Top 7 Project Management Tools To Pick From In 2024


Project management tools now offer digital and automated alternatives for tasks that formerly required human intervention. You may rely on project management technologies to assist you in achieving meaningful outcomes throughout your project, from inception to completion. Its tools make planning, scheduling, reporting, and project collaboration easier. On top of that, its collaboration features allow users to stay updated with each other. It also allows task-based performance with its milestone features. On top of that, there are a variety of techniques that come with various project management tools. For example, Scrum and Kanban are two examples.

Get rid of the stress of doing repetitive activities using a project management application. In light of the daunting task facing first-time purchasers, we have compiled a list of the seven cutting-edge project management tools of 2024. Alright, we’ll give you the rundown on every project management tool.

Bluebeam Revu

For project management software, Bluebeam Revu is a great pick. In addition to its comprehensive features, the Bluebeam Revu cost is another factor in its favor. Due to its extensive project management capabilities, it has specialized tools for construction projects. It also includes connections, markup, and specialized technical domain operations (such as CAD) that can be used with other approaches.

Document comparison, grade monitoring, and group editing are some of its beneficial features. To simplify document management, PDFs can be edited, annotated, and shared anywhere. Live streams and permission tools also enhance staff operations.


  • Its search box simplifies the process of locating and combining large project files. Incorporating visual elements like charts and images into pre-made designs is simple.
  • Bluebeam Revu is a hosting service that allows you to alter and personalize your files.
  • Engineers and architects will find it valuable because it addresses every aspect of project management.


  • It may take a little longer for large files to load.


Bluebeam Revu cost bundles vary from $240 for its basic plan to $400 for its advanced plan.

Rodeo Software

Project managers can benefit from using Rodeo software by managing time and resources, creating schedules, collaborating in real time, and paying customers. For businesses like marketing teams and consulting firms, it offers a full-featured control panel designed specifically for their purposes.

It also contains robust features that enable you to estimate the cost of a task before beginning it. By establishing budgets and keeping tabs on billable and non-billable time, businesses may make data-driven decisions that maximize profitability. The integrated collaboration tools promote transparency and make stakeholder contact easier.


  • To proceed with a project and make smart decisions, it aids in bill management.
  • Everyone on staff can access schedules and arrange their work as the project progresses.
  • Security and compliance are of the utmost importance to Rodeo software. Strict data security is guaranteed by its SOC 2 Type 2 certification.


  • On rare occasions, its performance in some areas of management is subpar.


A $14.99 monthly subscription edition of Rodeo software is available to all users in addition to the free version.


Using Achieveit, departments, and users can easily coordinate goals in real-time, analyze progress, and identify bottlenecks. Management of strategies, key results for organizations, project portfolios, and KPIs for companies is possible. Organizations can use it to track their strategy, advancement, and outcomes. With good reporting, teams can keep tabs on every facet of a project.

Its straightforward design and complete collection of tools allow professionals to work collaboratively and make data-based decisions to achieve their goals. From monitoring progress to instantly creating reports and dashboards, everything is automated. This way, you know that the teams are cooperating to reach their milestones.


  • By utilizing collaboration services, teamwork on different projects may be expedited, and feedback can be provided quickly.
  • Businesses can benefit from value-based services that assist with strategic planning and execution for the future.
  • Its displays, customizable reporting, and automated status tracking simplify the project, schedule, and task management.


  • There are fewer integrations with third-party tools.


Annually, users can choose from three different pricing tiers for Achieveit: Core ($80/month), Plus ($90/month), and Pro (only available on demand).

Coda Software

A wide range of construction tools are part of the comprehensive Coda software, including word processors and spreadsheets. Project managers can use this software to track OKRs and make collaboration easier. Built-in capabilities in Coda software, such as to-do lists, rating tables, and other templates, allow effective project administration and completion.

There are also ready-made layouts available for specific purposes, such as conducting efficient meetings or gathering information for a user study. Coda software is interoperable with a wide variety of popular third-party programs. These include Intercom, Figma, Slack, Shopify, Google Calendar, and Gmail. A mobile app is also available for both Android and iOS.


  • Any business can choose a suitable template among many others, including those dealing with sales, project management, human resources, and event planning.
  • Features like password protection, secret data files, version control, and allocated user roles are all part of it.
  • As a unified platform, it allows for the real-time consolidation of data from several sources into a single document, eliminating data silos and facilitating seamless collaboration across teams.


  • A few of its processes, like importing and exporting spreadsheets, can be a little tedious.


One package is free, Pro is $10/month, Teams is $30/month, and an Enterprise plan with custom pricing is also available for Coda software.

GanttPRO Software

For solo and small to medium-sized organizations, GanttPRO software manages projects. The software offers Gantt charts, timelines, and progress monitoring. The graphical interface of GanttPRO software helps managers plan projects. Its drag-and-drop tool lets users immediately rearrange project activities. Users can create tasks, assign them to teammates, track progress, set milestones, roles, and duties, and plan critical paths.

Any project team member can comment on tasks, contribute files, and receive real-time project updates. Project data can be exported as PDF, PNG, XLSX, or XML. GanttPRO charts can be transferred into Microsoft Project, Excel, and others.


  • By entering these details, the GanttPRO chart generator may quickly ascertain the monetary worth of projects, tasks, and groups of activities.
  • GanttPRO Software integrates with other systems to help your team operate more efficiently and avoid waste.
  • In GanttPRO, team members may estimate resource costs per hour and task duration.


  • It would be more user-friendly if tasks or subtasks could be edited or entered.


GanttPRO software has subscription plans for individuals, teams, and large organizations. Each user pays between $7.99 and $19.99 per month.

ClearPoint Strategy

To streamline and automate processes like OKR measurement tracking and Business Performance Management, leading firms utilize ClearPoint Strategy, a strategy reporting tool hosted in the cloud. ClearPoint Strategy simplifies and facilitates the reporting process by integrating and gathering data from all sources.

Automating the reporting process with ClearPoint Strategy can help organizations save time and resources previously spent on manually gathering data and updates. With the system’s user-friendly interface, users of any technical skill level can effortlessly create personalized dashboards, reports, performance metrics, and more.


  • More projects are finished on schedule and within budget with ClearPoint Strategy’s help because it assigns accountability through automatic alerts, reporting, and data tracking.
  • Using ClearPoint Strategy, you may generate reports on organizational, departmental, and private work plans.
  • With ClearPoint’s enhanced data updates, notifications, and dashboard updates, the reporting process may be easier and more streamlined.


  • Recording items monthly rather than weekly is a small constraint in a scorecard.


Only a market vendor discloses its pricing. However, its plans include Basic, Plan, Professional, and Enterprise.

Minitab Engage

With its project management, problem-solving, and other features, Minitab Engage helps users with everyday activities. Businesses implementing Lean and Six Sigma will discover their combined strategy works wonderfully. Reduce human error and boost productivity with Minitab Engage, a unified platform for project management, data analysis, and team communication.

It is also compatible with WinSPC, SIMUL8, and Microsoft. The ONC has authorized Minitab Engage and complies with HIPAA regulations. These guidelines ensure the confidentiality and privacy of patients’ records.


  • It streamlines complex procedures using accurate process maps and diagrams, decreasing risk by identifying potential trouble spots and providing adequate time to fix them.
  • Simple, adaptable, and easy to use—it’s suitable for different sizes of businesses.
  • It provides a streamlined dashboard for project management and easy document storage.


  • Its frequent new upgrades may cause sporadic slowdowns.


Only a third-party provider may provide a price for Minitab Engage.


By implementing a project management solution, businesses can benefit from time savings, increased productivity, and on-time project completion. Its coherent services bring together all the many facets of project management. From planning to reporting, project management tools have you covered. So, select one of our seven cutting-edge project management tools for your workplace.

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