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25 Extremely Innovative Marketing Campaigns in 2024

With loads of advanced technologies and emerging channels available, marketers today come up with innovative and influential campaigns. They design their marketing campaigns to be authentic, trigger emotions, enrich lives, and remain memorable for a long time, favourably impacting purchasing decisions and brand loyalty over time. 

Here are the best marketing campaigns you should derive inspiration from in .2024

25 Best marketing campaigns to power your inspiration in 2024

1. Nest Bedding starts catering to low-budget consumers

Nest Bedding is a reputed brand that manufactures natural, organic, and certified mattresses and bedding. It’s extremely high priced with its mattresses ranging between $900 and $1.800. 

As an innovative marketing effort, they introduced a mattress called Flip, which is available exclusively on Amazon at a slashed price of $399. Through this campaign, the mattress brand seeks to connect with consumers who seek an inexpensive product. 

2. Brewdog’s social awareness cum marketing

Brewdog is a multinational brewery and pub chain in Scotland. It exhibited its care towards preventing drunk driving deaths in the state of Sao Paulo during Brazil’s Carnival festival. For, a report stated that it was during these festive times that most road vehicle crashes due to drunken driving occurred. 

Its “Throwback Crash” campaign presented 50 destructive drunk-driving accidents that happened in recent years. Its message read “Don’t let it happen again. Don’t drink and drive.”

3. Philips makes life better for men

Philips, a leading brand in health technology, excels in one of its campaigns targeting the male grooming category. It’s an emotional, funny, and lyrical campaign that motivates men to go by their gut instincts. 

The company says that the campaign centers around making men’s life better by letting them express their feelings. 

4. Corona goes eco-friendly

Corona, a Mexican beer brand owned by a Belgian firm, through its innovative marketing campaigns, shows that it cares for the environment. It places recycling machines around. Users can feed it with plastic bottles to get a beer from it. 

The company has tied up with Parley in this initiative to clean one square meter of the local beach with each purpose. The two organizations also encouraged people to sign up for the beach clean-up initiative.

5. KLM cares for its travelers

The Dutch airline KLM takes its marketing to the next level by understanding its travelers’ boredom while waiting for their flights. Its “Take-off Tips” booths are set up in its airports to help travelers who visit it connect with fellow travelers. 

This novel and informative brand experience seek to allow them to exchange tips on the destinations they are journeying to. 

6. McDonald’s positions itself as the solution for late-night food cravings

Another attractive marketing campaign is that of McDonald’s. Its McDelivery Day’s campaign for Singapore features lit windows that are representative of a late night and converts them into its own range of exemplary offerings. 

Through this campaign, McDonald’s seeks to convey the message that its employees are awake to cater to their food cravings at any time of the night. A brand can use web banners to convey its marketing messages to consumers. 

7. Fitbit inspires people with others’ success stories

Fitbit, an American consumer electronics and fitness company, stands out in its creative marketing campaigns. Its “Find Your Reason” campaign presents unique success stories of Fitbit users. 

There are stories of how people lost significant amounts of body weight, improved their lifestyle, and experienced favorable health effects. This way, it lets people know how its products can add value to their life. Push notifications are excellent for such marketing. 

8. Channel No 5 asks mothers to treat themselves for their hard work

Channel No 5, an iconic world-renowned French perfume brand, came up with a loving and warm marketing campaign to promote its product. Its ad encourages moms to treat themselves for all their labor. This message truly resonates with the moms of the world.

So, the takeaway message is- to find a way to pair strong emotions with memories that your audience share and understand. 

10. Spotify humanizes its brand

Spotify is a Swedish commercial music streaming and media services provider. Its Wrapped campaign is another out-of-the-box idea to derive inspiration from. For, it brought to life its customer data. It used multiple channels, including social media, to celebrate music and its users. 

The user-generated content (UGC) gained therefrom maximized its visibility. So, the takeaway message is to humanize your brand with UGC. You can use web surveys and feedback forms for this purpose. 

11. Dove elevated its brand beyond the product line

Dove, an American brand for personal care products, did a great job at marketing itself. In 2004 it carried out a study and found that only 2% of its participants considered themselves beautiful. It came up with the #RealBeauty campaign to usher in self-love and self-esteem. It focused on authenticity, female empowerment, and inner beauty. 

This initiative made the brand viral on YouTube in 2006, a time when social media wasn’t this powerful. 

12. Starbucks tapped into FOMO

Starbucks, an American multinational chain of coffee houses, tapped into its consumers’ Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). In 2017, the brand launched its #UnicornFrappuccino Social Media Campaign. They targeted their organic posts and paid ads towards Millenials, who are known for taking photos of their food. 

They advertised an attractive-looking jazzy purple and pink frozen drink over social media and made it available for a short time in select stores. This blend of FOMO and social media marketing made the product viral. 

14. National Geographic encouraged UGC over social media

National Geographic, an American monthly magazine, is known for its inspiring photographs and impressive visuals. It ran a campaign called #YourShot on Instagram in 2019. It allowed photographers, both professionals, and amateurs to tag their photos for the chance to be featured. This way, it sought to increase its followers to 4.2 million.

The campaign was a great success. People submitted 11 million photos to it. This is much more than the number of photos (10 million) it got in the 14 years before its launch into social media. 

15. Clorox influences viewers’ emotions

The next on our list is Clorox, an American global manufacturer, and marketer of professional and consumer products. Its short video shows how its sanitary product cleans high-touch areas in a grocery store as a woman shops for food items for dinner. The video closes with her joyful family enjoying its dinner.

Its video is a classic example of how video marketing should be. Apart from showing how its product is an ideal solution for a problem, it also has an impact on the viewers’ emotions and renders a good feeling on the target audience.

16. Apple’s marketing focuses on a single element

Apple, a world-renowned American multinational technology firm, is yet another great example of impressive video marketing. Its 38-second video, promoting one of its iPhone products was a huge hit. In it, an iPhone user walks down a sidewalk and his iPhone slips out of his hands. It falls from a great height but lands with a single break or scratch. 

This video got people, excited people, to own such a phone. What you learn from this is to focus on a single element of your product and convey your message.

17. Canva showcases its product in action

Canva, an Australian graphic design platform, is yet another interesting example of amazing video marketing. Its “Enjoy Presentations” ad reveals how teams can use the Canva app to create and coordinate presentations. In the video, a team easily works on a presentation just 20 minutes before a meeting. 

By showing its product in action, Canva highlights the main elements of its product. This motivates teams to make use of the product. 

18. Popeye’s Chicken taps into humor

In 2019, Popeye’s Chicken won the Chicken Sandwich wars against leading brands- Wendy’s and Chick-Fil-A. In 2021, it tweeted “…y’all good” in an effort to keep engaging with its consumers on social media. The campaign gained a lot of attraction and momentum. And the reason behind this is its simplicity and humor. 

So, the takeaway message is- do use humor to your advantage!

19. Nike understands the power of inclusivity

Nike, the renowned American brand of footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories, in 2021 released Best Day Ever– a short movie as part of the Play New campaign. It presents clips of athletes with varied abilities and from diverse backgrounds. Presenting this kind of inclusivity is an amazing marketing strategy. 

What you learn from marketing campaigns of Nike is- to make your products more inclusive to create brand awareness and gain more likability.

20. American Eagle provides an AR experience

American Eagle, a leading American retailer of clothing, lifestyle, and accessories, in 2021, ran a campaign called “Future Together. Jeans Forever.” It featured new styles for teenagers. The brand provided a “dress yourself” experience by tying up with Snapchat. This augmented reality lets users shop and try on different looks using the self-facing camera. 

The campaign was a grand success as it let people experience their clothing virtually. The key message is to provide convenient experiences using advanced technology. 

21. YouTube invests significant funds into promoting its new launch

YouTube came up with its Shorts tool in 2021 to compete with competitor TikTok. To promote this product, it launched a campaign called “The Shorter Side of YouTube”. It shows how easily users can create clips using sampled background video and audio. YouTube allocated a $100 million fund to compensate users who come up with original Shorts content. 

Soon, the initiative attracted over 15 billion daily views. So, if you want to make it big, invest big!

22. TikTok encourages users’ creativity

The video-focused social networking service- TikTok’s Re: Make campaign is another successful marketing initiative to learn from. It encouraged its users to re-imagine different classic TV ad campaigns and post their creations using the #TikTokReMake hashtag. These users come up with versions of their favorite ads.  These genuinely inspired brands and their marketers. 

Your brand too can affordably gain a lot of attention by encouraging user creativity!. Buying TikTok followers is one method brands may consider to quickly amplify their visibility and credibility on the platform, thus attracting more genuine engagement and participation in creative campaigns.

23. Warner Bros. hosts a virtual party

Warner Bros., the American mass media and entertainment conglomerate, hosted a virtual party on a game platform (Roblox) to promote their movie “In the Heights”. The event featured Latin American culture, and the music and dance thereof. It took the attendants to the film’s central gathering store, watch behind-the-scenes interviews and videos, and contribute to murals. 

This enormously promoted the movie. So, the main message is to host an event, even if it’s virtual. This will attract a huge audience. 

24. Cadbury offers a virtual experience

Yet another brand that made it big by offering an outstanding virtual experience is Cadbury, the renowned British multinational confectionery brand. During the pandemic’s Easter season, it came up with its Cadbury Worldwide Hide campaign. 

Users could buy a real Cadbury Easter Egg and virtually hide it through Google Maps in the desired place, and then send a clue to the recipient to help discover the egg. Once the recipient found the egg, they were delivered a real collocate egg at their door. The marketing concept you learn from this is to provide a virtual experience that they’d love. 

25. Lego takes a bold stance on social issues

Lego, the popular Danish toy company, launched its Rebuild the World marketing campaigns. The ad appeals equally to the older and younger generations. It casually visualized narratives to motivate people to ponder over how they can improve themselves and the world around them. 

The ad received more than 11 million online views. Its bold attitude towards social issues while remaining visually entertaining gained a lot of attention. 

The Wrap-Up

This blog has discussed some of the best marketing campaigns to date. Hope you gain a lot of inspiration from these for designing your future marketing campaigns. We wish you all the very best in it!


Sara is a Content Writer at NotifyVisitors. She is not only a creative writer but also paints a beautiful canvas. She makes sure that you are left with no doubt on keeping up with marketing and sales.