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How to Write a Heartwarming Thanksgiving Email? Tips & Examples {2023}

The biggest mistake retailers make is thinking that thanksgiving email newsletters are not worth their attention and putting everything on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Without a doubt, the holiday season is critical.

It is the perfect time to-

  • Show gratitude to loyal customers.
  • Attract more subscribers
  • Re-engage inactive customers
  • Welcome newcomers in a unique way
  • Engage your audience with email
  • Increase sales

Thanksgiving is a chance to fill contacts’ inboxes with holiday cheer and deliver your message to a relaxed and open audience. To miss, it would be an unfortunate slip-up. If you are ready to seize every opportunity, use these tips and best practices to skyrocket your thanksgiving email marketing campaign.

Thanksgiving 2023 in Brief

Every year Thanksgiving is different from what we are used to. And for several years now, consumers have been struggling financially, forcing them to rethink vacation spending.

It would be best to be incredibly thoughtful when preparing your Thanksgiving emails this year.

Inviting your audience to purchase can seem careless and damage your brand image. Instead, this is a great time to communicate how your customers can save money this year.

Tips to Write a Heartwarming Thanksgiving Email

1. Start with a thanksgiving email template

Creating an email from scratch can be time-consuming, especially during the busiest times of the year. To save time and effort, you can easily customize the pre-made email template to match your brand.

2. Use Thank you

Use Thank you

While we’re hitting the obvious here, this tactic always works. Thanksgiving is a day to say “Thank you,” and you should.

Your audience will expect it, so don’t give up on them. Being grateful helps build a healthy relationship with your audience, shows them you care, and reminds them to engage with your marketing.

3. Reward your most loyal customers

Reward your most loyal customers

Where would you be without your excellent repeat customers? Take the time to craft your thanksgiving email with your best customers in mind. You can send an exclusive offer to your email. 

Your customers will likely be interested in filling their bellies, stuffing themselves for Thanksgiving, and spending time with family, friends, and loved ones. Try giving them a little extra time to take advantage of the special promotion in your email newsletter

4. Create a  catchy thank you email subject line

Once your email campaign is ready, it’s time to create an innovative and engaging subject line to ensure the best open rates. Your piece needs to be short, enjoyable, and rewarding at first glance. You can add emojis to make it even more unique and stand out in your inbox.

5. Don’t forget to give back

Proving that your brand makes a difference is a great way to build customer loyalty. If your brand sponsors an event, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show your customers what their purchase or donation did. Since holidays often inspire people to give back, telling your customers about your business can also increase support.

6. Be kind

Thanksgiving is all about generous expressions of gratitude. Even a small gift can do wonders. Practice “sharing is caring” by giving something extraordinary. However, all of it depends on the budget and ability.

For example, share a coupon for a special, give a small gift, share helpful resources like printable charts or holiday to-do lists, or offer free shipping.

7. Say Thank You with a Thanksgiving Gift

Show your appreciation with a special Thanksgiving gift. After all, Thanksgiving is a day of giving.

Reward your customers with limited-time discounts and giveaways. It will make your customers happy. You will also stand out from the competition.

8. Use product photos

Use product photos

A beautiful image engages and motivates your customers. You can create Thanksgiving-themed photos to give your products a festive vibe..

In addition to adding product images to your ad campaigns, be sure to include the following:

9.  Add an attractive CTA

It would help to have a clear and attractive CTA button to convert your subscribers into customers. The steps are very simple:

Use Bright Colors: Use bright colors to draw attention to your button. Bright colors will increase the visibility of your CTA.

Proper placement: Place your call to action below the offer, so your audience clicks when they see a benefit.

Action: Keep your text short. Use bold statements to prompt the buyer to take action. “Get it now!”

Examples of Thanksgiving Email

1. Product-based holiday email from Elago

Product-based holiday email from Elago

Theme: Celebrate Thanksgiving! story

Create a beautiful holiday email template to promote Thanksgiving specials.

Elago’s email marketing campaign focuses on various product promotions, using white space and a Z-shape to increase visibility. As you can see, each block has its own CTA and something that attracts a standard customer profile.

In addition, Elago created an eye-catching climax by incorporating her creativity into the Thanksgiving menu, using items such as pumpkin pie and turkey. It makes this email message festive and adds to the festive spirit.

If you want to save time and effort, you can use a Thank You email template, edit it, and then send it to your audience via your messages.

2. Thanksgiving email by Postmates

Thanksgiving email by Postmates

Postmates use this segment as an opportunity to interact with customers and, at the same time, grow the business. A free gratitude check is a simple and elegant way to remind your customers how grateful you are.

3. Kate Spade’s post-Thanksgiving treat

Kate Spade's post-Thanksgiving treat

Subject: Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s your post-turkey treat

A post-Thanksgiving email campaign that prepares your customers for Black Friday sales.

Kate Spade created a post-Thanksgiving email campaign to give shoppers a significant discount. In the design, the brand uses an elegant font and a festive visual to highlight it. With Black Friday right after Thanksgiving, the brand combined the two to drive holiday sales and prepare customers for the actual Black Friday sales.

4. Topic: It’s not too late. Get Thanksgiving Ice Cream!

Topic: It's not too late. Get Thanksgiving Ice Cream!

A fun and festive example that focuses on solving a problem point through creative copy.

Jeni’s Ice Creams has put together a great campaign to get its audience fixed during the busiest time of the year. To help customers enjoy their Thanksgiving meal, the brand offers a variety of products to elevate pumpkin or apple pie. Images also work with creative email copy.

“Be a Dessert Hero” shows the recipient how to give their loved ones the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner experience while empowering them.

Wrapping Up

You don’t have to send the same thanksgiving email to everyone. But the small details of an email, such as highlighting a personality trait you admire or highlighting loyal customers, can make a difference.

But specific topics should be paramount in Thank You letters. Be honest, appreciative, and grateful. 

And if you’re looking for newsletter software to help you thank your audience more effectively, schedule a demo with NotifyVisitors.

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