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Valentine’s Day Email Marketing: Everything you Need to Know [ 2024 ]

Valentine’s Day is an amazing time of year for both marketers and shoppers alike. For marketing teams, it’s a great opportunity to showcase their creativity, engage current customers with promotional offers, and welcome potential ones through targeted advertising.

Although the traditional route of card buying has been replaced by increasingly digital methods such as e-cards and email campaigns, thematic Valentine’s Day strategies are still hugely popular across all industries – particularly amongst eCommerce businesses.

 If you want to maximize your sales this Valentine’s Day season, then understanding the secrets of crafting successful email campaigns is key! 

In this blog post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Valentine’s day email marketing; from creating engaging copy that resonates with your audience right through to best practices on how to craft effective call-to-action buttons that ensure maximum conversions.

What is Valentine’s day email marketing?

Valentine’s Day email marketing refers to the process of targeting Valentine’s Day shoppers through tailored email campaigns.

This marketing technique utilizes an individual’s demographics, likes, and past purchase history to create newsletters and promotions that provide interesting information about Valentine’s-related products, discounts, store events, and contests. 

Valentine’s Day email campaigns can be extremely successful in terms of increasing sales when personalized emails with relevant content are crafted for existing customers.

Additionally, Valentine’s Day email marketing also helps bring new clients into local businesses by offering special promotions like opening discounts or Valentine’s day gift packages – both excellent methods to pull in impulse purchasers.

Best Valentine’s Day email subject lines

Here are some of the best Valentine’s Day email subject lines.

  1. Hurry! Last Chance For Valentine’s Day with Express Shipping

  2. [Company] Loves You

  3. Cupid’s Countdown Is On! Only 7 days left until Valentine’s Day. It’s high time to think about presents.

  4. Baby’s 1st Valentine’s Day;

  5. Up to 30% off on all gifts 🎁 Lovely Wednesday 💗

  6. Valentine’s Day Email Backgrounds & Other Free Resources

  7. ❤Get Ahead on Your Valentine’s Day Shopping!❤

  8. A Valentines Day to remember

  9. Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day…?

  10. Sending You LOVE ???✨

  11. Love is in the air! Get inspired by French romanticism for Valentine’s Day

  12. New Arrivals by Agent Provocateur 💕

  13. 3 Days till Valentine’s. Find your presents today; it might be your last chance to get them in time.

  14. Love Comes In All Shapes And Sizes;

  15. ❤️Open Hearts Reveal Your Love!❤️

  16. Gifts or emotions? What will your significant other like better?With love: 2 months of [Product]

  17. Share the love and save [Discount]

  18. A Valentine, from you to you

  19. ❤️ day gift ideas: anything red + you’ve been missed around here;

  20. 10 Ways to Say “I Love You”: Valentine’s Day greeting cards ideas;

  21. 514 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day;

  22. V is for Valentines + VERY secret savings

  23. Make-Up or Breakup

  24. Be ours? ❤️

  25. Love Stinks

  26. 💓 Send a love letter to me 💓

  27. Don’t miss out! FREE [Product], when you buy 2

  28. 💝 Drop a hint for Valentine’s Day…

  29. Here’s A Treat – Red Hot Valentine’s Sale

  30. A few of our favourite items for the perfect moment

  31. Be a Thoughtful Valentine! Shop Our Top Collections & Save Up To 15%

  32. 35% Off Iconic Valentine’s Day Styles😍

  33. You are going to LOVE this sale…

  34. 🎁 50% OFF Your Second Item!

  35. 💕A message of love they’ll treasure forever💕

  36. Will you be my Valentine? 💋

  37. Next-Level Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

  38. Last Day! ⏰ 8 hours left to get our best-selling pendant for Valentine’s Day


  40. What does Mom want for Valentine’s Day?

  41. Valentine’s Day is coming soon… Perfect Gifts For Him this Valentine’s

  42. V-day shop closing soon! ❤

  43. It’s love at first sight

  44. Restock Alert: New Sale Section 🙌

  45. Save 25% on Galentine’s Gifts for the Girls

  46. Less than 3 weeks to go! Early Bird Valentines Special! 🌹

  47. Cupid’s struck gold with these brand-new Valentine’s gifts… 💘

  48. Treat Him Right This Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day email marketing best practices

1. Segment your list for Valentine’s emails

In 2021, men were expected to spend $6.2 billion more than women on Valentine’s Day gifts meaning it has become more than ever to segment your email list and tailor your messaging.

For instance, you could compose a separate email newsletter for men and women to address their needs. You can also segment customers using groups, such as age, geography, and interests, or segment your subscribers by behavior. Whatever will enable you to target your audience most effectively.

Build a sense of urgency and highlight the benefits of getting things done now. Most people enjoy a hassle-free yet personalized shopping experience. Make it comfortable for them by offering tailored suggestions and fast delivery options.

2. Form a love story

In email marketing, one way to grab your reader’s attention is to tell or encourage stories. Everyone enjoys a good love story! You can also prepare a story about friendship, gratitude, loved ones, or any uplifting message that suits your brand.

For instance, if you sell jewellery, tell the story behind the symbolism of a precious stone used or how a piece is built. You can even share the purposes behind Valentine’s traditions or fun facts. It’s all about tightening your reader in and getting a reaction.

You can also prompt your customers to share their love stories, wedding photos, or date ideas. Share the stories on your social media and select the winner (most likes, shares, comments, etc.). It’s a simple but useful way to connect with your audience and get more engagement for your business via social media.

3. Send your Valentine’s email at the best time.

Retail and e-commerce companies typically send out 3-4 emails between February 1 and 14. Like every major commercial holiday, your subscribers will get many emails during this period.

Notice what days and times have performed well for you with past campaigns, and use the same method to schedule your emails. If in doubt, it’s always worth getting in there early and sending frequent campaigns and ‘last chance’ reminders throughout the Valentine’s Day season. 

4. Offer promotions to single people too

Make Valentine’s Day special for singles as well. So rather than bombarding people with romantic gestures, try to encourage singles to treat themselves.

For e-commerce businesses, you can incorporate special offers for glowing singles and couples. Present gift ideas for friends, family members, and subscribers themselves. 

Here are a few stats that indicate that Valentine’s isn’t just a couples-only occasion:

  • 60% of Valentine’s Day shoppers purchase something for family members
  • 25% purchase gifts for friends (aka Galentine’s Day)
  • 13% purchase gifts for coworkers
  • 15% of women send themselves flowers
  • 20% purchase something for their pets

5. Share the love and grow

Email marketing has become an important part of digital marketing. Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion for creating your community and increasing your audience.

Email can entice more people when subscribers share the newsletter with a new person. Develop marketing campaigns that boost people to “share the love” and see how many new subscribers you get.

6. Remind shoppers with retargeting before Valentine’s Day

E-commerce companies can merge the power of abandoned cart emails with the elevated engagement of Valentine’s Day to push more sales.  

Set up a unique abandoned cart email message leading to Valentine’s Day to remind your shoppers that time is running out to purchase gifts before the big Day.’

You can consider automation triggers in your email campaigns to send your loyal customers a Valentine’s Day email series.

7. Add a special Valentine’s Day offer

We all enjoy a good discount. Email coupons are a fantastic way to ramp up your Valentine’s Day sales and encourage customers to spend more.

Whether you have a ‘Buy one, get one free’ offer or an additional gift when people spend a specific amount, Valentine’s Day coupons can create hype around your brand and show urgency—especially when it’s available for a limited time. 

8. Make your Valentine’s Day emails interactive.

Email marketing is all about having conversations. Instead, offer readers an experience to remember. Have fun with your emails by making them more engaging with an embedded survey (like a love quiz), video or game—or go all-out with a custom HTML newsletter to make something really memorable.


Valentine’s Day is a special day to express your love and affection to the people you care about. As a marketer, you can use this holiday as an opportunity to connect with your customers and promote your product or service. 

By sending relevant, personal, and timely emails, you can show your customers that you understand their needs and care about their business. With a little planning and creativity, you can make sure that your Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign is a success.

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