily learn from the mistakes made in earlier steps by analyzing the progress report so that it can be avoided in the future. All these factors help in reducing the stress and risk in the project. 

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3. What are the key roles and responsibilities of a project manager?

roles and responsibilities of a project manager

The manager leads the team. The team includes suppliers, team members, clients, etc. The manager is responsible for controlling, executing, and keeping track of the flow of the project. They are also responsible to keep the team united and minimize conflicts among them.

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4. What are the five phases of project management?

five phases of project management

These are the major phases from start till finish. These four phases cover the whole timeline of the project thus tells the project’s life cycle.

  1. Initial Phase
  2. Planning Phase
  3. Execution Phase
  4. Controlling Phase
  5. Closure Phase

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5. How can project management statistics help your business?

Software used for project management is evolving according to the needs of the business and clients. Essential statistics that are evaluated include:

project management statistics
  • Project Planning Statistics 
  • Project Failure Statistics
  • Project Budget Statistics
  • Project Performance Statistics
  • State of Industry Statistics

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6. What are the vital project management principles?

project management principles

Few basic project management principles should be kept in mind while managing a project. Below few principles are mentioned that almost every manager follows for reaching heights :

  • Risk Management 
  • Performance Management
  • Project Sponsors 
  • Project Structure 
  • Project Success Rate
  • Defined Goals

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7. How can the right techniques help?

project management techniques

One should learn smart techniques to ace project management. A lot of project managers consider it crucial to learn about the techniques as they ease the work and give better results. Few techniques are as follows :

  • One can breakdown the large project into smaller tasks
  • Use Gantt Charts for a better understanding 
  • Adapting waterfall project management technique 
  • Scrum project management works best for clients satisfaction

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8. How to choose the best project management methodologies?

project management methodologies

It is a framework that helps you to manage the project in a better manner. Mapping of the project is an essential part of project management. There are a lot of methodologies because every business differs from one another. 

So a unique methodology is required for every business type and it is very crucial to choose what suits you the best. 

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9. What are the risk management factors involved in project management?

risk management factors involved in project management

Whenever a manager plans a new project it is really important to manage the risks that will come on the way. Risk management is a process in which the risk is identified, evaluated, and prevented. The risks can include the estimated cost of the project, the deadline of the project, or even the performance of every teammate. 

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10. How is project cost management defined?

project cost management

It is the estimated budget that is to be spent on the project. It is one of the strongest pillars that need to stay strong till the end of the project. Managing the cost and delivering the best service or product to the clients is the essence of the project.

The manager should make a defined structure of cost management with the finance team. That should include the rate of manufacturing, technology, marketing, and so on. 

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11. What are the project management best practices?

project management best practices

The manager should keep a few practices along with them throughout the project. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Communication with the team since the first day 
  • Arrange project kick-off meetings
  • Make a detailed document of the project with stakeholders
  • Take feedbacks from team and clients
  • Wrap up the project with constructive learnings 

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12. What is the role of project time management?

project time management

Meeting deadlines is another important factor while working on a project. Managers often use project management tools like PeppyBiz to handle deadlines with care. Such tools keep the teammates and manager updated once any part of the project is done.

 Feedbacks and prioritizing the work can be done with just a click. 

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13. What Project Management Software can help you out?

They make the process of project management way easier and organized. According to project management practices, it is proven that 77% of successful projects have used project management software to achieve their goals.

It not only helps to manage the project but also helps in efficient and constant communication among the teammates. One can choose a project management software depending on the budget and tools they want for their company. Reliability, user-friendly and automatic tools installed in it also play an important role.

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Project Management Tool | PeppyBiz

You can invest your money in project management tools like PeppyBiz. It ensures to provide services for every phase of your project. Makes task management way easier and more presentable.  PeppyBiz allows you to plan, collaborate, organize and deliver your project. 

Ready to explore with the project management tool?

You can get started with PeppyBiz and if you have questions contact our expert today. 

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