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Seguno Alternatives

11 Best Seguno Alternatives & Competitors For Ecommerce 2024 (Compared)

Email marketing is the best and most affordable way to improve e-commerce conversions and sales. Seguno is one of the popular online store solutions for email marketing automation. However, it isn’t the only tool out there for this purpose. This blog discusses some of the best Seguno alternatives for e-commerce.

11 Best Seguno Alternatives for your E-commerce Email Marketing

Before discussing Seguno alternatives, we like to present comprehensive details in a tabulated form. That’ll help you compare and make a choice.  

1. NotifyVisitors

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NotifyVisitors is the best Seguno alternative for e-commerce. That’s because, apart from our numerous features for increasing your email marketing conversions, we also includes marketing other channels. Our software also encompasses WhatsApp, push notifications, and text and delivers an omnichannel experience through those.

It helps you personalize your messages for each user with its advanced segmentation. You can set triggers to automate the sending of relevant campaigns to every group. Besides, it also lets you take surveys onsite. 


  • Email marketing
  • Omnichannel marketing automation
  • Integrations
  • SMS
  • Push notifications
  • Lead forms 
  • WhatsApp
  • Customizable email templates
  • Surveys
  • Segmentation
  • Personalization
  • Triggers
  • Real-time analytics and reporting


  • Our software integrates with many third-party platforms and tools with a click. 
  • It thoroughly syncs data between various marketing channels. 
  • It helps you reach the right person with the right message at the right moment.
  • We offers a free product demo. 

Usability: NotifyVisitors is easy to use. You’ll find it suitable for all sized companies. 

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2. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an ideal email marketing platform for those who are into creative businesses like blogging, music, art, photography, etc. It lets you automate their marketing to sell digital products. What makes it special is that it automatically tags subscribers depending on their actions. It offers features such as lead forms, link pages, and landing pages to improve a business’ audience.


  • Form Builder
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile responsive
  • Analytics
  • Autoresponders
  • Automation 
  • Engagement Scoring.
  • A/B testing
  • Ecommerce Integrations
  • Concierge migration


  • You can create multiple signup forms for your different content assets and incentives. This facilitates increasing your subscribers. 

Usability: It’s easy to use and suits artists, photographers, bloggers, musicians, YouTubers, and others with creative businesses. 

3. Moosend


Moosend is an email marketing and marketing automation solution. It helps you craft and launch email campaigns successfully. You can also build workflows and track website activity using it. The tool offers more than 100 different triggers to choose from for your campaigns. 


  • Customizable Email Templates
  • Lead forms
  • Segmentation
  • Automation templates
  • Integrations
  • Countdown timers
  • Lead scoring
  • Conditional triggers
  • Real-time analytics and reporting


  • This Seguno alternative’s real-time analytics are powerful and help in optimizing campaigns. 

Usability: Moosend is easy to use and best suits agencies, e-commerce, publishers, and small businesses.

4. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is the next Seguno alternative on the list. It offers a lot of stunning and dynamic templates. It also helps you create and maintain customer segments based on various requirements. It’s timely and easy to understand and use. Its simple user interface boosts straightforward automation.


  • Google Workspace CRM Integration
  • Email marketing
  • Contact Management
  • Integrations
  • Automated workflows 
  • Project Management
  • Prebuilt dashboards
  • Sales dashboard
  • Analytics


  • Its seamless integration with Gmail is a boon to the team working on this platform. 
  • It offers a suite of tools for project management. 

Usability: This Seguno alternative is easy to use. 

5. SharpSpring


The costliest Seguno alternative on the list is SharpSpring. It enables marketing automation across email and social media. Its functionalities also include CRM and sales automation. You can schedule your social media posts and marketing campaigns using its Content Calendar.   


  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Landing page editor
  • Integrations
  • Content calendar
  • Web Tracking
  • Retargeting
  • Reporting
  • Lead scoring


  • It lets you incorporate varied customer journey scenarios into its marketing automation. 

Usability: SharpSpring is moderately difficult to use. 

6. EngageBay


Another Seguno alternative for e-commerce is EngageBay. It’s a CRM that combines the capabilities of marketing, sales, and support capabilities. Apart from email marketing, it also includes task management, social media management, workflows, a drag-and-drop builder, autoresponders, A/B testing, marketing automation, etc.


  • Migration services
  • Customizable Email Templates 
  • Segmentation
  • Email Personalization 
  • Targeting 
  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Social media management 
  • Analytic Tracking 


  • This software includes an enormous template library for building your email and landing pages. 
  • This Seguno alternative facilitates timezone-based email delivery as well as send-time optimization. 

Usability: This Seguno alternative is easy-to-use and suits small and medium size businesses. 

7. Pabbly


Pabbly is an intuitive email marketing automation platform with several high-end features. It verifies and validates the email ids on your list and ensures that your email list is current and updated. You can also send faultless transactional emails with it. 


  • Email marketing automation
  • Email id validation
  • Templates
  • Form builder 
  • Autoresponder
  • Drip automation
  • Developer API integration


  • Its best pro is that it regularly cleans up your email list. 

Usability: This Seguno alternative is easy to use.  

8. SendX


SendX is a relatively new email marketing automation solution. We’ve listed it as one of the best Seguno alternatives because of its rich features for email automation. You can send unlimited emails each month, whose email deliverability is taken care of by its Opti-send technology. Its built-in heatmap tracking enables analyzing campaign performances better. 


  • Email marketing automation
  • Unlimited emails
  • Email deliverability
  • Stock images
  • In-app messages 
  • Advanced Segmentation 
  • Visual email and workflow builder
  • A/B Testing
  • Heatmap Tracking
  • Real-time notifications


  • Its free trial is inclusive of all of its features, including the advanced ones. 

Usability: This Seguno alternative is easy to use and suits small businesses. 

9. Marketo Engage

Marketo Engage

Marketo Engage is a solution for marketing automation, email marketing, account-based marketing, lead management, and more.  Its multi-touch attribution enables you to gauge the impact of each of your marketing channels in leading to conversions. It also automatically collects and presents customer data as his/her profile. 


  • Marketing automation
  • Event marketing
  • Integrations
  • Predictive Content
  • Email marketing 
  • Lead management
  • Visual email builder
  • Personalization
  • Multi-touch attribution


  • Helps you filter out those channels that facilitate more conversions. 

Usability: This Seguno alternative is easy to use.  

10. Ontraport


Ontraport is the last but one candidate on our list of Seguno alternatives. It’s a platform for marketing automation (email and text) and sales CRM. It has features for payments, web apps, sales pipelines, tracking, membership sites, and landing pages. 



  • The vendor provides great migration support.
  • It lets you set automatic webinar reminders.   

Usability: It’s moderately difficult to use and is apt for small to medium size businesses. 

11. Omnisend


Omnisend is another Seguno alternative on our list. It offers customer segmentation and targeted campaigns, and A/B testing allows users to determine what works best for their campaigns to optimize their efforts. Moreover, user-friendly pre-built workflows allow you to set it easily and quickly without complicated technical knowledge or coding.



  • It’s a better alternative to Seguno because of its more advanced e-commerce features, fairer pricing, and better free version.
  • Its templates are professionally designed and surpassingly better than Seguno.

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Email marketing is quite powerful to this day. Using software like those Seguno alternatives discussed in this blog for automating the email marketing process helps you focus on core business activities, avoid errors due to human carelessness, and makes you productive. 

We suggest that you try a product before signing up for it. Why don’t you try NotifyVisitors for free right away? This’ll help you make an intelligent decision regarding your choice of email marketing software.


1. What are some of the Seguno alternatives available in the market?

Some of the Seguno alternatives in the market are NotifyVisitors, Moosend, Consistent Cart, Pabbly, SendX, Ontraport, Omnisend and ConvertKit. 

2. Which is the best Seguno alternative out there?

NotifyVisitors is the best Seguno alternative in the market today. That’s because it’s an omnichannel marketing solution that helps you reach the right person through the right channel at the right time with the right message. Besides, it’s feature-rich and offers a generous free plan.

3. How do I understand if NotifyVisitors would best suit my business needs?

Take the NotifyVisitors product demo and also sign up for its free trial to understand how fit the product is for your business. 

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