20+ Best Team Management Software Tools in 2024

team management software

Team Management Software tools play a vital role in maintaining the workflow intact and boosting work efficiency. When the work is assigned in the desired order, it ends up looking tangible and thus increases the work quality. It also creates a positive environment among the employees. It also helps to keep the organization’s reputation high.

A promising team management software will schedule the meetings, remind deadlines, amplify the collaboration, and balance everything. As the world is growing rapidly, team management software tools are the need of the hour.

20 Best Team Management Software Tools of 2024

1. PeppyBiz


We make connecting with your team simple and efficient. This can be achieved by using advanced technology-based PeppyBiz software to assist you with sales and marketing automation software and CRM services. So not only does it help to boost productivity at your workplace but also the efficiency of your team members. 

2. Neetrix


It provides detailed information about the tasks assigned and completed by every individual on the team. The property which makes Neetrix stand out is that it provides information about the contracts which are with clients outside the company. Not only this, but Neetrix also eases the work of invoices by generating them for every activity done by the team members and tracks them too. Hence is a great team management software.

3. Asana


The silent feature of Asana is that it breaks down a big task into smaller ones and assigns it to the team. Thus, it makes work way easier for the team leader as work itself gets distributed uniformly among the teammates. Moreover, it keeps a regular check on the progress of the tasks. After breaking down the work, Asana makes a map that helps in providing deadlines to the members.

4. Trello


It is one of the most renowned applications for team management. For better understanding, it provides a visual of the project in front of the team’s eyes. Thus, it not only makes it understandable but also helps in engaging the team in a better manner. Other than this, Trello is for creating lists of tasks assigned and sharing files.

5. Toggl


Toggl provides commendable time tracking for project management. By evaluating the time, Toggl shows the insights and grades the flexibility of the project. The billing settings can be generated and changed accordingly. The quick search bar provides a convenient way to search about any team, task, or plan.

6. Harvest


It is one of the simplest trackers out of all. It not only tracks the time but also helps in generating invoices smoothly. Moreover, the application is very simple to use. Thus a beginner won’t face any issues while operating it, and it is a highly recommended team management software.

7. Teamwork


As the name suggests, it is the most effortless application. The team leader can customize the workflow according to their needs. Teamwork also tells an estimated time of completion of a project. This helps the leader, as we, as the members, to set deadlines in their heads. This team management software balances the work-life routine and keeps the environment positive.

8. Hubstaff


Don’t want to spend money on hiring employees to manage finance? Hubstaff has got you covered. It automatically pays the employee after completion of the task and thus eliminates one big responsibility. In addition, the team member only has to select a task, and Hubstaff will provide the approximate time for completion of that task.

9. Zoho


It is an amazing free-of-cost software used to manage teams. Zoho helps to collaborate and communicate with colleagues. Softwares like Zoho helps in making work effortless and increases the efficiency of the team. This application stores all the important emails, documents, chats, and presentations. Zoho Analytics provides analyzed data in depth that helps in detecting and increasing the productivity of the firm.

10. ActiveCollab


As the name suggests, this application helps teams to work with each other actively. Through this application, the team consistently stays in touch with everyone and helps in making creative projects with ease. It also provides the service of commenting on a specific message in the group. It converts big projects into small tasks that make the team focus on each of them efficiently.

11. Notion


In case you are bored of using old applications, you can give Notion a shot. The best feature about Notion is that it keeps track of all the ideas which are discussed during all the meetings. So no one has to write minutes as Notion will do it for you. One can have a look at their personalized planner to manage their time.

12. ProofHub


It is an all-in-one team management software that provides all the mandatory tools. Teams can plan schedules and take updates for the same easily on ProofHub. The work gets done in an organized manner. Thus, results are delivered on time. The table view of ProofHub makes it way easier to analyze the workflow. Since ProofHub is multilingual thus the language barrier gets eliminated.

13. Workstreams


The main feature of workstreams is that one can design the project while communicating with colleagues. One can also make a checklist on work streams and tick the tasks once it’s done. On workstreams, one can create templates of their own and assign monthly tasks. This team management software helps to assign work to every colleague, thus making it easier for the leader. Tasks can easily be added to everyday schedules.

14. Scoro


It is a cloud-based software that plays a major role in team management. It is used for checking and completing pending tasks. The software also designs and displays key performance indicators as well. This software displays account information, meeting schedules, KPI schedules, and much more on a single screen. The KPI indicator will help the leader to identify the efficiency of every worker easily. In addition, the calendar manager tool present in the software helps to manage everyday work with ease.

15. Wrike


It is one of the most promising team management software which provides paid services. Wrike has an activity dashboard that displays all the work done by the team in the given period. The Wrike application is available on both android and ios. It has one of the best built-in time trackers and data backups. Wrike visualizes the timelines and presents them in front of the user. It makes the user set up deadlines and manage time efficiently.

16. Stackby

Stackby is Team Management software like an exact airtable alternative. Where you can manage your team task, track employee progress, communicate with your team, automated workflows, project task collaboration, insights through reporting, use API integration and other things to manage your team workflow free with affordable price.

17. Airtable


It is an affordable team management software that helps in achieving the ultimate goal of effortless cooperation among colleagues. One can customize fields according to their convenience. Not only this, filtration and rearrangement of data can also be done using Airtable features. Spreadsheets can also be uploaded on Airtable to keep the data intact.

18. Podio


Most of the features of this team management software are free of cost. A certain amount is required to upgrade the features. It has an automatic workflow that is designed for every colleague. The best feature of Podio is that it has unlimited data storage. This team management application is both mobile and computer friendly. The full application can be customized according to the usage of every individual team.

19. Bitrix24


This software for team management has a free trial, but after the trial, it’s paid. One can instantly message any colleague to complete the work assigned. It creates a daily planner for every member of the team. Workflow becomes very easy as the application displays a to-do list every day on the screen. This application not only instantly pops up on the device as soon as any notification arrives but also sends an email. Take reporting can also be done easily by using Bitrix24.

20. Infinity


Infinity can be easily customized according to the convenience of the user. It has a fixed tree-like structure of workflow which helps in maintaining the hierarchy of the workflow. The structure also helps to present data in an easily understandable manner. It also makes sense as the task breaks into smaller sections, and allotment becomes way easier.

21. Hypercontext


It is a cloud-based software used to ease and balance the workflow of an organization. It is one of the highest-rated software reviewed by several users. It is an affordable and value-for-money software. It helps in increasing the productivity of every team meeting that takes place in the application. Software is user-friendly; thus, the installation is very easy. It can be easily integrated with other applications like google calendar.


Every firm is running in the race to grow and become the best. The team management software tools that are discussed above provide an effortless and convenient way to keep the workflow undamaged. Such applications will not only make the company grow but will also play a huge role in keeping the mental health of all the employees intact. 

The efficiency and moderation in software like generating key performance indicators are very impressive. It makes the firm evaluate the efficiency of every individual. From bigger to smaller, every task gets done on its own by just installing and logging in to such software. It will decrease the level of conflicts and make the company reach greater heights. Sometimes the simplest steps taken can make a firm successful.

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